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| name = Flan Azabache
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| image = [[File:Flan Azabache ffx-2.jpg]]

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Normal: "A fiend with a squishy body that is resistant to both physical and magical attacks. It knows basic Arcana."
Oversoul: "A fiend with a squishy, iridescent body that is resistant to both physical and magical attacks. The lower its HP gets, the stronger its magic becomes."


The Flan Azabache is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2. A much more difficult enemy to deal with since it uses higher magic attacks, but not very difficult unless Oversouled. Having Reflect or elemental resistant equipment helps when facing it in Oversoul, and having several recovery items on hand helps to deal with its Demi spell. Absorb is nothing to worry about.

Creature Creator

Fiend Tale

In the Fiend Tale endings, one notable Flan Azabache was created from the spirit of a man who lived 200 years ago. Part of a group against the newly established Yevon Order, this man met his end against a summoner and remained a fiend while his allies departed to the the Farplane. Brought to the Calm Lands by Yuna and Shinra, Flan Azabache tells them of the countless people who died whose names were never recorded in the history Yevon established before fading away to be the light within the darkness.


Negro Azabache means "jet black" in Spanish.

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