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Sazh uses Flamestrike in Final Fantasy XIII.

Physically attack target for fire damage.
Final Fantasy XIII description

Flamestrike (フレイムブロウ, Fureimu Burō?, lit. Flame Blow) is a recurring fire-elemental physical attack originating from the Lightning Saga.


Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Flamestrike is a Ravager ability that deals fire-elemental physical attack against a target foe. It has an ATB cost of 1 and an Attack Power of 1.2. It can be learned by Lightning (Crystarium Stage 8), Sazh (Stage 1), and Fang (Stage 7).

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Flamestrike is a Ravager ability that deals physical fire-attribute damage to a target. Its damage is based on user's Strength and has damage mod of 1.05.

Flamestrike is learned by Serah (role level 6), by Noel (role level 40), Apotamkin (level 3), Bomb (level 5), Ceratoraptor (level 10), Fencer (level 4), Flanbanero (level 8), Garchimacera (level 3), Munchkin Maestro (level 10), Notsugo (level 2), Pink Lily (level 34), Tabasco Toad (level 3), Grand Behemoth (level 1), Koboldroid Yang (level 1), Lightning (level 1). It cannot be infused into other Paradigm Pack allies.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Flamestrike deals fire-attribute physical damage. It has an ATB cost of 15, Multiplier of 0.40, Stagger Power of C, Stagger Time of E, and a Combo of 5.

Fang uses Flamestrike to opponents weak against fire when she is a party member.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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Fire damage to one enemy

Flamestrike is an active special ability learned by Lightning (level 18 (5★)), and Fang*(Currently, a Japan-exclusive unit) (evel 12 (4★)). It costs 7 MP to execute and deals fire physical damage (1.4x) to one enemy, being a single-target (and slightly weaker) counterpart to the Heat Blitz ability.


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