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The Flak Python is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2. Three Flak Pythons appear alongside a single Mr. Goon in the Zanarkand Dome, after discovering the clue to the Treasure Sphere is "monkey."



It is of no threat, and thus the player should have no problem defeating it. Physical attacks are all that is needed to bring it down. Despite their many immunities, they are not immune to Darkness, meaning a Songstress can be useful for avoiding unwanted damage.

Creature Creator[]

Fiend Tale[]

One notable Flak Python was created from the spirit of a crack sniper of Spira's sniper guild who intentionally became a fiend to fulfill a contract, eventually revealed to be Yuna herself. Allowing himself to be captured by the Gullwings, the Flak Python bides his time, but finds himself unable to pull the trigger. In the end, Flak Python returns to his guild to admit that he cannot perform the job. As they begin to punish him, Shinra intervenes, and the two of them escape together. Flak Python sacrifices himself to protect Shinra from their pursuers.

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