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Use monk techniques.


Flair is Amarant's skillset in Final Fantasy IX that contains various skills ranging from healing to crushing monsters to protecting and reviving his fellow party members. Flairs aren't considered magic; Amarant can use them in Oeilvert. When Amarant is in Trance, Flair turns into Elan (絶技, Zetsugi?, lit. Special Arts) with the same skillset but all skills target the whole party, either enemies or allies.

List of skills[]


Name Effect Learned From AP MP Image
Aura Grants Auto-Life and Regen on an ally. Duel Claws, Scissor Fangs 25 12 FFIX Aura.png
Casts Auto-Life and Regen on one party member.
Chakra Restores 20% of the target's HP and MP to an ally. The HP and MP gain is doubled with the Power Up support ability. Leather Plate, Cat's Claws 30 4 FFIX Chakra.png
Restores HP and MP of one party member.
Countdown Inflicts Doom on an enemy. Has a 50% base accuracy. Kaiser Knuckles 40 16 FFIX Countdown.png
Casts Doom on the enemy.
Curse Makes an enemy weak to a random element. Can be used repeatedly. Mythril Claws, Kaiser Knuckles 20 12 FFIX Curse.png
Makes the enemy weak against some elemental property.
Demi Shock Inflicts damage to an enemy equal to 20% of their max HP. 50% base accuracy. Rune Claws, Avenger 50 20 FFIX Demi Shock.png
Amount of damage depends on the enemy's HP.
No Mercy Deals 170% of a normal attack to an enemy as physical damage. No Mercy takes on the element of the equipped weapon (but gains no further bonus from Elem-Atk boosting equipment). In Trance, the damage is 160% of Amarant's normal attack to all enemies (but his normal attack is also stronger in Trance). Duel Claws, Dragon's Claws 25 12 No Mercy.png
Causes Non-elemental damage to the enemy.
Revive Revive an ally. Amount of HP revived with depends on the target's Spirit. Rebirth Ring, Rune Claws, Tiger Fangs 35 20 FFIX Revive.png
Recover from KO.
Spare Change Throws Gil at the target, damaging it. More damage is dealt depending on Amarant's Level, his Spirit, but the more Gil the party has overall, the less damage it will do. Poison Knuckles, Rune Claws 90 0 FFIX Spare Change.png
Causes Non-elemental damage to the enemy by using Gil.


Elan from FFIX Remastered.png

Trance Command. Use monk techniques.


During Trance, Flair becomes Elan. His Flair abilities are the same, but they now multi-target all allies and enemies rather than just being single-target.

Other appearances[]

Amarant uses his Flairs in his spin-off appearances in Pictlogica Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Record Keeper, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.


Flair refers to "a special or instinctive aptitude" or "ability for doing something well".

Élan is a French term that also refers to style and can be considered an "upgrade" of flair.