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Normal: "A plant with feet. It jumps up and down to cause earthquakes. It has several abilities, including a particularly annoying one that causes MP damage."
Oversoul: "A plant fiend. Oversouling has given it the ability to use magic. Its favorite new trick is to cast Haste on itself and launch a frenzied attack."


The Flailing Ochu is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2. It is a tad more powerful than the Drowsy Ochu, and is only more dangerous than it when in Oversoul since it has access to Alchemist-Hater and White Mage-Hater. At this point, avoid using any White Mages or Alchemists to lessen the damage the party will take, and focus on hitting it with Fire-elemental attacks to bring it down quickly. Having Poison-resistant equipment will help avoid its dangerous Poison attacks.

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