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The Fist of Rhalgr is an organization in Final Fantasy XIV. It was a monkhood that served as a military force and religion of Ala Mhigo. Eventually the Fists of Rhalgr were purged by the greed of King Theodoric.


In the time of the Sixth Umbral Calamity, there was a people who escaped the great flooding by following the guiding light of a meteo which led them to the highlands of Gyr Abania. These refugees devoted themselves to Rhalgr the Destroyer, whose streaking star had granted them salvation, and their fervent faith took solid root within the region. The order known as the Fist of Rhalgr was formed, and within their temple the devotees of the Fist tempered their body and spirit in an effort to grow closer to their deity. Through their meditations did these monks discover within themselves foci of power—chakras—and with this knowledge devised a martial art that channeled the life energies of the practitioner into destructive force.[1]

After the defeat in the Autumn War, the power of the king of Ala Mhigo waned and unrest grew within the nation. Among the dissatisfied masses, the Fist of Rhalgr and its monks emerged on the political stage. Lest their regime end the faith, the royalty chose to embrace this change and named the Fist of Rhalgr as the state religion. They employed high-ranking monks as advisors to the throne, and thus sought to stabilize the nation.[2]

The Fist of Rhalgr evolved into a formidable military force, and gradually nurtured an alliance with the royal family of Ala Mhigo. Eventually, the Fist was integrated into the nation's standing army, thus consolidating its position and influence within the region. Seeking to escape the influence of the Fist of Rhalgr, Theodoric proclaimed himself ordained by Nymeia the Spinner herself to lead the nation and forbade the worship of the Destroyer. Naturally, the monks of the Fist of Rhalgr rebelled against Theodoric. In 1546, Theodoric led a vast army to the Temple of the Fist and burned it down. Everyone inside, whether priests or refugees, perished in the flames. The few who managed to escape met a similar end in the blades of the soldiers waiting outside.[2][1]



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