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FFLII First Town

First Town in First World.

First Town is a location in Final Fantasy Legend II.


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Upon entering the town, the main character sees Dad. They follow him and find him standing near the Cafe, unable to see his face, the main character approaches him to speak with him. S/he has mistaken him for his/her father. The man mentions that there might be MAGI left in the Relics of the Ancient Gods, but doesn't know where it is.

The people inside the Cafe mention that Ashura has build a base and his men are looking for the MAGI. Also, some townspeople mentions that the Shrine of Isis is located to the west of First Town, and a cleric named Ki resides there.

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Name Cost
FFLII Gauntlet IconBronze 25 GP
FFLII Helmet IconBronze 50 GP
FFLII Shield IconBronze 50 GP
FFLII Gauntlet IconGold 3,400 GP
FFLII Potion IconCurse 300 GP
FFLII Potion IconEyeDrop 200 GP
FFLII Potion IconSoft 1,000 GP
FFLII Potion IconCure 50 GP


Name Cost
Hammer 50 GP
FFLII Bow IconBow 50 GP
Punch 50 GP
FFLII Sword IconRapier 400 GP
FFLII Sword IconLong 400 GP
FFLII Whip IconWhip 400 GP
FFLII Dagger IconPsi 1,400 GP
Kick 1,400 GP
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