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Increase the chances of having the first attack.


First Strike is a Ninja support ability in Final Fantasy V. It increases the chance that the party can begin battle with a preemptive attack.


First Strike is innate to Ninjas, and will be granted to any character equipping the job. After the character masters First Strike, it becomes innate to their Freelancer and Mime jobs. Upon reaching job level 3 as a Ninja, for 90 AP (50 AP from job level 2), the First Strike ability can be equipped by any job.


First Strike increases the chance of a preemptive attack from from 32/256 to 64/256, meaning it goes from a 12.5% chance to a 25% chance.


First Strike can make dungeons a little easier by granting more preemptive attacks, meaning parties can often wipe enemies before they even get a turn. Normally, equipping First Strike on an ability slot as another job is a less useful use of the slot compared to equipping a command ability or another more useful support ability. However, First Strike is beneficial to those with a Ninja in the party or to Freelancers with a mastered Ninja.