Midgardsormr and the First Brood

Tiamat: In a time before time, my father did come to this star, bearing seven eggs.
Midgardsormr: From these eggs did my children hatch. And once they were full-grown, they took wing and spread across all the lands of Hydaelyn.

On the First Brood, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

The First Brood (七大天竜, Nanadaitenryū?, lit. Seven Great Heaven Dragons) are the seven great wyrms sired by Midgardsormr in Final Fantasy XIV. Spreading across Hydaelyn, they propagated dragonkin.

As primordial dragons, the Great Wyrms are among the oldest living beings on Hydaelyn, and among the most powerful. Their key source of power lies in their eyes. A single eye is a wellspring of aether that can rival other sources, such as the Tupsimati.

Story[edit | edit source]

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According to Midgardsormr, he arrived on Hydaelyn with seven eggs from which the first brood of dragons emerged from, to escape the conflict between his home planet, Dragonstar, and Omega. He made a pact with Hydaelyn and revived the dragon race, while his children settled across the land before their kin would come to conflict with the mortal races. Midgardsormr later reveals that During the Third Astral Era, the dragons of Meracydia were attacked by the Allagan Empire, with Bahamut killed in battle. The Ascians tricked Bahamut's brood-sister Tiamat into trying to revive him as a primal—a decision she would regret as the Ascians also taught Emperor Xande the means to trap primals. While the imitation of Bahamut was sealed within Dalamud with many of the Meracydian dragons to maintain the primal, Tiamat was imprisoned in Azys Lla where she would remain to suffer until the end of Eorzea.

In the northern realm of Dravania, the "Skylords" under Hraesvelgr, Ratatoskr, and Nidhogg entered a truce with the Elezen "Landlords" who came to their lands during the Sixth Astral Era. Two hundred years later the peace was ended by the treachery of the Elezen king Thordan I and his Twelve Knights who murdered Ratatoskr for her eyes and blinded Nidhogg when he sought revenge. After Nidhogg forced Hraesvelgr to give up one of his eyes, he would continue a millennia-long bloody conflict called the Dragonsong War.

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List of Great Wyrms[edit | edit source]

The known great wyrms are:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • So far, Hraesvelgr and Tiamat are the only members of the First Brood that are alive and accounted for. Azdaja and Vrtra are not mentioned nor found throughout the series.
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