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The First Battle of Fabul is part of Golbez's forceful attempt of gaining the Elemental Crystals in Final Fantasy IV. The Army of Baron invades the Kingdom of Fabul by land while the Red Wings conduct aerial bombing.

Cecil Harvey, Rosa Joanna Farrell, Prince Edward Chris von Muir of Damcyan and Rydia of Mist, along with Yang Fang Leiden, lead Fabul's monks for the ground assault. After being thrown back with loss, the invasion force turns to the Red Wings. The bombing forces the monks to retreat into the castle.

Kain steals the Wind Crystal.

The ground assault is renewed and little by little the monks are defeated until Yang and the remaining defenders retreat into the throne room. A Baron soldier, disguised as a monk, opens wide the door instead of locking it and Yang is forced to retreat once more, into the crystal room. Kain Highwind, under the control of Golbez, forces his way in and defeats Cecil. Rosa and Rydia attempt to aid Cecil but Golbez storms in, casts a Bolt on Yang and Edward and orders Kain to take the Crystal. He takes Rosa hostage and leaves for Baron.


Cecil and the party, having recovered from the battle, sail for Baron since its navy is not nearly as strong as its air force. On their way a whirlpool forms beneath the ship, as Leviathan rocks the vessel and Rydia falls overboard. Yang attempts to rescue her and falls overboard as well. After an unfruitful struggle against the waves, the ship is wrecked and the party is dispersed. Cecil is cast ashore near the town of Mysidia.

After the battle with Zeromus, the Wind Crystal is returned to Fabul.

Seventeen years later, Fabul again comes under attack by Baron for the Wind Crystal. In tactics and consequences, the siege is nearly identical.