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The First Battle of Eblan is the destruction of the kingdom of Eblan by Rubicante, one of the four archfiends of Golbez. The battle, described by Eblan survivors as an easy win for the attackers, ends with Eblan's crushing defeat and the expulsion of its surviving population to the Cave of Eblan. Unlike in simultaneous wars waged by Golbez, the Red Wings play no role in this conflict as they are preoccupied fighting the dwarves in the Underworld, and Eblan is thus technically not at war with Baron.


The first phase of the battle takes place at some point between the Battle of Fabul and the Battle of the Underworld. Castle Eblan is overrun by monsters led by Dr. Lugae and Rubicante, and Eblan's renown ninja army is swept away with ease. Most soldiers and civilians are killed in the battle, and Castle Eblan is depopulated as the survivors relocate to the Cave of Eblan. The King and Queen of Eblan are captured by Dr. Lugae, who turns them into chimeric monsters and traps them atop the Tower of Babil.

Resistance in-exile[]

The remains of Eblan's army plan to strike back by digging a path to the Tower of Babil. Enraged by the presumed murder of his parents, Prince Edge Geraldine sets out with his troops to personally confront Rubicante, but is defeated with casualties. He teams up with Cecil's party and together they sneak into the Tower of Babil to find his parents. King and Queen of Eblan transform into grotesque chimeras and attack the party and after a fight, they regain their senses and bid farewell to Edge before committing suicide. The party encounters Rubicante and defeats him in battle.

In spite of Rubicante's death, Castle Eblan isn't immediately repopulated as its army remains shattered. Later, after Zeromus has been felled and peace restored to the world, the people of Eblan return to their castle and rebuild the kingdom with Edge as their new king.