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The Firmament is a location in Final Fantasy XIV, located in Coerthas. Introduced in patch 5.11, the area was a residential ward of Ishgard that had been destroyed by the Dravanian Horde in the final days of the Dragonsong War. The Ishgardian Restoration, a campaign spearheaded by Lord Francel de Haillenarte, saw adventurers descend on the ward in droves to reconstruct it, with Disciples of the Hand crafting the required component with supplies procured by Disciples of the Land from the Diadem.

With reconstruction efforts on all servers now complete, the Firmament is slated to become a residential area for player housing in patch 6.1.

Locations and places of interest[]

The Mendicant's Court[]

A plaza serving as the staging grounds for the Restoration Team's efforts in reconstruction. Workers can consult the leaderboards for the Skybuilder Rankings, as well as purchase items with scrips.

Skysteel Workshop[]

A workshop created by the Skysteel Manufactory. Crafters and gatherers are able to further augment Skysteel tools. A manacutter is being worked on, which draws the curiosity of many children in the Firmament.


A residential area to the west of the Mendicant's Court. The Ishgardian housed Adventurer's Guild is located here.

The Mattock[]

Another residential district with plenty of local and international merchants. Grocers, fisheries, and sweets are sold near the wall of Featherfall's higher level. New residents from other city states, such as Ul'dah, can be seen in the streets.

The New Nest[]

The first sub-section of the ward to be rebuilt. Many homeless residents of the Brume have migrated here at the invitation of the project overseer, Francel de Haillenarte.

Rolanberry Fields[]

A residential neighbourhood that is home to a local orphanage. Children such as Maelie live in this orphanage, and are taken care of by retired Temple Knights.

Saint Roelle's Dais[]

A public area that has become popular among Dravanian visitors and citizens, including aspiring tradeswoman Ehll Tou. Many of the residents in the houses have started to warm up to the draconic presence, and those who still hold reservations are slowly working towards understanding their new neighbours.

A waterfall fountain leads down to a public space used for concerts and gatherings. Many children enjoy playing here.

Hoarfrost Hall[]

An apartment area that houses both adventurers and Ishgardians alike. The complex stands over the Firmament, shadowing over many of the smaller residential houses and businesses.

The Abacus[]

A central park featuring statues of Halone with fountains and sculptures. Leading west is a long staircase to the Hoarfrost Hall. Many residents congregate in the road and central area to converse among each other. The Mattock and the New Nest stand on either sides of the Abacus.

The Risensong Quarter[]

Quill's Trace[]

A large bridge that connects The Mattock with The Risensong Quarter, leading to the Bright Ballad's Passage gate and its courtyard.

Bright Ballad's Passage[]

A large gate that leads from the Firmament to the Pillars.

Ser Vaindreau's Grace[]

A hospital and care home named after the deceased Very Reverened Adamantite Ser Vaindreau de Rouchemande, former leader of the Heaven's Ward. Both doctors and nurses work to help those injured from the Dragonsong War, as well as the sick, poor, and elderly of Ishgard. Any individual with compassion to help others is welcomed to join as an aide, such as Charlemend de Durendaire.

Snowsoak Springs[]

The final project to be completed in the Firmament restoration. This public bath is welcome to both common folk and nobles of Ishgard, and accommodates both private and shared bathing. Water is kept heated with crystals farmed from the Diadem.


The Firmament's climate may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

Weather Frequency
Snow Snow 60%
Clouds Clouds 15%
Fair Skies Fair Skies 10%
Fog Fog 10%
Clear Skies Clear Skies 5%