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Firion is a hero fighting on the side of Materia in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, representing Final Fantasy II. He is a Vanguard-type character who fights with a variety of weapons. Firion returns from his previous appearance in the 2008 Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, in which he had a similar combat style.

Firion's default player name is Nameless Idealist. His manikin counterpart, which is now yellow, has been renamed Simulacrum of a Believer.



Firion's default costume is "Committed to the Cause", his default attire from previous Dissidia games. Its first alternate coloration recolors his cape yellow and his armor burgundy. The second alternate coloration is based on Firion's 16-bit sprite in the 20th Anniversary release of Final Fantasy II, and recolors his cape red with light blue and purple armor.

Firion's first alternate coloration is "Resolute Rebel", an updated version of his "Spiky Hair" attire from the PlayStation Portable Dissidia games. His purple and gold armor is darker and has an additional red shoulder spike on the left, fully resembling his Yoshitaka Amano art. The first alternate coloration recolors his armor blue with gray accents, his leg sash red, and his cape light blue. The second alternate coloration recolors his armor black with maroon accents, his leg sash red, and his cape yellow.


Firion is unwilling to be involved in a conflict he deems pointless, recalling the cycle of war between Cosmos and Chaos. He is initially reluctant to participate in Materia and Spiritus's attempt to continue the war, opting to find a route to his and his allies' respective worlds instead. Nevertheless, Firion fights to save the gods' world, and later leaves his memories behind within a duplicate of himself to continue fighting on their behalf, suggesting that he shares his allies' fondness for the realm that has allowed them all to meet again.


Firion equips swords, shields, spears, axes, daggers, bow and arrows, and maces, and also fights barehanded. His weapons are grouped into "Arsenals", and his alternate weapons can all be equipped in the original Final Fantasy II.

His default set of weapons, Arsenal I, are his base weapons from previous Dissidia games. He wields his sword from his Amano's artwork (Amano Firion III.jpg), Maria's Bow and Arrows, Guy's Axes, Minwu's Staff and Shield, Leila's Daggers, and Ricard's Spear. His first alternate set of weapons, Arsenal II, are based on the recurring "mythril equipment". His second alternate set of weapons, Arsenal III, include the Wing Sword, Ogrekiller, Trident, Main Gauche, Dark Bow, Mage's Staff, and Golden Shield. Their design and coloration are more exotic. His third alternate set of weapons, Arsenal IV, include the Gaia Blade, Poison Axe, Demon Spear, Orichalcum, Flame Bow, Power Staff, and Diamond Shield. Their design is more feral.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Firion is summoned to World B once more to aid in the new conflict, and together with Cecil and Zidane heads to Materia's domain. Firion is distressed to learn they are to fight each other to produce battle energy to sustain the world. As everyone disbands, Firion and Tidus join Shantotto in her plan to escape through her own means.

The group arrives at the outskirts of Narshe. After being scolded by Shantotto for not paying attention to her, the three stumble upon Exdeath. While Tidus and Shantotto battle Exdeath, Firion notices Kefka appear from a portal and tries to attack him, but misses. Kefka snatches both Tidus and Exdeath into another portal, and despite recognizing it as a trap, Firion and Shantotto give chase. They arrive in Pandaemonium where the three clash against Exdeath, Kefka, and Ultimecia.

Their battle releases enough energy to create a gateway, but planesgorgers descend upon the battlefield and bar access to it. Firion is subdued by Kefka and blasted toward another portal. A hand pulls him in, transporting him to Besaid.

Firion fights against the Emperor.

Firion reunites with Tidus and, having lost sight of Shantotto, is accompanied by Jecht as they continue their struggle against Exdeath, Kefka, and Ultimecia. The three prevail and the villains flee as the planesgorgers again plight the battlefield, and Jecht allows Firion and Tidus to escape back to Materia's domain. Later, Firion assists in the clash to awaken the dragon god Shinryu responsible for the planesgorgers by directing an assault against the Emperor that distracts him from Zidane and the Onion Knight. Firion aids in the fight to defeat Shinryu, and with the dragon eliminated, Firion departs the realm with the other warriors, leaving behind a crystal imbued with his essence for Materia to use in his place.

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Type: Vanguard - Firion's grounded singular Bravery attacks come in multi-inputs of three in a row. Pressing Left stick up or down with the Bravery attack button weaves his abilities into one another seamlessly, and each input has its own unique Bravery attack animation.
EX Skill: Blood Weapon - Increases movement speed and causes attacks to absorb HP.

Firion is a Vanguard-type character whose followup mechanic from Dissidia 012 has been reworked; his Bravery attacks can be freely input three times in sequence for a variety of combinations (e.g. neutral>forward>back or forward>back>neutral and so on). Knowing which version of any specific Bravery attack input to use in the attack string is vital to knowing how to effectively control Firion's versatility.

He has poor aerial attacks, which makes him a difficult character to use in scenarios/stages that involve prolonged aerial combat. His EX Skill is situational. He can cover both long and close-range on the ground due to a variety of area-of-effect attacks, and can force his targets to expend too much of their dashing meter to stay airborne by controlling space on the ground.

His latest update gives him a brand new HP Attack (Crown of Arms) that replaces his Riposte, including the return of his Shield Bash redone into a midair forward Bravery attack; working as a decent gap-closer. Along with tweaks to Plummet and an overall damage increase on Swordslash, Firion's air game—while still subpar—is more manageable. He has had many of his Bravery Attacks re-tweaked, especially giving them all faster startup. However, they are nerfed via either decreased amount of hits or damage (one or the other), as well as decreasing their dash cancel-windows if they are whiffed and less vertical tracking.

Another issue his update has addressed is his EX Skill, which now allows him to share a percentage of his stolen HP to any nearby allies within a certain range.


Move Damage Input Type Power Frame Data Image
Lance Combo Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.png Ground (First input) DFF2015 Lance Combo.png
Whirl your lance around while drawing in nearby enemies. (Opponent cannot recover during combo)
Rope Knives Bravery DFF2015 Up + II Icon.png Ground (First input) DFF2015 Rope Knife.png
Throw knives imbued with electricity that spread over a wide area in front of you. (Opponent cannot recover during combo)
Boomerang Axe Bravery DFF2015 Down + II Icon.png Ground (First input) DFF2015 Reel Axe.png
Throw an axe to attack a distant foe. (Opponent cannot recover during combo)
Gelid Wand Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.png Ground (Second input) DFF2015 Ice Wand.png
Conjure a tornado of ice that draws in nearby enemies. (Opponent cannot recover during combo)
Searing Volley Bravery DFF2015 Up + II Icon.png Ground (Second input) DFF2015 Wide Shot.png
Shoot fire arrows in a cone in front of you. (Opponent cannot recover during combo)
Calescent Wand Bravery DFF2015 Down + II Icon.png Ground (Second input) DFF2015 Flame Wand.png
With a flourish of your wand, summon a flaming pillar that attacks distant foes. (Opponent cannot recover during combo)
Ground Pound Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.png Ground (Third input) DFF2015 Grand Fist.png
Slam your fist into the ground, damaging nearby enemies.
Fulminating Strike Bravery DFF2015 Up + II Icon.png Ground (Third input) DFF2015 Shining Blade.png
Swing your sword to emit a large wave of light that moves forward.
Bullseye Bravery DFF2015 Down + II Icon.png Ground (Third input) DFF2015 Straightarrow.png
Fire an arrow of light at distant foes.
Swordslash Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.png Aerial DFF2015 Swordslash.png
Deftly bring your sword down on your foe.
Plummet Bravery DFF2015 Down + II Icon.png Aerial
Quickly descend upon your opponent with your spear. Creates an opportunity to cancel into another bravery attack.
Grasping Knives Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.png Dash DFF2015 Chain Move.png
Throw a series of knives and move quickly to the location of the first enemy struck. Creates an opportunity to cancel into another bravery attack.
Lord of Arms HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png - DFF2015 Lord of Arms.png
Pierce the ground in front of you with an array of deadly weapons.
Weaponsmaster HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png - DFF2015 Weaponsmaster.png
Conjure myriad weapons around the target. Range increases as your HP decreases.
Vortex of Arms HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png - DFF2015 Ruler of Arms.png
Generate a whirlwind that engulfs nearby foes and assails them with weaponry.
Riposte HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png - DFF2015 Revenge of Arms.png
Manifest a barrier that blocks bravery attacks, then counter based on how you move the left stick.
  • Riposte counters close-range attacks with Square, midrange attacks with Left stick up + Square, and long-range attacks with Left stick down + Square.
Blood Weapon EX Skill DFF2015 I Icon.png - DFF2015 Blood Weapons.jpg
Temporarily increase your movement speed and cause all attacks to absorb opponent's HP.



  • His custom quotes refer to various events he was involved in from his home game:
    • "Hey, it's free! What an offer!" refers to his line when offered a boat ride to Deist by Leila.
    • "I-I mustn't...but..." refers to his line when he is seduced by the Lamia Queen disguised as Hilda.
    • "That's why we must go ourselves" refers to Firion's reply to Gordon, who is worried the party will have to fight Leon, before departing for Castle Palamecia.
    • "Believe in the future and survive the present—that's what I'll do!" refers to his line when confronting the Emperor in the original Dissidia Final Fantasy.
    • "The password is "wild rose" refers to a line originally said by Hilda when she tells Firion the password of the Wild Rose Rebellion.
    • "Blasted monster! Where's the real Princess Hilda!?" refers to his line when the Lamia Queen reveals her true form.
    • While not a direct quote, "Moogles? I've seen beavers, but moogles...", refers to the Beavers present in Final Fantasy II.
    • "My dream is a world filled with wild roses" refers to Firion's line when sharing his dream in Dissidia Final Fantasy.