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A young man driven out of his homeland, Fynn, when it is attacked by the Empire of Palamecia. After being taken in by the rebel leader Princess Hilda, he decides to join their cause to exact vengeance upon the empire. He always keeps the rebel army's watchword "Wild Rose" close to his heart.

Firion is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who can be recruited during Chapter 5 of the main storyline.



Firion is clad in black and blue armor with a flowing blue cape. He has silver hair tied in a ponytail, and covered by a brown, orange and white bandana.


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Summoned into the conflict by Materia, this skilled and brave rebel is recruited by Mog at the Palace of Malitia. Upon entering the world created by Materia and Spritus, Firion was recruited into the Returners by one of Edgar's associates. He agreed because the group sounded like the Wild Rose of his homeworld and was tasked with traveling the land to seal Torsions. Firion would leave a wild rose at the site of every Torsion he sealed as a marker for the other Returners, and was in the midst of doing this when found by the party led by Mog.

Although Firion has an amiable discussion with them, he initially elects to continue on his own. He and Mog's group fight several more battles in close proximity and get to know each other's aims better. Firion's mention of the Returners gets Terra's attention, as she thought she was the only one from her homeland. Firion joins the group at this point, both because their mission of sealing the Torsions aligns with his own, and to help Terra locate her friends.

When the party meets Ashe, Firion quickly admires her and is eager to help her when she says that she is fighting an empire that occupies her homeland. He is likewise impressed with Garnet when she arrives in Imber Manor. He compares both of them to Princess Hilda, being royals who take up arms and great responsibility to defend their people. Firion's open expressions of friendship and admiration towards his newfound allies sometimes take the others by surprise.

Firion is incensed when the Emperor tries enticing the party to follow him in Utopia Niveus. When the others question if any of the group would accept the Emperor's offer, Firion fervently disagrees. He declares that he trusts all of his allies, and that if anyone did turn, he and the others could convince them to return to the right path.

Later, Firion is overjoyed to reunite with Maria, his adoptive sister and fellow rebel from home, and she teases him for so quickly joining a rebel faction in a new world. His feelings are more complicated when Leon arrives as a puppet of the Emperor. Although he helps break the Emperor's hold over him through battle and defends him, Firion is not sure how to react to Leon attempting to leave until the others shout for Leon to come back. Firion admits that he is glad to have finally found Leon, and in a later conversation on the airship, assures Leon that they will set him on the right path should his desire for power overcome him again.

When the party begins to traverse the World of Darkness, Seymour borrows the Emperor's palace as part of his attempt to sway the party to his nihilism. He casts doubts on Firion and Maria's reasons for fighting, as they were driven in party by anger and hatred over the destruction of their home. Though this gets under Firion's skin, Yuna reassures him by saying that it's only natural to feel that way about the Emperor after all he's done.

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Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Sun Blade (II) Sun Blade (II) 5★ (EX) 70 Mastery of Arms Manifold: Equips the EX Ability Weaponsmaster.
DFFOO Defender (II) Defender (II) 5★ 35 Master of the Sword: Increases the potency of Seize Attack, Seize Attack+ and Seize Attack+ (Blood Weapon).

When Seize Attack+ is used:

  • Extends and increases its Max BRV Up buff.
  • Raises all party members' BRV based on Attack.
  • Grants BRV Regen for 6 turns.
Its design is based on its Final Fantasy II: Dawn of Souls sprite, with a golden and silver blade, maroon hilt and V-shaped crossguard decorated by a red jewel at the center of it.
DFFOO Wing Sword (II) Wing Sword (II) 5★ 15 Energy Drain: Increases the potency of Blood Weapon and Blood Weapon+.

Raises the HP recovery limit.

Its design comes from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and the blade has an exotic design in comparison with its Final Fantasy II artwork.
DFFOO Red Sword (II) Red Sword (II) 4★ 10 MAX BRV +110
Firion's signature weapon in the Dissidia games, based on an artwork of Yoshitaka Amano.
Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Diamond Helm (II) Diamond Helm (II) 5★ 90 ATK +72 and DEF +84
DFFOO Dragon Armor (II) Dragon Armor (II) 5★ 35 HP +680 and MAX BRV +220
It is primarily black and covered in black scales and dark metallic pieces, the gardbraces have spikes on them imitating the skull of a dragon and the breastplate is decorated with gold details and a golden eagle at the center of it.
DFFOO Power Armlet (II) Power Armlet (II) 4★ 20 HP +680
It has an Asian-like design, being made by a blue ceramic material and decorated with golden details while covered by an azure cloth.


Command abilities
Move Type Image
BRV Attack BRV, Melee 200px
Melee attack
Steals enemy's BRV
BRV Attack+ BRV, Melee, Self-Recovery, Party BRV
1-HIT BRV attack.

Raises all party members' BRV based on Attack. Heals based on damage dealt up to 5% of Max HP. Requires STR 55 Passive Ability. Condition: when Blood Weapon is active and HP ≥ 50% Max HP.

HP Attack HP, Melee 200px
Expends BRV to deal HP damage
HP Attack+ HP, Melee, Self-Recovery
Raises BRV based on Attack before inflicting an HP attack.

Heals based on damage dealt up to 5% of Max HP. Requires STR 55 Passive Ability. Condition: when Blood Weapon is active and HP ≥ 50% Max HP.

Blood Weapon HP, Melee, Self-Recovery DFFOO Blood Weapon
2-hit Melee BRV attack + HP attack
Recovers HP based on HP damage dealt
Recovery limit: 15% of MAX HP
Blood Weapon+ BRV+HP, Melee, Self-Recovery, Overflow
4-HIT BRV+HP attack.

BRV stolen can overflow up to 150% Max BRV. Heals based on damage dealt up to 25% of Max HP. Grants Blood Weapon for 6 turns. Blood Weapon raises Max BRV and Attack. Requires STR 55 Passive Ability. Condition: when HP ≥ 50% Max HP.

Seize Attack BRV, Ranged, Buff DFFOO Absorb Sword
Ranged BRV attack
Moderately boosts ability with at least 50% HP
Seize Attack+ BRV, Melee, Buff
1-HIT BRV attack.

Grants Medium Max BRV Up for 3 turns. Condition: when HP ≥ 50% Max HP.

Seize Attack+ (Blood Weapon) BRV, Melee, Buff
3-HIT BRV+HP attack.

Heals based on damage dealt up to 15% of Max HP. Grants Medium Max BRV Up for 5 turns. Requires STR 60 Passive Ability. Condition: when Blood Weapon is active and HP ≥ 50% Max HP.

Weaponsmaster EX Ability, BRV+HP, Ranged DFFOO Weaponmaster
3-HIT stronger AoE BRV+HP attack.

100% HP damage dealt to all targets. Turns to Weaponsmaster+ when HP ≥ 80% Max HP. Requires Sun Blade's passive.

Passive abilities




  • All of Firion's weapons and armors, bar the Red Sword (which is based on the original artworks of Firion by Amano), can be used in the different versions of Final Fantasy II, and are recurring equipment in the series.
  • Firion allied with the Returners in Opera Omnia because it was similar to the resistance organization he joined in his homeworld. He also uses the wild rose as a signal for his allies.
  • Firion's "unpleasant memories" of competing in front of a crowd may reference the Coliseum competition where Princess Hilda was to be rescued.
  • Firion's respect for Ashe, a "princess fighting against imperial tyranny", and Garnet's strong will, both allude to Princess Hilda, leader of the Wild Rose Rebellion.
  • Firion tells Faris he has a "rougher impression of pirates", alluding to when he was attacked by Leila's gang at sea.
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