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Giant scaly monster. Breathes blistering fire.

Firewyrms in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are dragons of the Fire element. Like their relatives the Icedrake and Thundrake, their stats are superior to almost every other monster. When paired with other Fire-elemental monsters, Firewyrms like to heal their compatriots with their Fire Breath attack.



Firewyrm command. Unleash the dragonblaze.
Ability Effect MP
Guard-Off Fire breath. Lowers weapon def. and magic res. 8
Fire Breath Incendiary breath. Deals damage.


Ability Effect
Counter Follows up enemy attack with a counterattack.



Mission Information
Turf Defense Mission: Help Roda! The Firewyrm here can heal its two Bomb allies using Fire Breath.
Mission #047: Hot Recipe All enemies here are of the Fire element, including two Firewyrms.
Mission #032: Tower Ruins The Firewyrm is one of the two Dragons here, the other being a Icedrake.
Mission #011: Pale Company Adrammelech summons a Dragon of each element to assist him. The Firewyrm flanks the Totema on the left.
Mission #034: Magewyrm The Firewyrm here is one of the Thundrake's cronies.
Mission #066: A Dragon's Aid A Dragon of each element helps out the two Dragoons in this mission.
Mission #102: Wyrms Awaken Five Dragons intercept the party in this mission, and any one of them may be placed right next to the starting block.
Mission #054: For A Song A Firewyrm is one of the monsters attacking the allied Summoner in this mission.

Clan encountersEdit

Home base Clan Information
Roda Volcano Roda Dragons As one might expect, the Roda Dragons clan includes two Firewyrms.


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