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Firemane is a boss in Final Fantasy XII fought in the Garamsythe Waterway. It is the second boss of the game, and a Fire-elemental horse.

Bestiary entryEdit

Page 1: ObservationsEdit

When Man first began to use fire not as a sacred object, but as a weapon of war, it angered a great spirit of flame, this appearing among us as a stallion, cloaked in searing fire, its body of a heat impossible to measure.
When, every once in a rare while, the Garamsythe Waterway fills with a thick fog, it is said that the Firemane is galloping its ways and channels, its fiery rage boiling the waters into steam.


AI scriptEdit

FireOpponent is near and on dry floor (25%)
KickOpponent is near and on dry floor (25%)
Opponent is close and stands in the water (5%)
RushOpponent is near and on dry floor (25%)
Opponent is close and stands in the water (5%)
BushfireWhen on dry floor at HP <80% (100%)
Repeat after 12 commands (100%)
When on dry floor at HP <50% and Bushfire has not been used yet (100%)
HP <20% and Bushfire has not been used yet (100%)
Magick CT0Only in Sochen Cave palace: When HP<50%
0 MPOnly in Sochen Cave palace: When HP<50%
TargetingAttacks nearest enemy.


Amalia will be using Potions on characters who are low on HP. In Final Fantasy XII Fire-elemental monsters are weak to Water, rather than Ice, but the water to either side of the battle field doesn't damage Firemane, though it does increase the amount of damage the party can do to it. Attacks that connect with Firemane on the water will do a modest amount more damage; it can be lured out by having the party retreat and wait for it to follow. The boss hits physically hard and occasionally casts Fire to characters who are not standing in water. Firemane's special attack, Bushfire, can inflict Poison, and affects the whole party.


Amalia may not be able to provide Potions fast enough to balance the damage, so it is advisable to give someone else a Cure gambit. To mitigate magick damage, the party can equip the Goddess's Magicite on someone not responsible for Cure magick. The party will not have any Water-elemental spells at this point, so the best strategy is to cast Protect and use physical attacks while luring the Firemane to the water terrain. It's useful to have a few Antidotes ready.


Montblanc will give the player 200 gil for defeating the Firemane.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy XII mangaEdit

The Firemane is defeated when Balthier shoots it in the eye to blind it and it is frozen by Fran's "Sesshouku Hatsudo" Quickening and crushed by the ice. The Firemane is is very large, and can reach over sixteen feet.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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