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[[es:Elemental Piro (Final Fantasy)]]
[[es:Elemental Piro (Final Fantasy)]]
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[[Category: Final Fantasy Enemies]]

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The Fire Elemental, also known as the Pyros, is an enemy in the original Final Fantasy. As with the Earth Elemental, it consists of a demon emerging from flames, and having red skin instead. They are enemies in the Mount Gulug, being stronger than Pyrolisks and Horned Devils, however, they still can be defeated easily by some attacks and some ice spells.

Like the Earth Elementals, they are programmed monsters (not random), that "guard" certain places in the Gurgu Volcano, for example:

  • Guarding a chest in the second floor of the volcano. (North from the easternmost door of the big room).
  • A chest in the second basement. (West from the easternmost door, easier access from the middle door of the second room).
  • A room with a lot of chests, they are Fire Elementals guarding the entrance of this "room".

In the Chaos Shrine, in the past, there is a floor known as the "Marilith Floor", which contains various monsters found in the Mount Gulug, note that they are easier to defeat, now that the party has defeated the two remaining fiends, and has (possibly) completed the Soul of Chaos optional dungeons.

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