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Seifer's "No Mercy" Limit Break from FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered

Seifer's "No Mercy" Limit Break from FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered

Fire Cross (始末剣, Shimatsuken?, lit. Result/Settlement Sword) is Seifer's Limit Break skill set in Final Fantasy VIII. Whereas the player can only use one skill when Seifer is playable as a guest, No Mercy, Seifer uses his other skills in the boss battles against him. Uniquely, Seifer is the only playable character who can execute his Limit Break below 84% of his max HP, whereas the others need to be in HP Critical health.

Seifer begins his Limit Break by casting a fire spell (single/multiple enemies, depending on the skill) and then attacking the stunned foe with a sword technique. This reflects the game's opening movie where Seifer casts a fire spell against Squall before delivering the scarring slice. The fire spell is only an animation and isn't actually an elemental attack, nor does it expend any spells from Seifer's magic stock while he is a controllable character.

List of Fire Cross abilitiesEdit

No MercyEdit

No Mercy from FFVIII Remastered

No Mercy, (雑魚散らし, Zako Chirashi?, lit. Small Fry Scatter) is the skill the player can use. Seifer casts a fire spell onto all enemies, spins his gunblade around and starts focusing energy into it. In an upward slash-motion, he launches circular blades of energy at his foe.

The blasts fly through the enemies and continue towards the sky, dealing exploding damage on the foes. His Limit Break's strength is unaffected by the Crisis Level and is treated like a regular physical attack with the attack power of 80.

Demon SliceEdit

FFVIII Demon Slice

Demon Slice in action.

Demon Slice (鬼斬り, Oni Giri?, lit. Ogre Cutter) is used during the boss battle against the lone Seifer in Galbadia Garden during the Battle of the Gardens. When at low HP, Seifer casts a fire spell on one enemy (most notably Squall), takes on a stance and starts spinning, forming a whirlwind around himself.

His gunblade works like a circular saw's blade as he twirls. He approaches the enemy as a tempest, slicing the target multiple times, lifting his enemy up in the air and delivering a blow that sends the foe head-first to the ground.


FFVIII Bloodfest

Bloodfest in action.

Seifer uses Bloodfest (血祭り, Chimatsuri?, lit. Blood Festival" or "Bloodbath) in the last battle against him in the Lunatic Pandora. He will use it when at low HP. He attacks his enemies with fire spells, jumps high in the air and swings his gunblade twice, vertically and horizontally, forming a fiery cross on the ground beneath his adversaries' feet. The cross explodes, a hole opens up in the ground and the enemies fall into it. They plummet through an underworld-like space before falling back to the ground, heavily damaged.

Zantetsuken ReverseEdit


Zantetsuken reversed.

Zantetsuken Reverse (斬鉄剣返し, Zantetsuken Gaeshi?, lit. Slashing Iron Sword Return) is not an official Limit Break from Seifer's Fire Cross skill. The same battle in which Seifer uses Bloodfest features Seifer slicing Odin in half.

If the player party has acquired Odin before triggering the final Lunatic Pandora event, he will confront Seifer. Odin unleashes Zantetsuken, but Seifer reverses the blow by pointing his gunblade at the approaching Odin, who is cut in half. If this happens, Gilgamesh will soon appear to dispatch Seifer and replace Odin as a randomly appearing summon for the player.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Seifer's special attacks appear in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

Ability Cards
Legend Cards
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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Seifer uses his Fire Cross skills in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

One of Seifer's cards is able to use No Mercy. For a cost of three Thunder CP, Dulling Seifer and discarding another Seifer card, No Mercy Breaks all Forwards with a cost of 2 or less.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniaEdit

While three of Seifer's Fire Cross skills become standalone abilities on their own (Demon Slice, No Mercy, and Bloodfest; the latter two being for his playable version and the very former being only exclusive to his boss version), his initial Fire Cross blast is renamed Flashfire (フラッシュファイア, Furashufaia?) as a standalone boss-only move from Chapters 3-to-8 as a standalone Bravery Damage attack. Just like its original usage in the Final Fantasy VIII opening movie, it blinds the target hit for one turn. This time, it also counts as a ranged-magic attack.


Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products.

A cross is a geometrical figure consisting of two lines or bars, intersecting each other at a 90° angle and dividing one or both of the lines in half. The Christian cross, seen as a representation of the instrument of the crucifixion of Jesus, is the best-known symbol of Christianity.

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