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The Fire-Powered Ship is a location and mode of transportation in Final Fantasy V. It was designed by Cid Previa and is powered by the Fire Crystal.


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The party discovers Queen Karnak.

Cid realized the crystal amplifier is straining the Crystal, and was imprisoned when he attempted to shut the ship down. Bartz and his friends board the ship after the chancellor releases Cid, and try to save the Fire Crystal from the possessed Queen Karnak. The party reaches the engine room where the queen transforms into Liquid Flame. After defeating her, the party enters Karnak Castle through a conduct used to deliver the Fire Crystal's power to the ship, but the crystal shatters regardless of all efforts.

After the party returns from the Library of the Ancients with Mid, they find Cid in Karnak. Along with Mid, his grandson, they remodel the Fire-Powered Ship to sail without needing the power of the Fire Crystal. Inside the ship, while waiting for the pair to finish remodeling it, Galuf recovers from his amnesia, and tells the other Warriors of Light about Exdeath and the Warriors of Dawn. Afterwards, Bartz uses the ship to travel to Crescent, but it gets sucked into the Catapult during an earthquake. The ship remains in the vault under the sea, but can still be visited by the party.

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Name Location
Mythril Gloves First room in main room.
Cottage Main first room.
Elixir Downstairs from main first room.
Elixir Upstairs from main first room.
World Map Area above first room (available only if not obtained in the Ship Graveyard).
Phoenix Down Area above first room.
Thief's Gloves Area reachable by going into third pipe from left.
Green Beret Area in north of room reachable by going into fourth pipe from left.
Moonring Blade Upstairs in room before save point.
Elixir Puzzle Room.


Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

The Fire-Powered Ship appears as the setting for the Collector's Event The Fire Crystal Awakens which allows the player to recruit Lenna to their party.

Musical themes[]

"Fire Ship" from Final Fantasy V

"Fire Ship" (火力船, Karyokusen?), also known as "Fire-Powered Ship", is the background music when inside the Fire-Powered Ship.



Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products.