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Deal a moderate amount of fire damage.


Fira is a magic spell in Final Fantasy VII Remake and "Episode INTERmission". It the second level spell granted by the Fire Materia Fire Materia, and deals medium Fire Fire-elemental damage above Fire Fire and below Firaga Firaga. Fira deals decent fire-elemental damage, with a medium MP cost, and also a medium casting time.


Magic Materia Magic Materia Fire Materia Fire Materia
Effects Medium Fire Fire damage
2.5 meter area-of-effect
1 second charge time
Interrupt stats Interrupts targets with <50 interrupt defense
Interrupted by attacks with ≥40 interrupt strength
Compatible Support Materia Support Materia Magnify Materia Magnify Materia
Synergy Materia Synergy Materia
HP Absorption Materia HP Absorption Materia
MP Absorption Materia MP Absorption Materia
Unconditional weapon passive bonuses Fire Damage Up
Elemental Damage Up
MP Saver: Attack Spells
Special Interrupt(s) Launch (launches interrupted targets)

Damage formula:

Stagger formula:

Where 28 is used rather than 7 while the target is Pressured, and "Target Fire Modifier & Target's Magic Modifier" are the respective stagger rate modifiers of the target.


Fira with magnify materia.

Fira costs 10 MP to cast with a level 2 fire materia equipped. It deals 1.5 times more damage than the base Fire spell. The spell is normally useful against medium-level threats, but can have uses against higher-level enemies in some circumstances. As a fire spell, it deals considerable damage ,especially to those weak to the fire element, such as humanoids. Compared to its contemporaries—Blizzara Blizzara, Thundara Thundara, and Aerora Aerora—Fira's strength, in addition to its element, is in dealing area-of-effect damage.

Fira is outclassed by Firaga in terms of raw damage, and Firaga is normally more powerful for both damaging high-level enemies and building up their stagger gauge. Fira's shorter cast time and lower MP cost can make Fira a useful spell to cast nonetheless, used pressure a high-level enemy without expending too much MP.

The spell can be amplified by pairing fire materia with Support Materia Support Materia. HP Absorption Materia HP Absorption Materia and MP Absorption Materia MP Absorption Materia can increase a character's sustainability, allowing the spell to heal the user or to be cast more frequently, respectively. Pairing it with Magnify Materia Magnify Materia allows it to hit all enemies, extremely useful in battles against enemies that are all weak to the element. Using Fira with Aerith's Arcane Ward will cast it twice in succession, making it an effective way to burst down enemies from a distance.