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Only the strongest are allowed to enter this tourney–the ultimate test of skill in battle.
—Quest description

The Final Quest is, as the name suggests, the very last challenge available in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. After the player has completed all 300 quests, a notice called An Invitation to Combat will appear in pubs that reads:

To the members of Clan Gully, aspirants to perfection in all walks of life:
I would like to formally invite your clan to participate in our Masters of Combat tourney. The tourney will be held during Blackfrost, on Sant D'alsa Bluff.
I expect to see a performance worthy of the tourney's title.

Once the player reads the note, the Final Quest will appear at Mount Llavina on the Sant D'alsa Bluff during the month of Blackfrost.

The quest takes the form of a five-round clan tourney. It is a challenging task even on Normal difficulty, as the enemies are all Level 99 with high stats. The clans fought in each round are as follows:

Clan Opponents Notes
Cinquleur Red Mage, Green Mage, Blue Mage,
Black Mage, White Mage
Florgiston Fighter, Master Monk, Summoner,
Scholar, Geomancer
They all absorb Earth damage, except the Scholar and Summoner absorb Fire damage too
Carnivale Beastmaster x2,
Nidhogg, Golem, Banshee
Thrill Hunters Seer, Juggler, Ranger,
Tonberry King x2
Given the Tonberry Kings' ability to do 999 damage in one hit, this is an incredibly hard-to-survive round
Ultima Masters Paladin, Gladiator, Sniper,
Time Mage, White Rider
All except the Chocobo Knight have their race's token Ultima ability

Immediately upon winning the final round, the game rolls the credits. There is no reward other than bragging rights. Every win in a round grants the whole party 99 Exp, guaranteeing a level-up.


Because of its members' affinity for fire, Florgiston is clearly derived from Phlogiston, which was a theoretical element in addition to the classical four Greek elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. It was believed to be present in all combustible objects. The theory was invented as an attempt to explain oxidation processes such as burning and rusting, but has long since been discarded.


  • Against Cinquleur, the Black Mage is named Bliu and the Blue Mage, Nware. Their names being swapped is presumably a mistake.
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