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Final Heaven is Tifa's ultimate Limit in Final Fantasy VII. It is a physical attack on a random single target, used in a combo with her six previous Limit Breaks, that strikes for 2.625 times Tifa's normal damage. If the slot reel lands on "Yeah!", this is a guaranteed critical hit, increasing its damage further, but if it lands on "Miss", it will not be performed. In total with Tifa's other Limit Breaks, this amounts to 11.775 times Tifa's normal damage; if all attacks are "Yeah!"s, they are critical hits, approximately doubling their damage and providing Tifa with immense damage output potential.

Final Heaven is performed by Tifa as she charges up a giant energy blast in her fist before punching the enemy, leaving an explosion behind in its wake.


Final Heaven.png

Hmm, so that's it.


As an ultimate Limit Break, Final Heaven is learned by using a manual on Tifa in the menu after she has learned all of her other Limit Breaks. The manual is discovered after Cloud returns to the party following the events at Mideel. The player must return to Nibelheim and enter Tifa's house, where they can play the piano. They must play the tune correctly with the following buttons:

PlayStation X, Square, Triangle, L1+Triangle, L1+Square, X, Square, Triangle, L1+X, Circle, X, Square, X
iOS [B], [X], [Y], [L1+Y], [L1+X], [B], [X], [Y], [L1+B], [A], [B], [X], [B]
Switch A, Y, X, L+X, L+Y, A, Y, X, L+A, B, A, Y, A

If successful, Tifa discovers a letter from Zangan, containing the manual.

This can be attempted before the events at Mideel, but the reward will not be the manual. In Part I, the reward is 1 gil. If played while Tifa is the party leader, and if in the Kalm/Nibelheim flashback when Cloud first played the piano the player selected "I remember" and then pressed one of X, Circle, Square, or Triangle, an Elemental Materia is uncovered.


Final Heaven is a physical attack on a random enemy, performed in a combo with all of Tifa's previous Limit Breaks. Final Heaven deals 2.5 times Tifa's normal damage. This counts as a normal attack if the reel lands on "Hit", or a guaranteed critical hit if the reel lands on a "Yeah!", amplifying its damage further (approximately double). If the player lands on "Miss" Final Heaven will be skipped.

Final Heaven's damage relies on Tifa's Strength stat and her currently equipped weapon. If used with Premium Heart, her ultimate weapon, it will take advantage of Premium Heart's full power.

To maximize Tifa's damage output, a player can practice consistently landing a "Yeah!" with Final Heaven. However, this is challenging, because "Yeah!" has a single slot on Final Heaven's reel. Landing a "Hit" already deals considerable damage to an enemy, making it worth practicing landing the easier "Hit" reel instead. Combined with her other Limit Breaks, the damage potential of Final Heaven is 11.775 times Tifa's normal damage, distributed across 7 attacks. This can clear waves of enemies, or devastate single targets. Landing "Yeah!" with all attacks gives her enormous damage potential.

Final Heaven's damage potential is high throughout most of the game, and in most playthroughs is enough to make Tifa a very powerful attacker. However, because the attack only has seven hits, which are unreliable, this means if Tifa's stats are maxed, she can only perform 7 hits of 9999 damage in one turn, which is lower than some characters are capable of. Tifa's main advantage is that she can perform 7 hits of 9999 damage earlier than most characters can, because each attack from her combo deals more damage than a normal hit.

Final Heaven is a straight upgrade to Tifa's existing Limit Breaks, meaning there is no reason not to equip it.