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Item magic is a type of magic in the original Final Fantasy that does not consume MP or spell charges, instead being used from equipment pieces from the player's inventory. It does not matter if the weapon or piece of armor is equipped on the character. When the player selects it from the Item menu during battle, the weapon casts its spell on the target(s). In the later remakes, where items are in a shared inventory, each item cannot be used by more than one character per turn. E.g. if the player has only one Healing Helm, then only one character may use it per turn; if the player has a second, a different character may use that Healing Helm.

List of spells[]

Weapon Type Spell
Mage Masher Dagger Silence
Assassin Dagger Dagger Kill
Thor's Hammer Hammer Thundara
Light Axe Axe Diara
Rune Axe Axe Curaga
Healing Staff Staff Heal
Mage's Staff Staff Fira
Wizard's Staff Staff Confuse
Rune Staff Staff Healara
Judgment Staff Staff Flare
Sage's Staff Staff Life
Golden Staff Staff ????
Defender Sword Blink
Razer Sword Scourge
Lightbringer Sword Holy
Braveheart Sword Confuse
Deathbringer Sword Death
Ragnarok Sword Flare
White Robe Robe Invisira
Black Robe Robe Blizzara
Healing Helm Helmet Heal
Gauntlets Glove Thundara
Giant's Gloves Glove Saber