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The following is a list of all elements in Final Fantasy X. There are five types of elements: Fire, Lightning, Water, Ice and Holy.

Each enemy unit has a set of elemental affinities. Most of the time, elements will remove a standard amount of damage; however, units can be weak to it and take more damage, they can halve the damage dealt by it, be resistant to it and lose no health, or they can absorb it, which means they gain health from the element.

A number of weapons are elemental, such as the Flametongue for Fire. Armor can protect against or absorb elements.


Fire is the opposing element of ice.

Fire has three tiers of basic spells: Fire, Fira, and Firaga. The spell and status effect NulBlaze protects the unit from fire-elemental attacks.

Desert enemies tend to be resilient against fire attacks. A notable exponent of the Fire element is the Bomb, who often absorb the element and utilize fire attacks. Beasts and plant enemies are usually weak against fire. The fire summon, Ifrit attacks with Hellfire.


Lightning is the opposing element of water.

Lightning has three tiers of basic spells: Thunder, Thundara, and Thundaga. Dark Ixion's Thundaja attack is non-elemental. The spell and status effect NulShock protects the unit from lightning-elemental attacks.

Most aquatic enemies tend to be weak against Lightning. Mechanical enemies are also usually weak against Lightning. The lightning summon, Ixion attacks with Thor's Hammer.


Water is the opposing element of lightning.

Water has three tiers of basic spells: Water, Watera, and Waterga. The spell and status effect NulTide protects the unit from water-elemental attacks.


Ice is the opposing element of fire.

Ice has three tiers of basic spells: Blizzard, Blizzara, and Blizzaga. The spell and status effect NulFrost protects the unit from ice-elemental attacks.

Enemies that have an affinity to ice usually dwell in snowfields and other cold areas. The ice summon, Shiva attacks with Diamond Dust.


Holy is a rare element in this game, and Holy affinities are not shown when an enemy is Scanned. However, in some cases it can be visible. Usually when using equipment with Sensor, a particular line of alignment (weak, resist, etc) will only show up if at least one element falls under it. However, if the enemy has an alignment to Holy, but doesn't have the same alignment to any other element, that line will still show up but appear blank. This only works with Sensor; as Scan always shows all lines regardless.

The Holy spell is a higher level offensive spell affiliated to this element.