The party of Final Fantasy X.

The following is a list of characters from Final Fantasy X.

Player characters[edit | edit source]

FFX Artwork Tidus.png
Japanese ティーダ
Age 17
Race Human
Occupation Blitzball Player, Guardian
Hometown Zanarkand
Weapon Swords
Default role(s) Warrior, Time Mage
Overdrive Swordplay
FFX Artwork Yuna.png
Japanese ユウナ
Age 17
Race Half Human Half Al Bhed
Occupation Summoner
Hometown Bevelle, Besaid
Weapon Rods
Default role(s) Summoner, White Mage
Overdrive Grand Summon
Auron Art.png
Japanese アーロン
Age 35
Race Human
Occupation Ex-Warrior Monk, Guardian
Hometown Bevelle
Weapon Katana
Default role(s) Samurai
Overdrive Bushido
Kimahri Ronso
FFX Kimahri Art.png
Japanese キマリ=ロンゾ
Age 25
Race Ronso
Occupation Guardian
Hometown Mt. Gagazet
Weapon Spears
Default role(s) Blue Mage, Dragoon
Overdrive Ronso Rage
FFX Wakka Art.png
Japanese ワッカ
Age 23
Race Human
Occupation Blitzball Player, Guardian
Hometown Besaid
Weapon Blitzballs
Default role(s) Ranger, Gambler
Overdrive Slots
FFX Lulu Art.png
Japanese ルールー
Age 22
Race Human
Occupation Guardian
Hometown Besaid
Weapon Dolls
Default role(s) Black Mage
Overdrive Fury
FFX Artwork Rikku.png
Japanese リュック
Age 15
Race Al Bhed
Occupation Guardian
Hometown Bikanel
Weapon Claws
Default role(s) Thief, Chemist
Overdrive Mix

Temporary player characters[edit | edit source]

Seymour Guado
FFX Seymour Art.png
Japanese シーモア=グアド
Age 28
Race Half Guado Half Human
Occupation Maester of Yevon
Hometown Guadosalam
Weapon Staves
Default role(s) Black Mage, White Mage
Overdrive Requiem

Non-player characters[edit | edit source]

Antagonists[edit | edit source]

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Crusaders[edit | edit source]

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Blitzball players[edit | edit source]

Other characters[edit | edit source]

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