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Final Fantasy X World Guide - Yevon's dogma and People on the Spira is a Famitsu book published by Enterbrain in Japan in 2001.

The work is in the perspective of an editor who has experienced the events of Final Fantasy X and wishes to convey the harsh realities of a Spira 10 years prior to the Calm. It is a compilation of works on various subjects written by anonymous denizens of Spira from around that time, and includes notes from the editor that help a contemporary reader to parse the content. The work is split into two parts. The first showcases the stories of three summoners who attempted to defeat Sin. The second part showcases the views of people towards different facets of life 10 years into the past and is divided into ten different topics. The end of the book also contains some bonus illustrations, info on tie-in merchandise, as well as two postcards featuring art by Yoshitaka Amano.

Final Fantasy X World Guide is not a walkthrough, but rather an in-universe, retrospective guide to the world Spira, which provides insight into how the world was like a decade before the events of Final Fantasy X.

Book TOC[]

  1. Chapter1 The tales of no name summoners - p6
    • A trip for revenge (復讐の旅, Fukushū no Tabi?) - p8
    • A boy's trip (少年の旅, shōnen no tabi?) - p24
    • A trip to survive (生きるための旅, ikiru tame no tabi?) - p58
  2. Chapter2 Wisdom for living with death and sadness - p112
    • Age of summoners (召喚士の時代, shōkanshi no jidai?) - p114
    • Battle Against the menace (魔物との戦い, mamono to no tatakai?) - p116
    • About battle gears (武具について, bugu ni tsuite?) - p118
    • Types of battle gears (武具の種別, bugu no shurui?) - p129
    • About black and white (目に見えない強大な力, me ni mienai kyōdai na chikara?) - p126
    • About special abilities (特別な技について, tokubetsu na chikara ni tsuite?) - p128
    • Summoner's calling (召喚獣について, shōkanjū ni tsuite?) - p130
    • Haunting evil spirits (魔物という存在, mamono to iu sonzai?) - p132
    • About "Sin" (シンについて, shin ni tsuite?) - p175
    • Ancient machines (古の機械群, inishie no kikaigun?) - p176
    • Illustration & Goods (オフィシャルイラスト集, ofisharu irasuto shū?) - p180
    • Goods (グッズ紹介, guzzu shōkai?) - p187

Note: The book provides its own translated headings.


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Chapter 1[]

Stories of three nameless summoners that take place 10 years before Yuna's own. These are the tales of those who attempted to defeat "Sin" in Spira, a world bound by a neverending cycle of sorrow.

Page 2 - Introduction

A trip for revenge[]

The tale of a summoner who goes on a journey to seek revenge against "Sin" for the loss her beloved husband; a journey with an unexpected end.

A boy's trip[]

The journey of a highly praised and talented adolescent summoner, and the haughty swordsman who becomes his guardian. Although everything appears to start smoothly, but all is not well.

A trip to survive[]

A journey undertaken by a summoner and his guards, his brother and a lady Black Mage, in a bid to defeat "Sin". Along the way, conflict divides the summoner and his brother and the summoner's resolve is tested.

Chapter 2[]

In a world like Spira where monsters run rampant, people must learn the art of "battle" to survive. In this chapter, we consider how people made weapons and armor, perfected abilities, and learned to survive in Spira in the days before the advancement of civilization

Page 2 - Introduction

Age of summoners[]

Battle Against the menace[]

This section talks about where fiends come from, as well as how to go about arming oneself against them.

  • Katana and swords are described as weapons popular among men, but the former requires a fairly high level of proficiency in combat.
  • Only the living may gain experience points and improve their stats. The types of abilities that one learns is dependent on one's own aptitude for something.
  • Ronso have the potential to excel in many skills, but often end up focusing on physical combat. Their weapon of choice is the spear
  • A summoner must prioritize learning White Magic, as they need those abilities to support their guardians.

About battle gears[]

Types of battle gears[]

About black and white[]

About special abilities[]

Summoner's calling[]

Haunting evil spirits[]

About "Sin"[]

Ancient machines[]

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Illustration & Goods[]


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