Final Fantasy X Vocal Collection is an album of a mix of short drama tracks and character image songs for Final Fantasy X. The vocals are by Masakazu Morita (4 & 6), Mayuko Aoki (2, 10 & 14), Marika Matsumoto (8 & 10), Rio Natsuki (10) and Kazuya Nakai (6).

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. "monologue ~Yuna~" (Scenario)
  2. "After Tears" (Yuna Vocal)
  3. "monologue ~Tidus~" (Scenario)
  4. "A Ray of Hope" (Tidus Vocal)
  5. "dialogue ~Tidus, Wakka~" (Scenario)
  6. "And On We Go" (Tidus, Wakka Vocal)
  7. "monologue ~Rikku~" (Scenario)
  8. "Get Happy!" (Rikku Vocal)
  9. "dialogue ~Yuna, Rikku, Lulu~" (Scenario)
  10. "All the Way" (Yuna, Rikku, Lulu Vocal)
  11. "monologue ~Auron~" (Scenario)
  12. "Spiral" (Auron Reading)
  13. "epilogue ~Yuna, Tidus, Rikku, Wakka, Auron, Lulu, Kimahri~" (Scenario)

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