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Final Fantasy X Vinyl is a selection of tracks from Final Fantasy VII in the format of vinyl records on two picture discs. It was announced in commemoration of the game's 20th anniversary on July 19, 2021[1]. The limited edition album is only available at official Square Enix shops.

Track list[]

Disc 1[]

Side A
  1. Zanarkand
    (ザナルカンドにて, Zanarukando Nite?)
  2. Tidus's Theme
    (ティーダのテーマ, Tīda no Tēma?)
  3. Otherworld
  4. Battle Theme
    (ノーマルバトル, Nōmaru Batoru?, lit. Normal Battle)
  5. Besaid
    (ビサイド島, Bisaido-jima?)
Side B
  1. Hymn of the Fayth
    (祈りの歌, Inori no Uta?, lit. Song of the Prayer)
  2. Phantoms
    (幻想, Gensō?)
  3. Yuna's Theme
    (ユウナのテーマ, Yūna no Tēma?)
  4. Movement In Green
    (萌動, Hōdō?, lit. Sprouting)
  5. The Sending
    (異界送り, Ikai Okuri?)
  6. Auron's Theme
    (アーロンのテーマ, Āron no Tēma?)
  7. Chocobo Jam
    (ブラスdeチョコボ, Burasu de Chokobo?, lit. Brass de Chocobo)

Disc 2[]

Side C
  1. Rikku's Theme
    (リュックのテーマ, Ryukku no Tēma?)
  2. Assault
    (襲撃, Shūgeki?)
  3. Suteki da ne (Isn't It Wonderful?)
    (素敵だね, Suteki da ne?)
  4. A Fleeting Dream
    (いつか終わる夢, Itsuka Owaru Yume?, lit. A Dream Ends Someday)
Side D
  1. Fight With Seymour
    (シーモアバトル, Shīmoa Batoru?, lit. Seymour Battle)
  2. A Contest of Aeons
    (召喚獣バトル, Shōkanjū Batoru?, lit. Summoned Monster Battle)
  3. Final Battle
    (決戦, Kessen?, lit. Decisive Battle)


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