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Noctis fishing.


Fishing spots are places where the player can play the fishing minigame in Final Fantasy XV. They exist all around the open world in Lucis, inside some dungeons, and in Altissia. Once the player moves on in the story in Altissia they can no longer fish without using Umbra to go back in time. Different spots yield different fish and the player can find Navyth Arlund near some of them for fishing quests. Some spots have tackle shops and most have some line and lures lying around nearby.

Fishing Spot Location Map Fish Info
Vannath Coast Beach at Galdin Quay Vannath-Coast-Map-FFXV.png Giant Trevally, Galdin Trevally, Murk Grouper, Glowing Barrelfish, Reef Trevally, Dread Grouper Tackle shop: Bob's Bait Emporium
Navyth's final quest
Galdin Shoals Eastern shore from Galdin Quay Galdin-Shoals-Map-FFXV.png Copper Allural Sea Bass, Allural Sea Bass, Crimson Trevally, Rock Barramundi, Black Barrelfish, Cygillan Grouper Added in v1.02
Crestholm Reservoir East of Crown City Checkpoint, north of the road, down the steps Crestholm-Reservoir-Map-FFXV.png Horned Bluegill, Lucian Catfish, Alstor Bass, Golden Catfish, Duscaen Dace, Lucian Carp, Dawn Lucian Carp
Neeglyss Towerfront Northern shore of the larger lake between Alstor Slough and the Nebulawood Neeglyss-Towerfront-Map-FFXV.png Horned Bluegill, Shorthorn Bluegill, Alstor Bass, Dank Barramundi, Crag Barramundi, Lucian Catfish Added in v1.02
Neeglyss Pond Southern shore of the larger lake between Alstor Slough and the Nebulawood Neeglyss-Pond-Haven-Map-FFXV.png Horned Bluegill, Shorthorn Bluegill, Lucian Catfish, Alstor Bass, Crag Barramundi, King Catfish Navyth is found here in Chapter 3 for the Fishing Buddies quest
Swainsmere South of chocobo racing track, northeast of the Old Holty Ranch parking spot Swainsmere-Map-FFXV.png Horned Bluegill, Shorthorn Bluegill, Lucian Catfish, Alstor Bass, Crag Barramundi, King Catfish
Malacchi Pond East of Kettier Highland parking spot Malacchi-Pond-Map-FFXV.png Alstor Bass, Lucian Catfish, Horned Bluegill, Chipped Bluegill, Spiked Alstor Bass, Mud Dace, Phantom Snakehead
Forgotten Pool South of Kettier Highland parking spot, north from Costlemark Tower Forgotten-Pool-Map-FFXV.png Shorthorn Bluegill, Chipped Bluegill, Hookhorn Bluegill, Specular Dace, Rainbow Trout, Lambent Trout, Spotted Catfish
Saxham Reservoir West of Saxham Outpost, south of Coernix Station - Cauthess Saxham-Reservoir-Map-FFXV.png Lucian Carp, Bronze Lucian Carp, Gold Lucian Carp, Silver Lucian Carp, Sunny Lucian Carp, Cloudy Lucian Carp, Marble Lucian Carp, Amber Lucian Carp, Sunrise Lucian Carp, Dusk Lucian Carp, Regal Dace, Duscaen Dace, Snakehead, Spotted Catfish Added in v1.02
Tackle shop: The Fisherman's Friend
The carp are hard to catch as they are only attracted by specific lures
The Archaean's Mirror Crater southeast of the Cauthess Rest Area The-Archaeans-Mirror-Map-FFXV.png Hookhorn Bluegill, Alstor Bass, Redeye Bass, Dank Barramundi, Striped Catfish, Grim Catfish Added in v1.02
Tackle shop: The Fisherman's Friend
Daurell Spring Schier Heights, west of Daurell Caverns, follow the path from the nearby tunnel Daurell Spring fishing spot map from FFXV.png Snakehead, Garnet Snakehead, Jade Snakehead, Spiked Alstor Bass, Alstor Bass, Phoenix Bass, Pink Jade Gar, Redeye Bass, Striped Catfish Tackle shop: Dory of the Deep
Pink Jade Gar is a superfish only attracted with the Big Master Typhon lure won from Totomostro
Daurell Stills Inside the Daurell Caverns Daurell-Stills-Map-FFXV.png Cave Dace, Bizarre Barramundi, Lurking Catfish, Opal Snakehead Added in v1.02
River Wennath Wennath Riverhead parking spot, northeast of Burbost Souvenir Emporium River-Wennath-Map-FFXV.png Cherrycomb Trout, Rainbow Trout, Callatein Brook Trout, Chrome Rainbow Trout, Argus Salmon, Sandy Dace Navyth's Fishing Naturally quest
Rachsia Bridge Upriver from Old Lestallum, southwest of Tollhends Stronghold parking spot Rachsia-Bridge-Map-FFXV.png Chipped Bluegill, Zipper Barramundi, Alstor Bass, Nebula Salmon, Wennath Salmon, Pale Dace, Wennath Dace Tackle shop: Tabby's Tackle Shop
The Maidenwater South of Malmalam Thicket parking spot near the bridge The-Maidenwater-Map-FFXV.png Rainbow Trout, Cleigne Brown Trout, Maiden Brook Trout, Nebula Salmon, Great Nebula Salmon, River Dace Tackle shop: The Fisherman's Friend
Caem Shore West of Cape Caem at the mouth of the river Caem-Shore-Map-FFXV.png Striped Barramundi, Tide Grouper, Dark Allural Sea Bass, Black Barrelfish, Copper Allural Sea Bass, Cygillan Grouper Strike a Pose! tour at the nearby haven
The Vesperpool - East Bank North of the Vesperpool parking spot Vesperpool-East-Bank-Fishing-Map-FFXV.png Glimmering Bluegill, Lotus Bluegill, Phoenix Bass, Crag Barramundi, Golden Catfish, Sapphire Snakehead, Jade Snakehead, Vesper Gar, Noble Arapaima Tackle shop: Bert's Bobbers 'n' Stuff
Sleeping at the nearby haven triggers a tour at this fishing spot
The Vesperpool - West Bank West of the Vesperpool parking spot The-Vesperpool-West-Bank-Map-FFXV.png Glimmering Bluegill, Fan Bluegill, Panther Bass, Golden Catfish, Garnet Snakehead, Sapphire Snakehead, Vesper Gar Navyth's Challenge quest
The Vesperpool - Cape North of Vesperpool West Bank fishing spot, must swim with chocobo The-Vesperpool-Cape-Map-FFXV.png Panther Bass, Mighty Barramundi, Vesper Dace, Coeurl Dace, Barbaric Gar, Giant Catfish Added in v1.02
The Vesperpool - Islet North of Vesperpool Cape fishing spot, must swim with chocobo The-Vesperpool-Islet-Map-FFXV.png King Trout, Leopard Trout, Spotted Devil Gar, Sunset Lucian Carp, Vesper Barramundi Added in v1.02
Tackle shop: The Fisherman's Friend
The Vesperpool - North Bank North of Steyliff Grove, must swim with chocobo The-Vesperpool-North-Bank-FFXV.png Lotus Bluegill, Butterfly Bluegill, Fan Bluegill, Risorath Peacock Bass, Vesper Dace, Regal Arapaima, Giant Catfish Added in v1.02
Regal Arapaima is a superfish attracted with the basic yellow chocobo lure
Myrlwood Falls Inside Myrlwood Myrlwood-Falls-Map-FFXV.png Cleigne Brown Trout, Platinum Myrltrout, Maiden Brook Trout, Cascade Dace, Chrome Rainbow Trout, Lambent Trout, Morion Trout
Sonelio Plaza Southeast of Port Station Sonelio Plaza fishing spot map from FFXV.png Cygillan Sea Bass, Lucinian Sea Bass, Coral Allural Sea Bass, Pigeon Grouper Added in v1.02
Furgola Canal Northeast of Ministerial Quarter Station Furgola Canal fishing spot map from FFXV.png Cygillan Sea Bass, Lucinian Sea Bass, Red Barrelfish, Coral Allural Sea Bass Added in v1.02
Gondola Marina Northwest of Port Station, access via gondola Gondola Marina fishing spot map from FFXV.png Cygillan Sea Bass, Lucinian Sea Bass, Red Barrelfish, Tide Grouper, Scorpion Grouper One of Prompto's photo ops is also here
Cygillan Sea (royal vessel) Fishing spots are found on the radar while sailing Mummy Bass (Gladiolus's fishing spot), Styrial Bluefin Tuna (where Bismarck appears), Dynnel Barramundi, Platinum Myrltrout, Tide Grouper, Nebula Salmon, Wennath Salmon, Giant Trevally, Crag Barramundi, various fish Available in the Windows and Royal Editions
The Mummy Bass is the hardest fish to reel in