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The Final Fantasy XV Ultimania Scenario Side is a Final Fantasy XV guide book published in Japanese by Square Enix in Japan in 2016. Contents are compatible up until the Crown Update; because of subsequent patches to the game, certain content may no longer be applicable.

Table of contents[]

The book begins with a prologue of the story. Below are the following chapters, which usually is followed by a Q&A Interview with the development staff.

  • Chapter 1 - Character & World
  • Chapter 2 - Guidance
    • Features the gameplay elements, field guide, chocobo riding, Quest mechanism, Hunt and Hint mechanism. Followed by an interview with the World design team.
  • Chapter 3 - Scenario
    • A complete rundown of the story by Chapter including events and dialog choices. Followed by an interview with the Scenario and Localization team.
  • Chapter 4 - Subquest
    • A complete list of all Subquests, including petitioner, map and directions for quest completion. Followed by an interview with the Cutscene and Real-Time Event team.
  • Chapter 5 - Regalia
    • Dedicated to explaining Regalia's driving mechanism, Garage, list of parts, paint, decals and where to obtain them, music tracklist, and Regalia Type-F mechanism. Followed by Graphics team interview.
  • Chapter 6 - Skill
    • Explanation of each main characters' Skill - Fishing, Survival, Cooking and Photography - and the mechanism surrounding that skill. Fishing section includes list of lures, rods and reels, and the shops and places to obtain them, Fishing spots, list of all Fishes - their stamina, time of appearance and recommended lures. Survival section lists items that may spawn based on skill level. Cooking section includes explanation of cooking mechanism, list of favorite food by character, list of all recipes and where to obtain them, list of all restaurants, foodstands and diners' dishes. Photo section explains the photography mechanism, group photospots and list of filters. Section ends with interview with the Project Manager and Translation team.
  • Chapter 7 - Minigame

The Chapters are followed by Section EX, which lists 35 "Secrets" or trivia in the game, interviews with the Art team and the Game's Director.

The guide ends with a complete list of Mobhunt and Subquests.