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FFXV Ultimania BattleMap Side

Book cover.

The Final Fantasy XV Ultimania Battle+Map Side is a Final Fantasy XV guide book published in Japanese by Square Enix in Japan in 2016. Contents are compatible up until the Crown Update; because of subsequent patches to the game, certain content may no longer be applicable.

Table of contentsEdit

The book begins with a prologue of the story. Below are the following chapters, which usually is followed by a Q&A Interview with the development staff.

  • Chapter 1 - Battle Character
    • Includes an explanation of Noctis' battle mechanism; including Warping, Link-strike, Armiger and using the Ring of the Lucii, Noctis' attire, support characters' battle mechanism, command abilities, and attire. Followed by interview with the "Friends" team handling player character support.
  • Chapter 2 - Battle System
    • Features explanation of the battle elements, the Easy and Normal battle modes, party system, character parameters and stats, the Ascension system, Locking and Action mechanisms, Shift and Shift Breaks, Parrying, Link-strikes, Field and Elemental types, Elemancy, Astral summoning mechanism, Status effects list and battle tips. Followed by an interview with the UI and VFX team.
  • Chapter 3 - Item
    • A complete list of Weapons, Accessories, Items, Auto Parts, Ingredients, Key Items, Leisure Goods and Treasures. Followed by an interview with the Leveling team.
  • Chapter 4 - Mobhunt
    • A complete list of all Mobhunts, including petitioner, map and directions for hunt completion. Followed by an interview with the Engineering team.
  • Chapter 5 - Sealed Dungeon
    • Explanation of the Dungeons including map and mob list. Followed by Sound and BGM team interview.
  • Chapter 6 - Enemy
    • Explanation of Enemy engaging mechanism, and a list of all enemies, bosses, summons and hunts. Section ends with interview with the Enemy team.
  • Chapter 7 - Map
    • Features a birds-eye view of locations in Eos, including a list of Enemies, Shops, Restaurants, Treasures and Campsites. Divided according to Region, it also includes an illustrated guide to clearing Pitioss Ruins.

The Chapters are followed by Section EX, which lists 30 "Battle Secrets" or trivia in the game, art gallery, and interview with the Battle team.

The guide ends with a large detachable map of Lucis. The back of the map is a poster of a textless Final Fantasy XV Ultimania Scenario Side cover.

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