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FINAL FANTASY XV Original Soundtrack Volume 2 is the complete soundtrack of Final Fantasy XV downloadable content.

Development Edit

This soundtrack comes in both CD and Blu-ray format, and will include tracks from Final Fantasy XV's downloadable content, such as Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto and Final Fantasy XV: Comrades. The Blu-ray version includes a video recording of the live Final Fantasy XV piano performance in Osaka from 2017.

The Blu-ray runs 6,300 yen +tax, and the CD runs 4,300 yen + tax. The soundtracks will be released March 21, 2018. [1]

Track list Edit

Disc one Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus Edit

  1. "Shield of the King - Theme of EPISODE GLADIOLUS"
  2. "Steeling My Resolve"
  3. "Taelpar Crag"
  4. "The Spirits Converge"
  5. "The Trials of the Shield"
  6. "Battle on the Big Bridge (EPISODE GLADIOLUS Version)"
  7. "Of Muscle and Mettle"
  8. "Scar on My Pride"

Disc two Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto Edit

  1. "A Frozen Soul"
  2. "Prompto's Solitude"
  3. "Beckoned by Darkness"
  4. "Orbital Instability (Extended Mix)"
  5. "Trigger"
  6. "Coffee and Contemplation"
  7. "Where None Dare Tread"
  8. "Helix of Insanity"
  9. "Lost in the Snow"
  10. "The Fire Within"
  11. "Identity"
  12. "Moving Forward"
  13. "Sound of My Heart"
  14. "Face the Music"
  15. "In a Trance"
  16. "Crazy Motorsleigh"
  17. "Orbital Instability"
  18. "Aberrant Experiment"
  19. "Sins of the Father"
  20. "My Life to Live"
  21. "Home Sweet Home - Theme of EPISODE PROMPTO"

Disc three Comrades Edit

  1. "Descent into Darkness"
  2. "Choosing Hope - City of Light"
  3. "Hunters' Haven"
  4. "Hunting for a Thrill"
  5. "On the Defensive"
  6. "Urgent Mission"
  7. "The Clock Is Ticking"
  8. "A Daunting Challenge"
  9. "COMRADES Fanfare"
  10. "Cheers!"
  11. "Let There Be Light"
  12. "Lodes of Fun"
  13. "Rise and Shine"
  14. "A Clash of Swords"
  15. "The Wrath of Swords"
  16. "Choosing Hope"
  17. "NOCTIS - Those Who Follow"

Disc four Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis Edit

  1. "EPISODE IGNIS - The Main Theme"
  2. "Stress in Solitude"
  3. "Spelldaggers"
  4. "Altissia Under Siege"
  5. "Rest Up, Ignis"
  6. "The Bladed Tactician"
  7. "Clash on the Waves"
  8. "A United Front"
  9. "To Each Their Calling"
  10. "A Tear-Stained Sword"
  11. "Theme of RAVUS"
  12. "Forbidden Flames"
  13. "The Blazing Tactician"
  14. "Badge of Honor"
  15. "A Lightless Journey"
  16. "Ardyn III"
  17. "As Friend and Brother"
  18. "Become the Fire"
  19. "Captive in Cobalt"
  20. "Ashes to Ashes"
  21. "Wicked Laughter"
  22. "My Humblest Desire"
  23. "Apocalypsis Magnatus"

Disc five ROYAL PACK Edit

  1. "Over the Waves - At Anchor"
  2. "Bismarck, God of the Sea"
  3. "Dirt Track Trials"
  4. "Return of the King"
  5. "A Warm Welcome"
  6. "Insomnia Ablaze"
  7. "Veiled in Black (Insomnia Arrangement)"
  8. "Omega"
  9. "Omega - Limit Break"
  10. "Cerberus"
  11. "Advent of the Apocalypse"
  12. "Es it foron! - A Prayer"
  13. "Encelevenemus - Kingly Compassion"
  14. "The Founder King's Hope"
  15. "Moonlit Melodies"

Disc Six Story Edit

  1. "What's the Plan?"
  2. "Raid on Gralea"
  3. "Daemons - Heart of Evil"
  4. "Daemons - Eternal Darkness"
  5. "FINAL FANTASY XV - World of Wonder"
  6. "Braver"
  7. "Easy Rider"
  8. "Gone"
  9. "EZ Dub & Bass"
  10. "Gliding Along"
  11. "Arroyo Bello"
  12. "Afrosword"
  13. "Party Around the World"
  14. "Ravus's Last Moments"
  15. "War of the Astrals"
  16. "Shiva's Wish"
  17. "True Love"
  18. "I Promise"

Disc seven Moogle Chocobo Carnival Edit

  1. "Moogle Chocobo Carnival!"
  2. "Carnival of Lights"
  3. "Fireworks Finale"

Disc eight Final Fantasy XV: Assassin's Festival Edit

  1. "Vision of the Dawn"
  2. "Your Friendly Neighborhood Assassin"
  3. "Assassin's Festival"
  4. "Time Well Spent"
  5. "The Hunt"
  6. "Man on a Mission"
  7. "Everything Is Permitted"
  8. "Festival de Chocobo"

Disc nine Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV Edit

  1. "The Murky Depths"
  2. "Trident"
  3. "A Convergence of Winds"
  4. "Welcome Home"
  5. "Eosian Glory"
  6. "Reel Rumble - MONSTER OF THE DEEP"
  7. "Reel Rumble - WHOPPER OF THE DEEP"
  8. "Go for the Gold!"
  9. "In Search of Adventure"
  10. "Reel Rumble - DAEMON OF THE DEEP"
  11. "Into the Abyss"
  12. "Trident - The Ancient Scourge"
  13. "A Narrow Escape"
  14. "Welcome Home - Journey's End"

Notes Edit

DISC 1 - FINAL FANTASY XV Original Soundtrack Volume 2
Main Composer: Yoko Shimomura
Episode Gladiolus
Main Theme: Keiichi Okabe
Additional Composers: Tetsuya Shibata, Yoshino Aoki, Yoshitaka Suzuki
Episode Prompto
Main Theme: Naoshi Mizuta
Additional Composer: Yoshitaka Suzuki
Arranger: Takuro Iga
Multiplayer Expansion Comrades
Main Theme: Nobuo Uematsu
Additional Composers: Tadayoshi Makino, Tsutomu Narita, Yoshitaka Suzuki, Tomomichi Takeoka, Tai Tomisawa
Episode Ignis
Main Theme: Yasunori Mitsuda
Arrangement & Orchestration: Mariam Abounnasr
Additional Composers: Tomomichi Takeoka
Orchestra: Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra
Choir: Flemish Radio Choir
Conductor: Youki Yamamoto
Engineer: Matt Howe

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