The Dawn of the Future.

Final Fantasy XV -The Dawn of the Future- (ファイナルファンタジーXV 未来への夜明け, Fainaru Fantajī Fifutīn Mirai e no Yoake?) is an upcoming novel followup to Final Fantasy XV. The novel, written by Emi Nagashime under her pen name Jun Eishima based on a draft by the Final Fantasy XV development team, retells the events of the cancelled downloadable content tetralogy of the same name. The novel is set for release on April 25, 2018 in Japan. An overseas release is also planned.[1]


Do you resist the gods or obey destiny. Another ending hidden by Final Fantasy XV.
A disappointed man meant to be king who saved the people from Daemons and the Starscourge - Ardyn
On the Empire's last day, a Commodore is entrusted with a girl of destiny in the collapsing Capital - Aranea
After awakening from death, the Oracle sees her body is changing - Lunafreya
And a true king gazes long upon his destiny - Noctis
The story of the dawn of the world that reveals a new history for Final Fantasy XV.

Official description (translated from Japanese)


The Dawn of the Future takes place in the world of Eos, the main setting of Final Fantasy XV. It covers the events of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn up until its ending and Ardyn Izunia's choice to accept or reject his role in the Astral Bahamut's plans. The rest of the narrative follows on from Ardyn's choice to defy his fate as bestowed by the Astral Bahamut.[3]


  • Noctis Lucis Caelum; Crown Prince of Lucis, chosen as the prophesied True King by the Astrals to save the world of Eos from darkness.
  • Lunafreya Nox Fleuret; The Oracle who communes with the Astrals and former princess of Tenebrae, bound to aid Noctis in completing his destiny.
  • Ardyn Izunia; Chancellor of Niflheim, and the main antagonist of Final Fantasy XV. Originally chosen by the Crystal, he was corrupted by the Starscourge and given a different purpose.
  • Aranea Highwind; A mercenary dragoon serving the empire of Niflheim under the rank of commodore.

Origins and release

Following the release of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis, the Final Fantasy XV development team decided to expand their initial plans for downloadable content, intending to create a new narrative for fans while tying up remaining loose ends with the game's lore.[4] During this period, production was handled by Square Enix's new subsidiary Luminous Productions, which included the Final Fantasy XV development team.[5][6]

The new DLC was revealed in April 2018 as The Dawn of the Future, a tetralogy of DLC episodes planned for release in early 2019. These were DLC campaigns that focused on the characters of Ardyn Izunia, Aranea Highwind, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret and Noctis Lucis Caelum. They would also create a new narrative where the characters defied their god-given fates leading to an alternate ending to realize the ideal future the characters had envisioned.[7] Hajime Tabata left Square Enix in November 2018 and it was decided Luminous Productions would focus on an in-development new IP. All DLC episodes but Episode Ardyn were cancelled,[8] but the team sought a means of telling the planned story through another medium. The Dawn of the Future was re-announced as a novel alongside the release of the anime short Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn – Prologue and the release date of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn.

The novel is written by Emi Nagashime under her regular penname Jun Eishima. Her work with Square Enix includes writing work on Final Fantasy XIII-2, and supplementary novels related to Final Fantasy XIII and the Drakengard series.[9][10] An English version of the novel is in production.[1]


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