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This is a list of enemy attacks in Final Fantasy XVI.


Enemy abilities[]


Ability Description Enemy
Acid Rain Akashic Morbol, Carrot
Aerial Blast Garuda
Aerial Slash Benedikta, Warden of Wind
Aero Rain Benedikta
Aeroga Benedikta
Aerora Benedikta, Warden of Wind
Aetherial Assault Cannon Aurum Giant, Virtual Aurum Giant
Aka Manah Angra Mainyu
All Eyes Angra Mainyu
The All-wielder Barnabas
Angry Seas Leviathan
Antistrophe Ultima Risen
Apipuncture Soul Stinger
Apocalypse Behemoth King
Ashes to Ashes Ultimalius
Assassinate Midnight Raven
Assault Mode Sigma
Atomic Ray Iron Giant, Omega Aionios
Aura Burst Bahamut
Aureola Ultima Risen


Ability Description Enemy
Bad Breath Carrot, Morbol
Ballistic Kick Sigma
Big Swing Akashic Gigas, Earthbound Gigas, Gigas, Gigas Bruiser, Gigas Ploughswain, Hill Gigas, Kairos Gigas, Sekhret, Thunderbound Gigas, Virtual Gigas, Windbound Gigas
Black Powder Akashic Bombardier, Akashic Gunnvaldr, Divine Gunnvaldr, Earthbound Gunnvaldr, Firebound Cannonier, Icebound Gunnvaldr, Imperial Bombardier, Imperial Cannonier, Lightbound Cannonier, Royal Gunnvaldr, Virtual Cannonier
Blaster Kairos Torama, Temple Coeurl, Torama, Virtual Temple Coeurl
Blazing Legion Svarog
Blinding Steel Barnabas, Warden of Darkness
Blizzaga Blue Trifle, Comfiture, Darkbound Trifle, Flan Prince, Gastrimargia, Kairos Trifle, Necrophobe, Shiva's Dominant, Waterbound Trifle
Boreal Rhapsody Ultimalius
Bravery Akashic Dragonet, Darkbound Specter, Defense Node, Dragonet, Cast Stone, Firebound Dragonet, Icebound Mesmerizer, Kairos Node, Lightbound Node, Orcish Mesmerizer, Specter, Thunderbound Node, Windbound Gandfreyr
Breach Leviathan
Bucking Bull Akashic Bighorn, Bighorn, Darkbound Bighorn, Icebound Bighorn, Thunderbound Bighorn, Windbound Bighorn
Burrow Carrot


Ability Description Enemy
Cacophony Gizamaluk
Catacecaumene Typhon the Transgressor
Cataclysm Ultimalius
Cauterize Akashic Dragon
Celestial Foundry Bahamut
Celestial Sphere Atlas
Choco Meteor Dread Comet, Kenodoxia
Choco Meteorain Dread Comet, Kenodoxia
Circle of Malius Barnabas
Comet Behemoth, Kairos King, Kuza Beast, Waterbound King
Collider Agni, Orge
Colossal Blow Sigma
Coronation Bomb King, Old Faithful
Crea y Cwm Akashic Sveithvaldr, Cindwydd, Icebound Fanatic, Ironblood Fanatic, Mindwydd, Royal Sveithvaldr, Sandwydd, Virtual Fanatic, Virtual Sveithvaldr
Creeping Darkness Sleipnir
Crimson Rush Infernal Eikon, Infernal Ifrit, Infernal Shadow, the Shadow Within
Cure Akashic Dragonet, Akashic Gandfreyr, Akashic Shield, Bannerless Scepter, Dragonet, Dragoon Astrologer, Encroaching Specter, Hired Muscle, Legion Cunning-man, Royal Chaplain, Royal Gandfreyr, Shard Sharp, Specter, Stone Scepter, Temple Dragonet, Unsavory Settler


Ability Description Enemy
Dead Man's Bier Sleipnir
Deadly Embrace Benedikta
Deadly Swing Asterios, Kairos Asterios, Virtual Asterios
Death Necrophobe
Debone Kairos Master, Master Tonberry, Virtual Master, Waterbound Master
Desoul Tonberry King
Deliverance Ultima
Delta Attack Gorgimera, Omega, Omega Aionios
Delta Force Gorgimera
Demon Wall Typhon the Transgressor
Destrudo Lype, Thanatos
Dimachairos Ultima Risen
Dimensional Compression Omega Aionios
Divine Embrace Ultimalius
Divine Hammer Akashic Champion, Imperial Champion, Kairos Champion, Lightbound Champion, Virtual Champion, Windbound Champion
Doom Ahriman, Unwanted Visitor
Double Jump Darkbound Lancer, Dragoon Lancer, Icebound Lancer, Kairos Lancer, Knight of the Blinding Dawn, Knight of the Dying Sun, Knight of the Lasting Dark, Lightbound Lancer, Thunderbound Lancer, Virtual Lancer
Dragon Dance Akashic Dragon, Herensuge, Svarog, White Dragon
The Dragon's Voice Canyon Chimera, Chimera, Darkbound Chimera, Gorgimera, Kairos Chimera
Dualcast Flan Prince, Gastrimargia
Dualcast: Blizzard Acedia, Icebound Necrophobe, Necrophobe
Dualcast: Firaga Acedia, Icebound Necrophobe, Necrophobe


Ability Description Enemy
Earthen Fist Hugo, Warden of Stone
Earthen Fury Hugo, Titan, Warden of Stone
Earthshaker Titan
Ecliptic Meteor Behemoth
Elemental Dissonance Necrophobe
Eleventh Hour Liquid Flame
Emanation White Dragon
Embroil Svarog
Empyrosis Ultimalius
Enblizzaga Acedia, Icebound Necrophobe, Necrophobe
Enfilade Fallen Guardian, Fool's Gold, Prototype Unit EVL, Woken Guardian
Enfiraga Acedia, Icebound Necrophobe, Necrophobe
Enruin Tiamat
Enthundaga Acedia, Icebound Necrophobe, Necrophobe
Eradicate Hyperephania, Severian
Eructation Liquid Flame
Eruption Infernal Shadow, the Shadow Within
Eternal Darkness Ultima
Euroclydon Ultimalius
Event Horizon Ultima
Everyone's Grudge Tonberry King
Exaflare Ultimalius
Execution Darkbound Marshal, Earthbound Marshal, Stone Gaoler, Ten of Clubs, Virtual Marshal
Exhume Kairos Undertaker, Undertaker
Extinction Behemoth
Eyes on Me Angra Mainyu


Ability Description Enemy
Fiery Impact Liquid Flame
Final Oath Timekeeper
Final Sting Widowmaker, Wily Widowmaker
Fira Infernal Shadow, the Shadow Within
Firaga Firebound Mousse, Flan Prince, Gastrimargia, Kairos Marshmallow, Liquid Flame, Necrophobe, Red Mousse, Spire Mousse, Virtual Mousse
Firewater Agni, Flame Lizard
Flagrant Coeurl Liquid Flame
Flagrant Wyvern Liquid Flame
Flames of Creation Ultimalius
Flare Ultima, Ultimalius
Flash Freeze Timekeeper
Force of the Land Hugo, Warden of Stone
Four Horsemen Behemoth King
Fragmentation Holy Trumpitour
Frostbolt Ultima
Frozen Arsenal Timekeeper
Frozen in Time Timekeeper
Fulmen and Fulgur Ultimalius
Fulmination Sigma
Futon Midnight Raven


Ability Description Enemy
Gathering Clouds Benedikta
Geocrush Hugo, Titan
Giant Leap Akashic Morbol
Gigaflare Bahamut
Glacier Strike Timekeeper
Goblin Punch Gobermouch, Goblin Prince
Golden Section Atlas, Aurum Giant, Virtual Aurum Giant
Grand Fall Leviathan
Granite Rain Titan Lost
Graviga Ultima
Great Divide Barnabas
Gungnir Barnabas, Warden of Darkness


Ability Description Enemy
Hailstorm Timekeeper
Hammer and Anvil Infernal Shadow, the Shadow Within
Hands Down Flan Prince, Gastrimargia
Hard Launch Firebound Cannonier, Imperial Cannonier
Hearthflame Domovoi, Kairos Domovoi, Waterbound Domovoi
Heavenly Host White Dragon
Hellfire Eikon of Fire, Infernal Shadow, the Shadow Within
High Maneuvers Omega Aionios
Holy Ultima, Ultimalius
Hyperextension Omega Aionios
Hypersurge Terminus


Ability Description Enemy
Immortal Order Timekeeper
Incense Flame Lizard
Incinerate Infernal Shadow, the Shadow Within
Inheritance Chirada, Suparna
Ion Efflux Omega Aionios
Iron Flash Barnabas
Iron Gavel Cindwydd, Mindwydd, Sandwydd


Ability Description Enemy
Jump Darkbound Lancer, Dragoon Lancer, Icebound Lancer, Kairos Lancer ,Knight of the Blinding Dawn, Knight of the Dying Sun, Knight of the Lasting Dark, Lightbound Lancer, Thunderbound Lancer, Virtual Lancer


Ability Description Enemy
Katon Akashic Tognvaldr, Earthbound Tognvaldr, Kairos Tognvaldr, Midnight Raven, Royal Tognvaldr, Virtual Tognvaldr, Windbound Tognvaldr
King's Justice Bomb King
Kingslayer Simurgh
Knife Kairos Creeper, Tonberry Chopper, Tonberry Creeper, Virtual Creeper, Waterbound Creeper


Ability Description Enemy
Landslide Hugo, Warden of Stone
Last Crusade Cindwydd, Mindwydd, Sandwydd
Last Dance Svarog
Limit Break Ultimalius
Little Swing Gobermouch
The Lord's Measure Barnabas, Warden of Darkness


Ability Description Enemy
Maelstrom Behemoth, Behemoth King, Leviathan, Waterbound King
Mark of the Storm Ultima
Maximum Overdrive Omega Aionios
Megaflare Bahamut
Meteor Behemoth, Ultima, Ultimalius, Waterbound King
Mirage Dive Knight of the Dying Sun, Knight of the Splendent Heart
Mirage High Dive Knight of the Splendent Heart
ML Wave Cannon Omega, Omega Aionios
Molten Thrust Infernal Shadow, the Shadow Within
Mortal Coil Bahamut


Ability Description Enemy
Neutron Flare Ultima
Noble Dive Dozmare
Nosedive Benedikta, Warden of Wind


Ability Description Enemy
Oathkeeper Timekeeper
Omega Protocol Omega Aionios
Outbreak Hreidmar
Overdrive Flame Lizard


Ability Description Enemy
Pantokrator Omega Aionios
Peine Forte Ten of Clubs
Perfect Storm Chirada, Suparna
Phantom March Knight of the Splendent Heart
Plasmonic Pulse Sigma
Poison Mist Nine of Knives, Stone Headsman, The Sultan, Virtual Reaper
Protect Akashic Cunning-man, Akashic Gandfreyr, Darkbound Raider, Defense Node, Desert Bandit, Dragonet, Earthbound Scepter, Fallen Echo, Firebound Specter, Imperial Astrologer, Imperial War Wyrm, Kairos Mesmerizer, Lightbound Dragonet, Republican Scepter, Royal Gandfreyr, Specter, Spire Dragonet, Stone Scepter, Thrall Specter, Thunderbound Specter, Waterbound Dragonet, Woken Node
Pulsar Ultima Risen
Purgatorium Ultima Risen


Ability Description Enemy
Quaga Ahriman
Quake Akashic Plague, Firebound Plague, Kairos Plague, Plague, Seer, Unwanted Visitor
Quakeja Angra Mainyu
Quieting Barnabas
Quintessence Bahamut


Ability Description Enemy
Radiance Bahamut
Raging Bull Sekhret
Raiton Akashic Tognvaldr, Earthbound Tognvaldr, Kairos Tognvaldr, Midnight Raven, Royal Tognvaldr, Virtual Tognvaldr, Windbound Tognvaldr
The Ram's Voice Canyon Chimera, Chimera, Darkbound Chimera, Gorgimera, Kairos Chimera
Rammelfall Benedikta
Rampage Hreidmar
The Rapture Ultima Risen
Ratatoskr Sleipnir
Recoil Holy Trumpitour
Red Dawn Svarog
Reign of Fire Behemoth King
Ricochet Ultima
Rictus of Horror Akashic Warlord, Kairos Warlord, Lightbound Warlord, Orcish Warlord, Pandemonium
Riptide Leviathan
Rocketeer Firebound Cannonier, Holy Trumpitour, Imperial Cannonier
Roulette Angra Mainyu


Ability Description Enemy
Saber Dance Atlas
Salt Spray Leviathan
Sanguine Rite Pandemonium
Savage Grimalkin, Republican War Panther
Scar of Nibelung Sleipnir
Scathefire Titus
Scorched Earth Infernal Eikon, Infernal Ifrit
Seastorm Thalaos
Seismic Impact Asterios, Kairos Asterios, Virtual Asterios
Septatonics Omicron, Virtual Omicron
Severance Ultimalius
Shock Strike Kairos Omicron, Omicron, Virtual Omicron
Short Circuit Control Node, Terminus
Skyfall Garuda
Sledgehammer Hugo
Smite Ultima, Ultima Risen, Ultimalius
Smokescreen Nine of Knives, Stone Headsman, The Sultan, Virtual Reaper
Soul Harvest Philargyria, Prince of Death
Spin Cycle Fafnir
Spinning Dive Leviathan
Spirits Within Earthbound Undertaker, Encroaching Undertaker, Firebound Undertaker, Kairos Undertaker, Soultaker, Thunderbound Undertaker, Undertaker, Virtual Undertaker, Waterbound Undertaker
Spirits Without Lype, Thanatos
Static Torrent Bygul, Porneia
Stellar Xyston Ultima Risen
Stone's Throw Titan, Titan Lost
Stonega Appulmoy, Flan Prince, Gastrimargia, Icebound Jelly, Kairos Jelly, Yellow Jelly
Storm Chaser Gizamaluk
Stripmine Titan
Summon Seas Perykos
Supernova Bahamut
Swelter Liquid Flame


Ability Description Enemy
Teraflare Bahamut
Tetsudo Trompe Fastitocalon
Thresh Firebound Lich, Icebound Lich, Lich, Lightbound Lich, Thrall Lich, Virtual Lich
Thrill of the Hunt Pack Wolf
Thundaga Flan Prince, Gastrimargia, Lightbound Bavarois, Purple Bavarois, Thunderbound Bavarois, Virtual Bavarois
Tidal Roar Leviathan
Titanic Counter Hugo, Warden of Stone
Torment Hugo, Warden of Stone
Tornado Benedikta, Earthbound Fool, Flan Prince, Garuda, Gastrimargia, Green Fool, Kairos Fool, Muddy Quindim, Quindim, Warden of Wind, Windbound Fool
Toxic Spin Hreidmar
Toxic Spout Hreidmar
Toxic Vomit Hreidmar
Triple Coil Bahamut
Troubled Waters Leviathan
Tsunami Leviathan
Tumult Hugo
Twister Benedikta


Ability Description Enemy
Ultima Ultima, Ultimalius
Ultimate Zantetsuken Barnabas
Undermine Nine of Knives
Unending Clamor Typhon, Typhon the Transgressor
Upheaval Hugo, Warden of Stone


Ability Description Enemy
Voice of the Land Titan
Volcanic Blast The Shadow Within
Vulcan Burst Infernal Eikon, Infernal Ifrit


Ability Description Enemy
Warcry Akashic Captain, Akashic Folkstaf, Akashic Shield, Kairos Captain, Orcish Fodder
Water Cannon Fastitocalon
Water Wall Kairos Egi, Perykos, Thalaos, Virtual Egi, Waterbound Egi
Waterjet Leviathan
Waterspout Leviathan
Wave Cannon Omega
Weight of the Land Hugo, Warden of Stone
Whipcrack Akashic Bandercoeurl, Akashic Coeurl, Bygul, Coeurl, Kairos Torama, Matagot, Porneia, Temple Coeurl, Torama, Virtual Coeurl, Virtual Temple Coeurl, Windbound Coeurl
Whirlpool Kairos Egi, Thalaos, Virtual Egi, Waterbound Egi
Whitewater Perykos, Virtual Egi, Waterbound Egi
Wild Charge Bygul, Coeurl, Porneia
Wild Rage Akashic Morbol, Carrot, Morbol
Will-o'-the-Wykes The Shadow Within
Wind Blade Benedikta
Witan Bomb King
Witch's Ladder Simurgh
Woden Worhte Weos Odin
Worse Breath Akashic Morbol, Carrot


Ability Description Enemy
Zettaflare Bahamut