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Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos is an Android/iOS free-to-play game developed by Machine Zone, licensing the Final Fantasy name from Square Enix. The game is set in the universe of Final Fantasy XV and features an alternate story which focuses on the rebuilding of Insomnia after the Niflheim Empire's attack.

It was first released on Android in Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines in "early access" in March, 2022. Based on press releases and the presence of advertising in other freemium games, War for Eos was released to other regions February 16, 2023.


Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos is a strategy game that will take you on a long adventure.

You will have a chance to build your dream kingdom, collect magical resources by traveling to other realms and reign your strong empire together with your friends. You will fight in a war with other cartels to defend your kingdom and your friends. But first, you should choose the right strategy to win the war, protect the Crystal and reign the Realm.

With FFXV: War for Eos, you will feel like a hero of a movie and will be able to create your own scenario and plan the desired termination. There are no rules in this game; all is done by magic.

Build a powerful Empire in the world of warfare with unified strategies and structures to win the wars.

The content and features are brand-new and updated periodically, so more bonuses can be granted during the game.

Main features:

● Start creating your empire with a preferred character (Noctis, Cindy, etc.).
● Travel to other realms, collect resources, fortify your kingdom, and build a strong army.
● Strategize the epic wars to conquer the battles and take control over the Crystal.
● Create the ultimate Guild or join up with already-powerful forces
● Become a legend by taking control of the Crystal and ruling the Realm

It is your time to make history! Your journey starts now in FFXV: War for Eos!



The game features both strategic building sections as well as combat sections where players take control of characters from the Final Fantasy XV universe.

Picking up where Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire seemingly leaves off, players once again are guided though the rebuilding of their individual version of Insomnia, performing construction and resource-management tasks while evacuating the land area of Imperial activity. As the player advances the story, they will be able to scout for and engage in various missions throughout their assigned sectors. Gameplay is best enjoyed in guilds that can share in tasks and resources; purchases of resource packages by any single member of the guild benefit the entire guild.

War for Eos retains many of the core strategy-simulation elements of its predecessor, though the process of building and managing a city is greatly simplified and further aided by the addition of story content and new mechanics for acquiring resources. It also retains its predecessor's reliance on paid content for players to unlock speed boosts and other features, but no purchase is required to play.

Playable characters[]

There are currently 15 playable characters, each of whom offer specific bonuses to players' cities as well as varying strengths in combat. Many are acquired through the Hero Chest gacha, which in turn produces tokens for character development. To unlock a new hero, the player must collect a minimum of 10 tokens matching the desired character's face:


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