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This is a list of official Square Enix merchandise available for Final Fantasy XI. For a generic list, see merchandise.

Packaging artwork[]




Sheet Music[]

Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack Piano Sheet Music

(Fainaru fantajī 11 orijinaru saundo torakku)

  • Arrangement: Kumi Tanioka, Asako Niwa
  • Publisher: DOREMI Music Publishing (2002)
  • Format: Japanese, 200 pages
  • ISBN 978-4-8108-7163-0
Final Fantasy XI Piano Collection Sheet Music

ピアノ・コレクションズ ファイナルファンタジー11 連弾 上級


Final Fantasy XI 10th Anniversary Official Memorial Book -A Decade of Vana'diel-
-FINAL FANTASY XI:XI YEARS- Vana'diel Tribune Chronicles

FINAL FANTASY 〓I:〓I YEARSヴァナ・ディールトリビューンクロニクルズ.
(Fainaru fantajī irebun irebun iyāzu bana dīru toribyūn kuronikuruzu.)

Final Fantasy XI Official Memorial Book ~ Memory Utaibito ~

Final Fantasy XI Official Memorial Book ~記憶のウタイビト~

  • Publisher: Square Enix (2015)
  • Format: Japanese, A4, 192 pages
  • ISBN None (e-Store Exclusive)

Art books[]

Final Fantasy XI Fumio Minagawa Illustrations

ファイナルファンタジーXI 皆川史生イラストレーションズ


Final Fantasy XI Official Strategy Guide (Fall 2003 Version)
Final Fantasy XI Official Setting Document Collection ~Life in Vana'diel~

ファイナルファンタジーXI 公式設定資料集 ~Life in Vana'diel~
(Fainaru Fantajī XI Koushiki Settei Shiryoshū ~Life in Vana'diel~)

Final Fantasy XI World Concept

(Fainaru fantajī irebun wārudo konseputo)

Final Fantasy XI Official Strategy Guide (Spring 2004 Version)
Final Fantasy XI Atlas
Final Fantasy XI Story Ultimania Ver.090409

ファイナルファンタジーXI ストーリー アルティマニア Ver.090409
(Fainaru Fantajī XI Sutōrī Arutimania Ver.090409)

Action figures, statues, and replicas[]

Bring Arts[]

Release date: June 12, 2021(JP), July 2021(US)

Shantotto & Chocobo
Shantotto includes the Iridal Staff weapon, two interchangeable faces, and six hands.
Chocobo includes removable reins and two saddles. Beak opening, joints in thighs and forelegs, and each talon are adjustable.

Size: Shantotto: 3.1” (79.5mm)   Chocobo: 7.1” (181mm)


Sculpture Arts[]

Release date: December 2008(JP)

Shadow Lord
Depicts the moment the Shadow Lord smashes his axe into the ground

Size: 9.5” (241mm)

Trading Arts Mini[]

Release date: January 2010(JP)


Release date: March 2003(JP)

Chocobo & Elvaan
Statue made in cold cast resin.

Size: 7.5” (192mm)
Price: ¥29,400 JPY (approx. $270 USD)