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Final Fantasy XI Chips is an arrangement album featuring ten tracks from Final Fantasy XI rerecorded and arranged as chiptunes, i.e. music as if it were played by an 8-bit computer. Instead of having the original composers convert their tracks to chiptune, five different guest musicians rearranged and rerecorded the tracks. While there are only 10 tracks, several tracks take music from several different songs.

Track listing Edit

  1. "Vana'diel March"
  2. "The Kingdom of San d'Oria" - "Ronfaure" - "The Republic of Bastok"
  3. "Battle theme"
  4. "Voyager" - "Airship"
  5. "The Grand Duchy of Jeuno"
  6. "Mog House"
  7. "Recollection"
  8. "Battle in the Dungeon 2"
  9. "Shadow Lord" - "Awakening"
  10. "FFXI Opening Theme"

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