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Final Fantasy XI 8th Anniversary: Memories of Dusk and Dawn is a compilation album produced by Square Enix, celebrating the then 8 years Final Fantasy XI had been running as a MMORPG in Japan. It collects 27 of the most popular and requested tracks from Final Fantasy XI in one special album to commemorate both the music and the game.

Track listingEdit

  2. "Vana'diel March"
  3. "Ronfaure"
  4. "Gustaberg"
  5. "Selbina"
  6. "Battle in the Dungeon #2"
  7. "Shadow Lord"
  8. "Awakening"
  9. "Kazham"
  10. "The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah"
  11. "Fighters of the Crystal"
  12. "Belief"
  13. "A New Horizon - Tavnazian Archipelago"
  14. "Depths of the Soul"
  15. "Onslaught"
  16. "Distant Worlds
  17. "Mercenaries' Delight"
  18. "Jeweled Bough"
  19. "Rapid Onslaught -Assault-"
  20. "Whispers of the Gods"
  21. "Ragnarok"
  22. "Vana'diel March #4"
  23. "Autumn Footfalls"
  24. "Clash of Standards"
  25. "The Cosmic Wheel"
  26. "On this Blade"
  27. "POL WINDOW"

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