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The following is a chronological list of events that take place in the Final Fantasy XIV universe. The world's history is divided into alternating periods of calamity (Umbral Eras) and prosperity (Astral Eras).

Version 1.0 was set at the end of the Sixth Astral Era. Version 2.0 (A Realm Reborn) initially begins in the Seventh Umbral Era.

The current events of the game take place in a "time bubble", which is used as a storytelling device to streamline the worldbuilding, timeline, and maintenance costs associated with updating old dialogue text. The events that explicitly take place in the "present" of the game have normal temporal relationships with each other, but they are a fixed time away from all events in the "past". For example, the Doman revolt is stated to have happened about a year before Stormblood (Patch 4.0) and its occurrence coincided with Yugiri's arrival in Eorzea in "Through the Maelstrom" (Patch 2.2). However, both of these events take place five years after the Seventh Umbral Calamity, despite being a year apart, due to the time bubble. Likewise, the Moonfire Faire characters recognize the player's actions from previous years' events, even though the last sighting of Bombards at the festival was "five years ago" every year. Another effect of the time bubble is that characters do not age, even if they claim they have passed their nameday.

Prehistory (at least 12,000 years ago)[]

  • The world of Etheirys is inhabited by a race of beings able to freely weave their aether into various forms through creation magick, bringing forth new life forms that can benefit their star. The people are ruled by the Convocation of Fourteen. One of these ancients, a scientist named Hermes, creates Meteion and her sisters to explore other worlds in the universe to find meaning in life. While Hermes is offered a position in the Convocation, Meteion is overwhelmed by her kind's hivemind as their journey leads them to believe that life is suffering and they resolve to end it. Hermes helps his creation escape Etheirys while using a device to wipe all memory of recent events from himself and those present, save for a former Convocation member named Venat who learned of the calamity Meteion would cause from a time traveler who would be her future self's champion.
  • Meteion and her sisters, from Ultima Thule, begin singing their song of oblivion, which stagnates Etheirys's aether. The resulting natural disasters warp the ancients' creation magick, causing them to produce unspeakable horrors while in a frightened mindset. To halt the aether stagnation, the ancients combine their powers and sacrifice the Convocation member bearing the title of Elidibus to bring forth Zodiark, who halts the calamity by creating a barrier to keep the Meteia's song out while restoring the cycle of life. The Convocation member bearing the title of Azem left in dissent prior to Zodiark's summoning as the endeavor required sacrificing half of their population, with Zodiark revealed to only hinder the Final Days as the force causing it remains active.
  • The Convocation and their followers, unable to move on, nurture the new life on Etheirys to eventually sacrifice to revive those of their kin who were offered up in Zodiark's creation. Venat and her like-minded followers disagree with the Convocation's desire as Elidibus separates himself from Zodiark to resume his duties in the Convocation as a primal in an attempt to restore order. Ultimately, Venat uses the sacrifice of her followers to become Hydaelyn, a primal to act as Zodiark's shackles, while seeking a permanent solution to avert the Final Days.
  • Hydaelyn would seal Zodiark on Mare Lamentorum on the moon, as well as creating the Loporrits to serve as stewards for humanity in case Zodiark's seal was broken or the primal himself were destroyed. The moon would be converted into a starship designed to ferry people across the cosmos in search of a new home should the Final Days fail to be averted.
  • The Source world and its reflections are created from splinters of Etheirys as the result of the conflict between the primals, Zodiark and Hydaelyn. The sundering also splinters the ancients into a myriad new mortal races, with no memory of their original existence, with only a few escaping this process. The Source world becomes known as "Hydaelyn", with its namesake known as its creator goddess.
  • After the sundering, Hydaelyn creates twelve aetherial constructs in the image of her followers who participated in her summoning. These beings, later known as The Twelve, adapt to the prayers and faith of the people in a manner similar to primals. The Twelve estimate that they were created about 12,000 years prior to present day.
  • An intentional flaw in the sundering designed to spare the Convocation member bearing the title of Emet-Selch, along with Elidibus and Lahabrea—who happened to be nearby at the time—plan to restore Etheirys and Zodiark by shattering the barriers that separate each shard from the Source. They reform themselves as the Ascians. Their first attempt turns the Thirteenth star into the World of Darkness, which makes it impossible for it to rejoin to the Source. The Ascians eventually formulate the Rejoining process, beginning a series of Umbral Calamities designed to gradually rejoin a shard to the Source.

First Umbral Era[]

  • Calamity aspected towards Wind.
  • Said to be the end of the age of gods.
  • Little is known of this era, with only legends such as Good King Moggle Mog XII giving some clue. Midgardsormr arrives to the Source, having escaped the destruction of his home planet by Omega with the seven eggs from which the first brood, or great wyrms, would hatch and establish the dragon race, while their father enters a deep rest at what in the future becomes known as Silvertear Falls.
  • Considered the beginning of modern history.

First Astral Era (A Time of Stone and Fire)[]

  • Described as the age of man.
  • The invention of tools allows civilization to abandon hunter-gatherer lifestyle.
  • Towns and villages are established that soon develop into kingdoms.
  • Basic sciences and simple metallurgy are born.
  • Ends as the development of tools is abandoned in favor of forging weapons, causing the era to descend into bloodstained madness.

Second Umbral Era[]

  • Calamity aspected to Lightning.
  • Despite the wars, mankind thrives, their numbers multiplying every summer.
  • Forests are felled and fields planted for housing and feeding. To forge the weapons, mountains are gutted and the skies darken.
  • As the scales of balance tip, a volcano erupts, casting the world into eternal darkness, followed by massive thunderstorms that raze the land.
  • Mankind flees into caves where pestilence and plague dwindle their numbers.
  • First forms of magick are believed to have been born from human prayers.

Second Astral Era (Faith in Above)[]

  • The age of prayer. Theocracies replace kingdoms.
  • The arts of painting and goldsmithing are perfected.
  • Stonemasonry sees a rapid advance and the riddle of steel is solved.

Third Umbral Era[]

  • Calamity aspected to Fire.
  • The age of holy wars, witch hunts, and cleansing, as religions fight one another.
  • With fields left unattended, those who do not march to war are left to starve.
  • The sun grows larger, parching the earth and sapping the life from all creation. Fields and forests are reduced to dust-choked wastelands, causing famine.

Third Astral Era[]

Around 6000–5000 years ago[]

  • The Ascian Hades, known by his title "Emet-Selch", helps a man named Xande establish the Allagan Empire in Eorzea. Xande conquers much of the known world, save Meracydia, before his death.
  • The Syrcus Tower is built as the symbol of prosperity and seat of power for Allag. It draws upon solar energy.
  • The Allagan civilization discovers Omega and reaches a pinnacle of science and Magitek, developing even spaceflight.
  • The Ultima Weapon is created as an anti-primal weapon.

Around 5000 years ago[]

  • The Allagan civilization declines over the centuries, becoming a shell of its former self. A magician and technologist named Amon resurrects the first emperor Xande to revitalize the Allagan Empire. Though Xande restores the empire to its former glory, he retains his ambitions from his first life, and begins to consort with the Ascians and the voidsent of the World of Darkness for more power as his forces invade Meracydia, the dragons' realm.
  • When the dragon Bahamut falls in battle, the Ascians tempt his mate Tiamat with the means of bringing back her beloved as a primal to repel the Allagan invasion. She is heartbroken to find she and her kin only managed to create a vengeful shade in the image of Bahamut.
  • Other Meracydiam cultures call forth the Warring Triad in desperate defense.
  • The Ascians reveal the means to bind primals to Xande. The Warring Triad is bound and sealed away within Azys Lla, being used as a key component of the Centrifugal Crystal Engine. Xande uses Omega to defeat the primal Bahamut and incarcerates him in an artificial satellite, Dalamud. Many captive dragons are kept in tormented stasis to keep summoning Bahamut as Dalamud is placed in orbit around the Source to collect solar energy. Tiamat is taken to Azys Lla and placed in stasis.
  • Xande, remembering his previous death, broods over what would become of his achievements if they are destined to fade away with him. He deems that if one has nothing after death, there should be nothing, and makes a covenant with a powerful voidsent entity called the Cloud of Darkness to unmake the Source. Emet-Selch, seeing the conditions for a calamity have been established, inducts Amon into the Ascians as "Fandaniel", recognizing Amon as the reborn Hermes back from Etheirys.
  • An uprising against his rule prompts Xande to force additional energy to be extracted from Dalamud to throw open the voidgate and summon the Cloud of Darkness. Syrcus Tower fails to hold the surge and releases the excess into the ground with a massive earthquake. The tower sinks into the earth, with a clone of Amon placing the tower and its occupants into stasis. This marks the start of the Fourth Umbral Era.

Fourth Umbral Era[]

  • The great earthquake caused by the energy surge from Syrcus Tower destroys all ground-based areas in the Allagan Empire. Their civilization rapidly disintegrates with much of its knowledge scattered or lost.
  • Only Azys Lla, being skybound, remains, as its automated functions continue. Dalamud goes dormant and remains in orbit for millennia. Later generations would know it as a lesser moon, or "Menphina's loyal hound", due to its location near the moon.

Fourth Astral Era[]

  • Technology reverts to pre-Allagan levels as spoken races rebuild following the earthquake.

Fifth Umbral Era[]

  • A period of severe glaciation known as the Age of Endless Frost.
  • The ancestors of modern Miqo'te, descendants of Allagan slaves, arrive in Eorzea by crossing the frozen seas.
  • The Sanctum of the Twelve is constructed.

Fifth Astral Era[]

  • The period begins when the Eorzean people discover magick.
  • A talented thaumaturge named Shatotto, on a whim, uses the magick of Meteor to call down a star containing dark matter. She crafts Stardust Rods out of it and pioneers the art of "black magic".
  • In Yafaem, the nation of black magic known as Mhach becomes a dominant power due to their voidmages being able to control the voidsent.
  • On Vylbrand, the city-state of Nym prospers. Though small, their military is reinforced by scholars that summon arcanima fairies, enabling them to defend the land against greater foes.
  • In the Black Shroud, a kingdom called Amdapor flourishes and develops white magick to counter the black mages of Mhach.

Sixth Umbral Era[]

Around 1500 years ago[]

  • The War of the Magi breaks out as Mhach declares war on Amdapor and Nym. The Mhachi High Voidmage Cessair opposed the summoning of a great voidsent known as Diabolos and was imprisoned when she attempts to stop the other voidmages from carrying out the ritual. Diabolos provides Mhach with the means to summon and imprison numerous voidsent along with their leader: Scathach, the Shadow Queen. Diabolos is sent to destroy Amdapor, only to be sealed within the ruined city by its White Mages.
  • The voidmages of Mhach covertly send a voidsent called Bitoso to Nym where the entity causes a mysterious plague that transforms citizens into Tonberries.
  • Excessive misuse of white magick results in the Great Flood by the Elementals, which wipes Eorzea clean, paving the way for the modern city-states. A Roegadyn scholar, Nyunkrepf Nyunkrepfsyn, foresaw the Great Flood and constructed a giant magical Ark to save as many Eorzeans as he can, taking to one of the uninhabited islands of the Old World where he establishes Sharlayan.
    • The Mhachi voidmages, having anticipated the calamity, created the Void Ark for their people to escape. The ship is powered by a thousand imprisoned voidsent, including Scathach whose captivity was overseen by Cessair. However, Diabolos deliberately gave the Mhachi a flawed sealing spell as Scathach breaks free and undoes the seals on the other voidsent. Cessair and her fellow 53 voidmages are forced to sacrifice themselves to rebind the voidsent and the ark drifts in the Sea of Clouds for centuries under the watch of Cessair's familiar, Cait Sith, to ensure the ship is not disturbed.
  • In the aftermath of the Sixth Umbral Era, the secrets of void magick are lost with the Mhachi and both white and black magick became labeled forbidden arts. Only the Padjal sanctioned by the Elementals to use the full power of white magick are spared, while allowing a select few to use a portion of that power as white mages under the guidance of a Padjal.
  • Nym is ruined by a surge of aetheric wind energy (possibly in an attempt to escape the rising waters).

Sixth Astral Era[]

Dates here are listed as part of Eorzea's calendar


  • Lewphon of Sharlayan writes "The Five Ages - An Eorzean Chronology".

Around 300[]

  • A group of Elezen settle in Coerthas. They end up in a bloody war with the dragons of Dravania until learning that one of their own, Shiva, allowed herself to be devoured by the great wyrm Hraesvelgr so their souls would be bound. This inspires a truce between the two races that would last two centuries.

Around 500[]

  • In Coerthas, an Elezen king named Thordan I covets the dragons' source of power: their eyes. Thordan, his son Haldrath, and his twelve knights, ambush the great wyrm Ratatoskr and devour her eyes after killing her. Infused with Ratatoskr's power, Thordan seeks to build the city that would become Ishgard. The enraged wyrmking Nidhogg attacks the group to avenge his sister's death.
  • Thordan and some of his men are killed in the week-long altercation before his son, Haldrath, stabs out Nidhogg's eyes with his father's spear and allows the dying dragon to escape out of mercy. Remorseful of how their actions led to his father's death and the breaking of the truce, Haldrath renounces his right to lead and leaves four of his father's surviving knights, the founders of the High Houses, to rule Ishgard in his place while he becomes the first Azure Dragoon to fend off Nidhogg's followers.
  • As the four knights fabricate the events into what would become scripture for the Ishgard Orthodox Church that would serve as Ishgard's center of government, Nidhogg forces his brother Hraesvelgr to relinquishing one of his eyes so Nidhogg can remain among the living to exact revenge on the founding Ishgardians' descendants as they would all bear a spark of Ratatoskr's essence in them. This begins the thousand-year Dragonsong War in the Northlands.

Around 800[]

  • The ship Galadion runs aground in Vylbrand. The city-state of Limsa Lominsa is founded at the site of its wreckage using parts of the ship.
  • The two helmsmen of Galadion, Jean De Nevelle and Guy La Thagran, are tasked with exploring the island. Their routes become the main thoroughfares of La Noscea.

Around 900[]

  • The Sharlayan researcher Coinach discovers historic proof of ancient Allag's existence, demonstrating they were more than myth.



  • The Ixal settle in the Black Shroud.
  • The people of Gelmorra gradually gain permission from the Elementals to emerge and settle the city-state of Gridania.

Around 1270[]

  • The Hecatoncheirs, enslaved to do labor in the Copperbell Mines, revolt during the Thorne dynasty of Ul'dah. They are sealed in the mines and thought to have died out.


  • An expedition of Sharlayan scholars builds an outpost in the Dravanian Hinterlands to study the aetherial sea, making contact with the primal Hydaelyn who still resides there. The scholars receive instructions from her to prepare for a mass evacuation of the Source should the Final Days reoccur. The outpost becomes a settlement over time while attracting the attention of Eorzean scholars, leading to it becoming declared a colony in 1361.

Before 1422[]

  • The Elementals banish the Ixali from the Black Shroud, who relocate to the mountains of Xelphatol as they gradually lose their ability to fly over passing generations. They develop balloon airships to compensate for the loss.


  • Nidhogg awakens on a rampage across the Northlands until Saint Valeroyant, then Azure Dragoon, stops him.

Around 1480–1490[]

  • Solus Galvus, who would become the vessel of Emet-Selch, is born.
  • The Enigma Codex is completed by a Xaela philosopher.
  • A Lominsan sailor named Ketenramm sails to Tural, being the first Eorzean to cross the Indigo deep and establish contact with the continent of Tural

Around 1500[]

  • During the reign of King Manfred, the city-state of Ala Mhigo invades the Black Shroud, beginning the Autumn War.
  • The city-states of Ishgard, Limsa Lominsa, and Ul'dah send reinforcements to Gridania. This marks the first instance of the Eorzean Alliance, and Ala Mhigo is forced to withdraw.
  • To bring the city-states closer together and improve trade after the Autumn War, a new currency called "gil" is introduced to address exchange rates.


  • Roddard Ironheart creates the first complete map of modern Eorzea.


  • Emet-Selch, having possessed the body of Solus zos Galvus, develops advanced Magitek that sparks an industrial revolution and establishes the Garlean Empire. Garlean military's improved capabilities and tactics empower them to subjugate their neighbors.


  • Newly-appointed dictator Solus zos Galvus (Emet-Selch) deploys airships in battle for the first time, easily conquering and annexing the kingdom of Nhalmasque in the central mountains of Ilsabard. Subsequent invasions of other nations would prove no more difficult.


  • Garleans use their advanced Magitek to bring the continents of Ilsabard and Othard under their rule, the invasion of the latter having the Garleans first encounter the primals as a serious obstacle.


  • All of Ilsabard now under Garlean rule. Bolstered by a wave of unprecedented popular support, Solus proclaims himself the first emperor of Garlemald, setting the stage for the first Far Eastern campaign, which would begin six years later.


  • Three imperial legions venture forth towards Nagxia, attempting to traverse the Burn utilizing multi-legged magitek transports. Facing mechanical failure from sand and depletion of potable water, morale collapses and a withdrawal is ordered.
  • Seeking shelter in the nigh-aetherless dunes, the Garleans stumble upon an ancient ruin. A conclusion is reached that the city's inhabitants were responsible for the creation of the Burn via the repeated summoning of primal-like entities.
  • Solus suspends the Far Eastern campaign and decrees these summoned "Eikons" a blight upon the star that must be destroyed without exception. Research and development becomes the Empire's primary endeavor.


  • The Elder Seedseer seals Toto-Rak.


  • Year 26 of the First Emperor's Reign (Garlean Calendar).
  • Rather than cutting across Othard in pursuit of Nagxia, the Empire reaches south towards the Skatay Range and leverages their improved resources to claim the great Kingdom of Dalmasca, a major hub of international trade.
  • Garlemald's agile new airships sail effortlessly over the natural defenses of the northern mountain range and seize several major cities within the kingdom. Withdrawing to their last bastion at Nalbina Fortress, the Dalmascans rally around Prince Rasler and erect a barrier capable of withstanding the aerial assault. However, after six months under siege by Noah van Gabranth of the IVth Legion and the loss of over seventy thousand lives, the millennium-spanning rule of the royal line of B'nargin collapses.
  • Dalmasca is divided into two regions: The desert south of the Skatay Range was dubbed Dalmasca Superior, with Rabanastre to serve as the seat of the provincial government, whereas the Golmore Jungle and Greylic's Bend were named Dalmasca Inferior, with Lea Monde as its capital. Together, they would comprise the Diocese of Dalmasca, the Garlean Empire's foothold in the Far East.


  • For three years, the tribes of the Nagxian jungle - though unable to unite and organize - bog the Garleans down using guerilla tactics. The Garleans eventually adapt, using small, specialized units to uproot the resistance from the inhospitable terrain. The area is then cleared and fortified.


  • Theoderic, the King of Ruin, fights to wipe out the Fist of Rhalgr, the Monks of Ala Mhigo. Nearly all the Monks are killed.
  • The Garlean Empire conquers the nation of Doma.


  • Garlemald takes Yanxia / Doma by 1555, but the Dalmascan resistance harries the Empire for decades. The IVth Legion would briefly lose control following the Barheim Incident, at which point Noah van Gabranth sought the aid of Gaius van Baelsar, a master tactician with a reputation for subjugating resistance in urban environments. Gaius dispatched Livia sas Junius, who uprooted the insurgents and slaughtered their leadership (without capture or trial). This earned Livia the enduring nickname The Witch of Dalmasca.


  • After inciting unrest in Ala Mhigo against the unpopular King Theodoric, Gaius van Baelsar captures the city-state for the Empire. This establishes a foothold for future invasions into Eorzea. An unknown primal is summoned, briefly halting further invasion.
  • Nidhogg awakens to pursue his vendetta against Ishgard, confronting the Azure Dragoon Alberic Bale at a village called Ferndale. Though Nidhogg retreats, he ravaged the village of Ferndale, with Alberic's later successor Estinien Varlineau as one of its sole survivors.
  • Alarmed by news of Imperial invasion into Ala Mhigo, and the further steps they could take towards Eorzea, Sharlayan sends ambassadors to Garlemald in attempt to formulate a peace treaty. After negotiations fail, the plans to evacuate their colony in Dravania back to the Old Sharlayan motherland begins to form.
  • One group of scholars led by the sage Louisoix Leveilleur, called the Circle of Knowing, decide to intervene in Eorzea's future in spite of official Sharlayan policy of non-intervention. Their goal is to use their knowledge to avert a prophecy of the Seventh Calamity.


  • After five years of planning, the exodus of the Dravanian Sharlayan colony is put into motion. The entire populace, aside from Matoya, leaves the colony overnight.
  • The Garleans move on Mor Dhona, believed to be the nexus of aetherial energy, and therefore an essential resource to control before they can conquer the realm. An airship fleet helmed by the dreadnought Agrius makes its way to Lake Silvertear, their presence upsetting Midgardsormr who is awakened and summons the Dravanian Horde to repel the airship fleet in the Battle of Silvertear Skies. The battle ends when Midgardsormr coils around the flagship Agrius, sinking it to the lake. Exploding ceruleum tanks in the hulk kill the wyrmking and create a pillar of light erupting from the wreckage.
    • Mor Dhona is contaminated by the ceruleum leak along with the aether released from the dying wyrmking. Mass crystallization of flora ensues over the following decades. The entwined wreckage of the Agrius becomes known as the "Keeper of the Lake".
    • A village in the area was destroyed in the crossfire during the battle. Camp Revenant's Toll is founded in its memory.
  • The Echo sounds across the realm. Those affected see a vision of falling stars.
  • Ul'dah begins exiling beastmen due to fear of Garlean threats.
  • The Bozja Citadel in Garlemald experiments with the Allagan Lunar Transmitter. It mysteriously explodes as Dalamud briefly begins to glow. This incident kills Midas nan Garlond, whose son Cid defects to Eorzea.
  • A strange island called Seal Rock appears in the Rhotano Sea. Commonfolk speculate the island to be the mythical "Swallowtail Roam" where Lymlaen was said to have bound the sea serpents Thalaos and Perykos. Sightings of sea serpents in the waters fuel further speculation of treasure on the isle.


  • Gaius van Baelsar retreats to Ala Mhigo due to Agrius'ss destruction. The Age of Calm begins as Garlemald postpones their invasion. The city-states, having expected to contend with the Garleans, reassign the series of armies they had amassed into guilds and adventurers to hinder criminal acts from the purposeless masses. Due to influence from the Ascians the beast-tribes of Eorzea summon primals with both the city-states and the Garlean Empire on edge.
  • Warburton, a former Imperial spy of Ala Mhigo, is killed in an accident by a rampaging goobbue. His twelve-year old daughter Ascilia is left orphaned and in the care of the songstress F'lhaminn. She later changes her name to Minfilia for protection. After learning that she possesses the Echo, she forms an organization called the Path of the Twelve for those affected with the strange gift, on the advice of the Circle of Knowing.
  • Emperor Solus grants Nael van Darnus the go-ahead to use Project Meteor on Eorzea as a safeguard against the emerging primal threat. The plan is opposed by both Gaius van Baelsar and the emperor's grandson, Varis yae Galvus, who believe Eorzea should be conquered rather than annihilated, and secretly undermine Project Meteor.


The events of Version 1.0+ took place in this year.
  • Raubahn Aldynn, the Bull of Ala Mhigo, uses his winnings from his career as a gladiator to buy himself a seat on the Syndicate. He reinstates the Immortal Flames with the support of Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo.
  • Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn becomes the Admiral of Limsa Lominsa. Among her decrees is a restriction on piracy, limiting it to privateering against the Garlean Empire. She reinstates the Maelstrom as the primary military of the thalassocracy.
  • Grand Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna returns to Gridania, reinstating the Order of the Twin Adder and calls to reassemble the Eorzean Alliance in the face of the threat from the Garlean Empire.
  • Varis yae Galvus secretly plants a mole in the Eorzean Alliance.
  • Nael van Darnus and the VIIth Legion covertly build Castrum Novum in Mor Dhona to house the Lunar Transmitter and call Dalamud down from the heavens. Though adventurers destroy the transmitter, Nael finishes calling down Dalamud via the ancient magick of Meteor. Nael is slain on the floating islands of Rivenroad.
  • Dalamud continues its descent. Louisoix Leveilleur prepares to summon The Twelve as a final resort against the falling moon. The Eorzean Alliance moves against the remnants of the VIIth Legion in the Carteneau Flats to ensure the ritual is not interrupted.
  • While smuggling people out of Ala Mhigo, Yda Hext is killed by Garlean soldiers. Her younger sister, Lyse, convinces Yda's partner Papalymo Totolymo to let her assume Yda's identity to continue her sister's work.

Seventh Umbral Era[]

The Calamity[]

  • During the Battle of Carteneau, Dalamud breaks apart and releases the Dreadwyrm Bahamut. Maddened after its long imprisonment, Bahamut lays waste to Eorzea.
  • Louisoix attempts to seal away the rampaging elder primal by summoning the Twelve. This fails as Bahamut's fury breaks free and prepares a colossal attack. The Archon teleports the survivors into the future, and prepares to accept his fate. The remnants of the failed shell remain as a cloud of aether which Louisoix absorbs, fueled by the prayers for a realm reborn, transforming into the primal of rebirth, Phoenix. He destroys the Dreadwyrm's form, scattering Bahamut into pieces and saving Eorzea from annihilation.
  • Bahamut's heart sinks into the earth. Before Louisoix can manually disperse back into the aether, the Dreadwyrm's unquenched rage claims his spirit and pulls him underground where Dalamud's fragments would slowly attempt to repair the elder primal.
  • Kan-E-Senna recovers Louisoix's staff, the Tupsimati, and returns it to the Circle of Knowing.

Year 0–5[]

  • The survivors awake to an Eorzea forever changed by Bahamut's fury and begin to rebuild. Many structures long buried in previous Umbral Eras, like the Wanderer's Palace, were unearthed in the turmoil. These include Allagan structures like Syrcus Tower and the ruins at the Carteneau Flats said to house Omega.
  • Coerthas undergoes a severe climate change that results in perpetual winter. The Dravanian Horde captures the Stone Vigil, and the dragon Svara razes the Steel Vigil.
  • The Circle of Knowing merges with the Path of the Twelve into a new organization called the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.
  • Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn begins to restore the infrastructure of La Noscea, inviting former pirates to settle as farmers and break a land treaty that Limsa Lominsa made with the Kobolds.
  • Gaius van Baelsar quietly has outposts of his XIVth Imperial Legion constructed throughout Eorzea, renaming Castrum Novum into Castrum Centri and sets up a stronghold at Castrum Meridianum. With the Ultima Weapon unearthed at Ala Mhigo, he plans a new campaign of conquest.
  • Father Iliud of the Church of Saint Adama Ladama saves an amnesiac Cid nan Garlond. He stays as a priest under the name "Marques".
  • Camp Revenant's Toll is engulfed by a corrupted crystal formation surrounding its Aetheryte. A new settlement called simply Revenant's Toll is founded to the east.
  • A schism in the Sylphlands over the matter of summoning their primal Ramuh results in many fleeing to the village of Little Solace within Gridanian borders.
  • Two years after the Calamity, a group of Au Ra attempt to use the Enigma Codex to awaken Alexander in a discarded Sharlayan defense mecha. The leader, Dayan, is pulled in by the summoned being with most of the group struck dead. The only survivor is Mide.

Year 5[]

The events of A Realm Reborn begin here.
  • Adventurers flock to Eorzea to make their way in a realm reborn. The twin grandchildren of Louisoix, Alphinaud and Alisaie Leveilleur, also arrive in Eorzea to understand their grandfather's sacrifice.
  • An intrepid adventurer blessed with the Echo slays Amalj'aa's primal, Ifrit. The adventurer is later offered membership into a Grand Company.
  • The Scions of the Seventh Dawn strike an alliance with the sylphs of Little Solace.
  • Investigations into a mysterious Ascian named Lahabrea uncover a plot by Little Ala Mhigan refugees to summon Rhalgr as a primal, and acts of serial killing by a Gridanian noblewoman named Lady Amandine.
  • The Kobold summon their god Titan as a primal in retaliation over treaty violations. Ifrit's slayer takes out the Lord of Crags with the aid of Y'shtola.
  • Livia sas Junius launches a surprise raid on the Waking Sands, capturing Minfilia and other Scions present, and killing the remainder. The slayer of Titan returns only to discover the carnage. The dying Sylph Noraxia relates Minfilia's final instructions to seek out Father Iliud for help.
  • The Ixal in Coerthas summon Garuda. Alphinaud seeks out both the adventurer and Cid at the Church of Saint Adama Landama to restore the Scions and confront the Lady of Vortexes. Cid begins to recover his memory.
  • The trio heads for Coerthas to locate Cid's missing airship, the Enterprise. While attempting to gain the trust of Ishgardian Knights, they become involved in a plot by a false inquisitor framing several nobles. They are permitted to infiltrate the Stone Vigil and recover the airship.
  • Outfitted with corrupted crystals to annul Garuda's cyclone, they confront the Lady of Vortexes. Gaius van Baelsar appears and begins taunting her. Irritated with both the Scions and the Imperial Legatus, she forces Ifrit and Titan to appear by tormenting captive Amalj'aa and Kobolds. Gaius reveals the Ultima Weapon, which absorbs all three primals.
  • With his fearsome new superweapon, Gaius issues an ultimatum to both the city-states and beast-tribes, demanding capitulation. Minfilia and the other Scions are rescued from Castrum Centri. As they escape, Lahabrea reveals he has possessed Thancred's body.

Operation Archon[]

  • Minfilia persuades the Eorzean Alliance to stand against Gaius, as they did against Nael five years ago. They prepare a military counterattack called Operation Archon as their official response to the ultimatum.
  • Tribunus Rhitatyn sas Arvina is slain at Cape Westwind, allowing the Lominsan navy to seize the Garlean outpost at Castrum Marinum.
  • The Order of the Twin Adder surrounds Castrum Centri, enabling the Immortal Flames to advance on Castrum Meridianum. Raubahn Aldynn leads the push.
  • Livia sas Junius is slain at Castrum Meridianum as adventurers disable the forcefield surrounding the Praetorium. Cid airlifts a strike team of adventurers into the stronghold, where Gaius explains more about Cid's father's involvement in Project Meteor and even offers to let him rejoin.
  • At the Praetorium, the team confronts Nero tol Scaeva, who escapes during a brief blackout. Taking an elevator down to the Ultima Weapon, Gaius confronts the group.
  • At the bottom of the complex, Gaius pilots the Ultima Weapon and battles the adventures in an ascending elevator. With the blessing of the Mothercrystal Hydaelyn, the party withstands the Ultima Weapon's attacks. Ifrit, Titan, and Garuda are released, but Lahabrea appears and activates the Heart of Sabik within the weapon, casting the spell Ultima.
  • The Praetorium is devastated to Gaius's horror. The party is shielded by the last of the mothercrystal's strength, and finishes off the Ultima Weapon. As Gaius lays fallen, Lahabrea attacks the adventurers, declaring Hydaelyn to be a corruption that imbalances the planet. He attacks the adventurers due to the threat to the Ascians' plans. The adventurer uses the light of crystals found on their journey to banish Lahabrea from Thancred's body back to the rift. As the Praetorium begins to collapse, the adventurer flees the base with Thancred on a Magitek Reaper. Gaius also survives and becomes the Ascian-hunting mercenary "Shadowhunter" to exact revenge on those who manipulated him.
  • At Lake Silvertear, the leaders of the Eorzean Alliance celebrate their victory over Gaius van Baelsar by declaring the beginning of the Seventh Astral Era. Even as they celebrate the new age, a dreadful roar reminds them that the realm's troubles are far from over.

Seventh Astral Era[]

All events from Patch 2.1 and up take place in this period.
  • With the Ultima Weapon gone, the beast-tribes do not hesitate to summon their primals again.
  • The adventurer meets with Alisaie, who wishes to study Dalamud's fragments, starting with the site at Castrum Occidens. Infiltrating the Binding Coil of Bahamut, they discover buried fragments of the Dreadwyrm and encounter an ancient dragon the Allagan Empire enslaved.

A Realm Awoken[]

  • Cid nan Garlond joins the Sons of Saint Coinach's efforts in studying the Crystal Tower. With adventurers' help, they form a coalition called "NOAH" breaking the initial barrier at the Eight Sentinels and infiltrate the Labyrinth of the Ancients.
  • The Scions of the Seventh Dawn move to Revenant's Toll to escape pressure from the Syndicate.
  • A white-robed Ascian introducing himself as "Elidibus" to Minfilia. Elidibus hopes that they focus on their "gift" (the Echo) and states that if the Scions understood "the true nature of the Echo" there would be no strife between them and the Ascians.

Through the Maelstrom[]

  • The Garlean Empire becomes embroiled in a succession crisis with Solus zos Galvus's death. The far east vassal kingdom of Doma revolts against Garlean rule only to be brutally suppressed by the Garlean prince Zenos yae Galvus with scores of refugees fleeing across the seas.
  • One group of Doman refugees, led by Yugiri Mistwalker, arrives at Ul'dah requesting asylum. With Alphinaud's aid, she is granted an audience with the Syndicate, who turn her away. Alphinaud suggests they relocate to Revenant's Toll, and arranges a transport.
  • The Sahagin summon their primal Leviathan. During the raid on the Sapsa Spawning Grounds, a Sahagin priest uses the Echo to achieve an incorporeal form, before the primal absorbs him. To confront Leviathan after he moves into open water, a custom barge outfitted with corrupted crystals called the Whorleater is built to provide a means to defeat the Lord of the Whorl before he creates a tidal wave.
  • At the behest of the Seedseers, the adventurer, having gained the title "Warrior of Light", enters the Lost City of Amdapor. The adventurers fight Diabolos at the heart of the ancient city. Unbeknownst to them, Diabolos escapes in the form of a bat and flees to the Void Ark to obtain the Queen's Coffin where Scathach is held. Despite Cait Sith's attempts to stop him, Diablos regains his former strength while undoing the seals on his fellow voidsent.
  • Alisaie and adventurers investigate the Second Coil of Bahamut. They encounter the shade of Nael van Darnus, who is defeated at the Holocharts.

Defenders of Eorzea[]

  • In hopes of getting the Carteneau Reclamation Bill passed, Syndicate member Teledji Adeledji stirs unrest among the refugee population by secretly supplying arms, culminating in riots. Raubahn Aldynn and the Sultana believe he is after Omega, which was buried at the Carteneau Flats, but cannot arrest him as he covered his tracks.
    • The unrest results in refugees fleeing into the Black Shroud, which pushes the Violet Sylphs into summoning their primal, Ramuh, who only departs after the adventurer bests him in a duel.
    • Due to the contested nature of the Carteneau Flats, the Eorzean Alliance designates the place for Frontline skirmishes.
  • Supply shipments from Ishgard to Revenant's Toll become increasingly targeted by Harriers.
  • Lord Drillemont asks the adventurer to join his knights as a vanguard in the retaking of the Stone Vigil.
  • Alphinaud founds a new independent Grand Company called the Crystal Braves, answerable only to Minfilia.
  • With help from mysterious strangers named Doga and Unei, along with unexpected support by Nero tol Scaeva, NOAH learns the full story of Syrcus Tower and obtains access. A team of adventurers eliminates the ancient Emperor Xande, but his pact with the Cloud of Darkness is not terminated. Doga, Unei, and Nero are drawn into the World of Darkness.

Dreams of Ice[]

  • Ser Aymeric de Borel of the Temple Knights invites Alphinaud and the adventurer to a conference at Camp Dragonhead. He requests that the Scions keep an eye on the Keeper of the Lake, as astrologers believe the wyrmking Midgardsormr will soon resurrect.
  • An Harrier attack on a crystal supply shipment reveals they plan to summon Saint Shiva as a primal. The Harriers are traced to tunnels extending under Snowcloak where the adventurer confronts their leader, Lady Iceheart, who claims that what they do is to end the war.
  • A meeting of the Eorzean Alliance convenes in Gridania to discuss the threat posed by the new Garlean Emperor, Varis zos Galvus.
  • The Crystal Braves investigate a Garlean spy called "the Ivy" who is believed to be a high-ranking member of the Immortal Flames. They discover Flame Marshal Eline Roaille is the spy, and she is captured in the East Shroud while meeting a contact from Castrum Oriens.
  • Tracing her through an aether current, the adventurer confronts Iceheart. She summons forth the essence of Saint Shiva into her body and becomes the primal. Upon defeat, Iceheart asks the adventurer look to the Keeper of the Lake and see with eyes unclouded the truth behind the war, and to not squander "Mother's gift" as she retreats into the void.
  • Eline Roaille escapes custody and flees for Castrum Meridianum. Crystal Marshal Ilberd Feare captures her at Raubahn's Push. He later tells Raubahn that she was dealing with multiple parties, including the Monetarists and seemingly the heretics of Ishgard.
  • In a private dinner with Admiral Merwylb and Kan-E-Senna, Nanamo Ul Namo announces her intention to dissolve both the Syndicate and the monarchy in the belief that Ul'dah would be better off as a republic, and asks that they support Raubahn in the transition. Teledji learns of the Sultana's plan and decides to have her assassinated.
  • The adventurers explore Final Coil of Bahamut where they learn the truth of the Calamity's aftermath from Louisoix Leveilleur, now the primal Phoenix. Before the Internment Hulks can be disabled to ensure Bahamut's final death, the adventurers must defeat Bahamut Prime in the Burning Heart.

Before the Fall[]

  • NOAH enters the World of Darkness through a voidgate generated by the Crystal Tower. The Cloud of Darkness is defeated long enough for Doga and Unei to annul Xande's pact. At the last minute Cid Garlond saves Nero, declaring he owes him.
  • The dragon star undergoes bright flaring as the Great Wyrm Nidhogg awakens to call another attack on Ishgard. To confirm which wyrmking has roared, the Holy See asks the Scions to investigate the Keeper of the Lake. Atop the derelict, the adventurer encounters Midgardsormr's spirit, who had been awakened by his son's dragonsong. Upon realizing the mortal encountered was chosen by Hydaelyn, he drains the Blessing of Light and assumes the form of a small dragonet, declaring his intent to watch the adventurer's actions.
  • At Northern Thanalan, the adventurer and Moenbryda are confronted by the Ascian Nabriales, who realizes the adventurer's Blessing is gone. He proceeds to the Rising Stones to confiscate the Tupsimati. With Minfilia refusing to surrender the staff, Nabriales abducts her into an Aetherial Rift, and a fierce battle ensues to rescue her. To prevent the immortal from continually harassing them by obtaining new bodies, they trap him in the experimental White Auracite. Moenbryda sacrifices her life force so the Tupsimati has enough power to eradicate Nabriales's spirit.
  • The Dravanian Horde descends upon Coerthas as the dragonsong rises to a crescendo. Lady Iceheart shatters the outermost ward of Daniffen's Collar, putting the Holy See in danger of a direct assault on the city proper. Ser Aymeric reluctantly asks for aid from the Eorzean Alliance and sellswords in defense of the city. With the reinforcements the main attack is repelled, and adventyrers slay Nidhogg's champion Vishap at the Steps of Faith as it attempts to break the remaining barriers.
  • The sultana hosts a celebration banquet. Attending the festivities, Aymeric and Lucia intend to announce their endorsement for the Holy See to join the Eorzean Alliance. Teledji makes his move and the banquet grows sour when the Nanamo Ul Namo seemingly dies from poisoned wine in front of the adventurer's eyes before they are captured. After sending Aymeric away with news of a surprise raid on Ishgard, Teledji accuses the adventurer and the Scions of regicide as the Crystal Braves and corrupt Brass Blades turn traitor and reveal their true allegiance to the Monetarists.
    • Teledji Adeledji's gloating over Namamo's death causes a distraught Raubahn to bifurcate the Syndicate member, prompting most party goers to flee. Lolorito accuses Raubahn of being in league with the Scions with Ilberd cutting Raubahn's left arm off and engaging him. The adventurer and the Scions flee, but the adventurer is the only one to escape the palace through the Sil'dih Aqueducts, as the other Scions fall back to hold off the corrupt guards. Alphinaud escapes only due Pipin Tarupin's intervention.
    • Raubahn is imprisoned in the Marasaja Pit as Lolorito, having apparently masterminded the removal of his two rivals, begins a cover up over what transpired at the banquet.
  • The remaining Scions regroup at Camp Dragonhead under House Fortemps' hospitality. Lord Haurchefant welcomes them to stay until the Holy See can grant official asylum.
    • Due to an impromptu use of the forbidden Flow spell, Y'shtola and Thancred are set adrift in the Lifestream.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

  • Ishgard opens up the Gates of Judgment to adventurers, with the Warrior of Light, Alphinaud, and Tataru entering the city for sanctuary. They are taken in as wards of House Fortemps.
  • The adventurer and Alphinaud work with the Azure Dragoon Estinien and Lady Iceheart, whose real name is Ysayle, to negotiate peace with Nidhogg's brood-brother and Shiva's consort, Hraesvelgr. During their journey, the adventurer slays the primal of the Gnath, Ravana, and Nidhogg's consort, Tioman. However, Hraesvelgr refuses to negotiate with the group.
  • The remnants of the Scions free Raubahn and, upon learning that Lolorito replaced the poison in the sultana's wine with a sleeping draught, revive Nanamo. Ul'dah remains in the Monetarists' control, who prefer the stability from having Nanamo and Raubahn at their posts.
  • After Tioman's death, Nidhogg calls off an assault on Ishgard and retreats into his fortress, the Aery. With the Holy See's blessing, Estinien and a party of adventurers assault the Aery and use the power of Nidhogg's eye to kill him, seemingly ending the Dragonsong War.
  • Hraesvelgr reveals that the basis of Ishgard's social structure—the belief that only members of the High Houses are descended from Thordan I and his Knights Twelve, who were chosen by the Fury to found Ishgard—is a lie; moreover, Coerthans and Dravanians were allies, but Thordan betrayed the dragons by murdering Ratatoskr. These revelations cause a revolution to break out in the Holy See, and after a battle within the Vault, Archbishop Thordan VII and his bodyguards, the Heavens' Ward, flee Ishgard.
  • The Heavens' Ward and the VIth Imperial Legion of the Garlean Empire both seek out the floating continent of Azys Lla, created by the Allagans for aetherochemical research. The Archbishop plans to use the power of the Warring Triad to become a primal and permanently end the Dragonsong War; the legion hopes to find weapons that can be used to imprison primals. With the death of the Vanu Vanu's primal, Bismarck, the former obtains the key to Azys Lla.
  • The adventurer regains the Blessing of Light, earning Midgardsormr's full support, and arrives on Azys Lla. During a several-sided confrontation between the Ascians, the Legion, the primal forms of the Heavens' Ward, and the remnants of the Scions, the archbishop, Lahabrea, and Igeyorhm are all killed.
  • Nidhogg's spirit possesses Estinien's body through his eyes and is reborn. His revival resumes the Dragonsong War. Worse, the archbishop's actions have begun to awaken the Warring Triad.
  • Becoming acting ruler of Ishgard after Thordan VII's death, Aymeric solidifies his city-state's alliance with the rest of Eorzea. Midgardsormr agrees to work with Aymeric to slowly heal the wounds of the Dragonsong War and bring about peace, but warns of Nidhogg's revival.
  • Elidibus summons the Warriors of Darkness to help him clean up the mess Lahabrea and Igeyohrm left behind.
  • The Illuminati attempt to awaken the primal Alexander for their extremist idealogy, nearly draining the Dravanian Hinterlands of aether. A team of adventurers led by the Warrior of Light investigates the now emerged right arm of the colossus, the Gordias sector, with Mide's aid.
  • Seal Rock is discovered to have shards of Dalamud, exposing the presence of Allagan Tomeliths and hinting at the island's true origins. The Eorzean Alliance designates the contested island's contents for Frontline activities.
  • A mysterious young man calling himself Unukalhai appears at the Rising Stones, warning the Scions of the coming threat of the awakening Warring Triad.

As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness[]

  • A survivor of the Isle of Val, Krile, arrives in Eorzea to aid the Scions in search for their missing comrades. She helps locate Thancred in Dravania, where the Warriors of Darkness are first encountered.
  • Hard-line fundamentalists of the Ishgardian Orthodox Church, known as the "True Brotherhood of the Faith", rail against changes brought by Ser Aymeric's revelations on the history of the Dragonsong War. They plot both arson and a failed assassination attempt on the Lord Commander. Later, they take several refugees hostage in the Vault, demanding that Ser Aymeric turn himself in on accusations of patricide.
  • As the various factions on Eorzea explore the Sea of Clouds, the Void Ark's repeated sighting gather a reputation as a ghost ship while attracting much attention from sky pirates who believe it to hold treasure. The sky pirate Leofald convinces the adventurer to help him and his group explore the ghost ship, facing the throngs of otherworldly horrors wandering its corridors. Diabolos beats the group to the prize as he had seized the Queen's Coffin and uses the Void Ark to create a temporary voidgate to escape. While Leofald agrees to the help the adventurer find the Queen's Coffin for adventure and treasure, his rival Radlia wants to obtain the Void Ark to reign over the skies.

The Gears of Change[]

  • With Matoya's permission, the Warrior of Light journeys into the Antitower to reach the Mothercrystal to trace Minfilia's whereabouts. Having entered the aetheric sea, she has become the Word of the Mother, an avatar for Hydaelyn.
  • Aymeric plans to hold a peace conference in Falcon's Nest with Hraesvelgr's brood. Things go awry when Lord Emmannelain handles a protest poorly. In hopes of boosting morale before the conference, a Grand Melee is held with the rest of the Eorzean Alliance.
  • The plan for the peace conference goes ahead, and Aymeric unveils a sculpture honoring Shiva and Hraesvelgr in front of Vidofnir. Nidhogg ruins the conference, attacking Vidofnir in the form of the Azure Dragoon and declaring that the Final Chorus of the Dragonsong War is soon to begin.
  • Alexander tries awakening again, this time with the other arm emerging on an island in the Thaliak River. As the new Midas sector is explored, the Illuminati take the goblin Roundrox hostage and recover the final piece of the Enigma Codex. Even though the second core is shut down, the full codex enables the Illuminati power over the flow of time, and will eventually reverse these setbacks while they ready the final core.
  • Unukalhai enlists the aid of the adventurer, Urianger, Y'shtola, and Krile in dealing with the first of the Warring Triad to awaken, Sephirot, the Fiend.

Revenge of the Horde[]

  • The adventurer and Alphinaud join Aymeric to try and convince Hraesvelgr to aid them in their defense of Ishgard from Nidhogg's shade. Hraesvelgr is unmoved, until intervention arrives in the form of his father, who informs the great wyrm of the Scions' plans to save Estinien.
  • Hraesvelgr puts the group through a series of trials in Sohr Khai, former home of Ratatoskr, with Hraesvelgr confronting the adventurer in battle himself. Convinced of their strength, he puts hope into man once more.
  • Nidhogg's roar indicates the start of the final battle for Ishgard. The party journeys on the backs of Hrasevelgr and his children Vidofnir and Verdfolnir to find the battle already in progress.
  • Hraesvelgr confronts his brood-brother's shade, but loses. He entrusts his hope in man to the Warrior of Light, granting use of one of his eyes to aid them in combat. The adventurer defeats Nidhogg, forcing the shade to return to Estinien's form.
  • The adventurer and Alphinaud attempt to remove Nidhogg's eyes from Estinien, who has regained consciousness and fights the great wyrm's control. Nidhogg's spirit is laid to rest at last. The eyes are thrown into the abyss of the Sea of Clouds, while the remaining dragons of the Horde flee at the event of their master's final demise. Estinien is sent to recover, while Ishgard celebrates the true end of the Dragonsong War.
  • In the weeks that follow, massive change sweeps through Ishgard. The rule of the Archbishops and the church ends as Ishgard transitions to a republic. Aymeric de Borel is lifted to the highest seat in the new House of Lords, despite his wishes to the contrary, while the House of Commons allows the formerly lowborn to have a voice in the affairs of their home. Aymeric re-establishes a treaty with Hraesvelgr's brood and the city moves onto rebuilding, and aiding its allies in the Eorzean Alliance. Estinien resigns from his post as Azure Dragoon, and leaves on a journey of his own.
  • The Warriors of Darkness, at Elidibus;s behest, retrieve the eyes of Nidhogg for use in the Ascian's plans. Alisaie Leveilleur is discovered in her attempts to trail them, but Thancred saves her.
  • Leofald receives news that Diabolos's voidsent have captured Radlia and her crew during her search for the Void Ark. The familiar Cait Sith deduces that the voidsent are exploring the ruins of Mhach to find the Nullstone, a Mhachi artifact with the power to unmake them or strengthen them. Leofald and the adventurer lead another team to explore the city and fight the voidsent they encounter, eventually confronting the Nullstone's guardian, Calofisteri, before claiming the artifact for themselves. The voidsent Ferdiad appears with Radlia as a hostage, demanding the Nullstone in exchange for her life. Leofald dupes him and saves Radlia before the pirates escape. With the Nullstone in their possession, Cait Sith believes they are free from the Shadow Queen's threat. However, Diabolos plans to retrieve the artifact himself.
  • The VIth Imperial Legion, led by Regula, breaks through the wards placed by Urianger on the Aetherochemical Research Facility to obtain the secrets of binding primals. The Scions and Unukalhai fend them off before they can obtain them.

Soul Surrender[]

  • Alisaie and Thancred find refuge in Ishgard after fleeing from the Warriors of Darkness. However, the young Elezen was struck by a poison arrow and requires medical care. Before being taken away, she informs those present that the Ixal are planning to once more summon Garuda from their home in Xelphatol, and that the Warriors of Darkness are planning on killing her to spur them to even greater measures.
  • Aymeric has Ishgardian Knights open a path to birdmens' lair to allow the adventurer and Alphinaud to fight their way through and stop the ceremony before its completion. The Warriors of Darkness arrive with a new ally and, as a reward for beating them to the punch, share their story. Chosen heroes of Hydaelyn from the First of the thirteen reflections of the world, their actions had unleashed of a Flood of Light that threatens to devour their world completely. Unable to stop it they joined hands with the Ascians and came to the Source to usher in the next Rejoining, which would spare their world the fate of oblivion. The Warriors take their leave before the Scions can stop them.
  • Unable to track the Warriors, the Scions focus on investigating how the Ixal gathered the crystals necessary for the summoning. A recovered Alisaie joins them. With the aid of the Eorzean Alliance, they discover the crystals are being moved through the spy network left behind by Elline Roaile, most likely by Ascian hands. They determine the Kobolds to be the next tribe ready to summon and head to Camp Overlook in La Noscea to observe the situation.
  • The adventurer and Alisaie encounter a young Kobold named Ga Bu, whose parents objected to the repeated summoning of Titan and have been taken away by the High Priest to be sacrificed. With his help the Scions infiltrate O'Ghomoro and enter the Navel, however, the ritual had already begun and his parents are dead. Driven by grief, Ga Bu completes the summoning himself, calling forth a berserk incarnation of Titan that the adventurer puts down. Ga Bu enters a state of catatonia, and Alisaie implores the Maelstrom to take care of him for the hope of one day returning him to normal.
  • The Scions investigate the crystal supply once more and deduce that the Ala Mhigan Resistance has been hoarding large quantities. Heading to Little Ala Mhigo, they learn of a new faction of the resistance known as the 'Masks' led by a charismatic man known only as 'The Griffin'. Observing a speech made by one of his body doubles, the Scions encounter Papalymo and Yda, whom the Resistance took in following the events of the banquet. After meeting with the Griffin's double, they learn that the Masks have struck an accord with the Amal'jaa to gain their assistance in fighting the Garlean Empire, and that the crystals were given to them to summon Ifrit. Papalymo and Yda search the Masks' hideout to ensure no crystals remain, while the adventurer, Alphinaud, Alisaie, and Thancred head off to the Bowl of Embers to prevent the summoning.
  • They find the Warriors of Darkness, who have killed the Amal'jaa guarding the site. Having grown tired of stirring up the beastmen, they decided that killing the one person capable of saving the people from the primal threat, and other threats beside, would serve just as well to the Rejoining, and have come to put an end to the adventurer. The Scions are incapacitated, but the Warriors' mysterious ally from before rescues them, revealed to be Urianger. The Warriors of Darkness are defeated, but refusing to give up, invoke the power of their own crystals of light to escape. Urianger implores the adventurer to do the same, and the resulting resonance transports all present to the aetherial rift.
  • The Word of the Mother meets with the heroes of the First, revealing that the light of the crystals has restored enough power to Hydaelyn to set Minfilia free to act as her envoy. Minfilia joins the Warriors in their journey home to halt the Flood of Light. She shares her farewells to her friends, gifting Tupsimati to the adventurer, before the group leaves.
  • The Scions are returned to the Source, and with the primal threat dealt with, head home to the Rising Stones and report to the Alliance leaders. Alisaie and Krile officially join as members of the Scions, while Papalymo and Yda make their return. The adventurer entrusts Tupsimati to Papalymo upon his request.
  • The real Griffin is working with Elidibus to retake Ala Mhigo. Elidibus grants him Nidhogg's eyes to put the plan in motion.
  • The Illuminati use Roundrox and the power of the Enigma Codex to fully awaken Alexander. Mide, Y'shtola, the adventurer, and the Garlond Ironworks infiltrate the main Alexander sector to rescue Roundrox and shut down the primal colossus once and for all. Activation of Alexander's time powers during this expedition reveals the initial 'summoning' by Mide and her companions was instead the arrival of the displaced colossus, her companions murdered by Illuminati snipers, and her lover Dayan absorbed into Alexander itself. The adventurer and the Ironworks deactivate the crystal core, but need to head to the command center to shut the primal down for good. They rescue Roundrox, but Quickthinx ambushes them, who can use the Codex but wanted to ensure using it was safe, the sole reason he captured the young goblin. Mide, having parted ways with the party earlier to process the revelations, returns and shoots Quickthinx in the head, allowing the party to shut Alexander down. The cyborg components of the deranged goblin kick in, keeping his body alive to use the Codex to restart Alexander once more. Alexander rebels against Quickthinx, overloading his circuitry and killing him as well as destroying the Codex, before it starts using its power of its own accord. Mide hears Dayan, still alive, from within the primal, and learns of its intentions, urging the party to leave while she joins him. Alexander cuts itself off from the Hinterlands' aether flow, trapping itself in a time loop. The party learns through some history books regarding the Hotgo tribe that the primal will emerge in the past, with Mide and Dayan becoming the tribe's founders.
  • Sophia, the Goddess is freed from stasis by her thralls, themselves escaped from stasis due to the facility's failing systems. After her defeat, her remaining thralls have their life-support cut off to prevent a another summoning.
All events prior to the events of Shadowbringers take place in this period.
  • The Warriors of Darkness return to the First with Minfilia. Minfilia and the Warriors, excluding the Warriors' leader Ardbert, sacrifice themselves to stop the Flood of Light from completely consuming Norvrandt. Though the Flood is stopped, those consumed by it become sin eaters and engage with the survivors for a century while Ardbert's spirit wanders the land.
  • The Crystal Tower and a G'raha Tia from an alternate future are transported through timespace to Lakeland in the First. G'raha, having learned of the Eighth Umbral Calamity and the alchemical weapon Black Rose that caused it, agreed to a plan by Garlond Ironworks' descendants to undo the dark future two centuries after it occurs. Under the guise of the "Crystal Exarch", he rallies survivors to his cause and builds the Crystarium, later becoming the last bastion against the sin eaters.
  • Emet-Selch approaches Vauthry's father, the Mayor of Eulmore, as part of his contingency plan to rejoin the First with the Source. The Mayor agrees to have his unborn son become a Lightwarden, rendering sin eaters in his presence docile. Under Vauthry's rule, Eulmore allies with the sin eaters while becoming a hedonistic paradise, secretly feeding its citizens meol made from sin eater flesh to extend Vauthry's control over the populace.

The Far Edge of Fate[]

  • Diabolos attacks the Redbill base, stealing the Nullstone and injuring Leofald. Radlia, wanting her own revenge on the voidsent, lends her airship to aid the adventurer and Cait Sith in leading another team to track down the voidsent's base at Dun Scaith. Battling through the fortress, they defeat the awakened Scathach. Diabolos absorbs the defeated void queen's power and transcends into Diabolos Hollow, but is still defeated. Before the voidsent can make his escape, Leofald appears and causes him to drop the Nullstone, allowing Cait Sith to use its power to defeat him once and for all.
  • A pulse of aetherial power from the awakening of Zurvan, the Demon releases his thralls, who head to release and strengthen their master. Regula van Hydrus entreaties the aid of the Scions and Unukalhai. Though the Demon is defeated, the Legatus sacrifices his life to save Unukalhai, who reveals his master to be Elidibus, and that he himself is of the world formerly known as the Thirteenth, which was consumed by a Flood of Darkness and is now known as the Void.
  • Ala Mhigan Resistance fighter M'naago Rhaz makes contact with the Scions, warning them of the Griffin's plans to take Baelsar's Wall with recruits from the various Ala Mhigan refugee camps.
  • The Eorzean Alliance agrees to mobilize their forces in preparation for a potential Garlean response and stations in the East Shroud. The Scions Papalymo, Yda, Thancred are accompanied by ally Yugiri to try and make contact with the Griffin to convince him to abandon his course.
  • The Griffin has orchestrated a false flag operation, garbing his soldiers in Alliance colors to incriminate them and drag them into war, their stationing nearby playing into his plan to convince the Garleans of an Eorzean threat.
  • The adventurer is mobilized to find and capture the Griffin while Alphinaud goes to make contact with the other Scions and bring them to assist.
  • Fighting their way through both Garlean troops and Resistance soldiers, the adventurer encounters the real Griffin, the traitorous renegade Ilberd Feare, and defeats him. Ilberd reveals his true plan, having lured his 'unworthy' brethren into a trap where Garlean machina slaughter them. Using the eyes of Nidhogg as a conduit, Ilberd sacrifices himself to complete a summoning ritual using the pain and rage of the dying soldiers to create a primal whose might would eclipse Bahamut.
  • Papalymo, having arrived at the scene too late, uses Tupsimati to replicate the sealing spell Louisoix attempted to use on Bahamut, a spell that costs him his life, while the remaining party is forced to retreat. The still-forming primal is locked away, but it is only a temporary measure.
  • Doman samurai Gosetsu Daito arrives at Vesper Bay looking for his comrade Yugiri. He meets with Urianger at the Waking Sands, and is directed to the Rising Stones in Mor Dhona.
  • After grieving for their fallen companion, the Scions join the Alliance to discuss the currently bound primal. Cid Garlond offers his expertise in finding a solution, but discussion leads nowhere until former XIVth Imperial Legion Tribunus, Nero Scaeva, makes an unexpected appearance. He proposes on utilizing Omega, having found the robotic creation and studied it enough to figure out how to activate it. The Alliance agrees but has the adventurer, Yugiri, Cid, and Yda act as guards and observers.
  • The expedition team regroups at the Rising Stones, where Gosetsu reunites with Yugiri. The samurai, learning of the expedition's objectives, insists on joining them. Arriving at Omega's location in the ruins of Carteneau, an Imperial recon team led by one Grynewaht pyr Arvina accosts them. The expedition fends off the Garleans while Cid and Nero make preparations to activate Omega.
  • Once ready, Yda activates Omega's launch sequence. The robotic superweapon arrives at Baelsar's Wall, just as the primal breaks out from within its cocoon. The two beings fight over the Gyr Abanian side, causing much damage, before Omega binds the primal, launching it deeper into Gyr Abania, while the machine itself crashes into the mountains of the Fringes, breaking free of the Allagan's control and begins creating a simulation within the Interdimensional Rift to help it find ways to improve its capabilities.
  • The battle's outcome remains unknown to the Alliance, having lost sight of the two entities in the carnage. Not wanting to leave Omega and the primal, dubbed 'Shinryu', where the Garleans can obtain them, and resolving themselves to an inevitable war, the Alliance pushes into Gyr Abania by taking Baelsar's Wall. Flame General Raubahn is nominated commander of the combined forces.
  • "Yda" reveals her true identity as Lyse, the original's younger sister, while Gosetsu reveals himself to have come to retrieve Yugiri on behalf of their master.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

  • The Alliance takes Baelsar's Wall, and establishes a base camp in Castrum Oriens. They petition the Scions' aid in making contact with the local Ala Mhigan Resistance faction. Lyse volunteers to head this venture, having already met with them prior. Gosetsu and Yugiri depart for Othard and Doma to aid in their peoples' struggles.
  • Faction leader and Resistance representative Conrad Kemp agrees to an alliance with the Eorzean army. The Scions participate in a variety of reconnaissance and sting operations to help the Alliance gain a stronger foothold in the region. Scion Arenvald Lentinus, another wielder of the Echo, joins in the effort to free his birthplace.
  • Ala Mhigan Imperial Viceroy Zenos yae Galvus discovers and personally leads a raid on the Resistance Headquarters in Rhalgr's Reach, defeating the adventurer and gravely injuring Y'shtola. The raid leaves many dead, and the Resistance in shambles.
  • The Alliance regroups, temporarily withdrawing their advance. Needing to assist the Resistance in rebuilding, the Alliance and the Scions deem that waging a war on two fronts would distract the Garleans enough to provide them time to gather resources. The adventurer, Lyse, Alisaie, and Alphinaud journey to Othard to make contact with Gosetsu and Yugiri and assist the Doman Resistance. With the aid of Tataru. They "convince" Kraken's Arms Captain Carvellain to lend his ship in their expedition.
  • The Scions arrive in the port city of Kugane where East Aldenard Trading Company representative Hancock Fitzgerald greets them and hosts them during their mission on behalf of Lolorito. During their investigation of the Doman duo's whereabouts, they meet with Kojin merchant Soroban and learn that their allies intended to head west across the Ruby Sea.
  • Gosetsu is revealed to be in Sekiseigumi custody, but has won his freedom through duels. He joins the Scions in following Yugiri's trail to Yanxia, while Alphinaud and Tataru remain in Kugane to coordinate their efforts.
  • The Scions make contact with the Confederacy, a band of pirates formed from exiles from both Doma following the Garlean occupation, and Hingashi. The Confederacy has been suffering from the Garleans refusing to acknowledge their authority over the region, which has resulted in Hingashi also refusing to deal with them due to wanting to stay on the Imperial power's good side.
  • Acting Imperial Viceroy of Doma, Yotsuyu goe Brutus, arrives in the village of Iseri alongside Grynewaht, reassigned as her guard. Her persecution of the villagers causes Gosetsu to reveal himself and be taken prisoner to spare them her wrath.
  • The Scions appeal to the Confederacy to gain their aid in driving out the Imperial presence in the region and rescue Gosetsu. The Confederacy disagrees as the Imperials have the Red Kojin's support.
  • The Scions meet with Soroban in his village of Tamamizu. Though the Blue Kojin are not warriors like the Red, the village elder reveals a means that would cause the Red Kojin to abandon their posts in the region: a raid on their sacred vault.
  • To gain access to the vault, the Scions are granted a blessing so they can breathe underwater. The elder asks the Scions to find a lost treasure and return it to the vault during their mission. The Scions make contact with the Raen of Sui-no-Sato, also the birthplace of Yugiri, and ask for their assistance in repelling the Garleans, though they refuse.
  • With the treasure found, the Scions raid the Ilse of Zekki and break into the Blessed Treasury. A resonance of the beliefs of the Kojin and the treasure summons Susano, Lord of the Revel.
  • Susano is defeated, and the Red Kojin scramble to defend their home. The Confederacy seizes the opportunity and drives out the isolated Garlean forces in a series of raids. Yotsuyu is forced to abandon Iseri and Gosetsu, who reunites with the Scions. The Ruby Sea is freed of Garlean influence.
  • The Confederacy pledges their assistance to the Scions in whatever endeavor they undertake in Othard. Alphinaud rejoins the party as they head into Yanxia.
  • The party reunites with Yugiri, who has found her master, Hien. Hien refuses to start another rebellion unless the people of Yanxia still have the will to fight. The Scions aid the Doman Resistance in freeing conscripts, and aiding the peoples in hopes of relighting the fire for freedom.
  • Zenos yae Galvus has arrived in Yanxia to fulfill his duties as viceroy, including a tour of the region. Yugiri and the adventurer fail to assassinate the Imperial heir, and are saved by the intervention of the Doman people who have decided to rebel once more.
  • Zenos, wishing for someone to be able to challenge him, sees the adventurer as a potential worthy foe, and leaves the defense of Doma to Yotsuyu. Word arrives from Gyr Abania that the Garleans forces stationed there have claimed Shinryu and Zenos returns.
  • Alphinaud and Alisaie stay in Yanxia to help coordinate the Domans' efforts while Yugiri leads the adventurer, Lyse, and Gosetsu to the Azim Steppe to meet with Hien. The young lord wishes to obtain the forces of the Xaela tribes by participating in the Naadam as a warrior of the Mol tribe, and asks his new allies to join them. After obtaining proof of their ability to participate and meeting with the various tribes, including the Dotharl and Oronir, the party joins the Mol in the Naadam. The adventurer claims victory for the Mol, and is crowned the new Khagan of the tribes. They allocate the Mol elder as their representative and gain the tribes' assistance in reclaiming Doma. The party returns to Yanxia to coordinate an assault to remove the Garlean presence.
  • Fordola rem Lupis captures Krile and presents her to Zenos who has his head scientist, Aulus mal Asina, experiment on her to unlock the mysteries of the Echo.
  • The Imperial forces of Doma have entrenched themselves in Doma Castle. Hien concocts a radical plan to flood the castle and route out the remaining forces with the aid of Confederacy and the Blue Kojin, while the Xaela and Doman soldiers deal with ground troops.
  • Hien, Yugiri, Gosetsu and the adventurer lead a raid on the castle to find Yotsuyu. The adventurer defeats a Magitek-enhanced Grynewaht. Hien strikes down Yotsuyu who activates bombs hidden in the castle roof in revenge. Gosetsu sacrifices himself to allow the group to escape by holding the roof. The castle collapses and Gosetsu and Yotsuyu's bodies are not found among the wreckage.
  • With the apparent death of their acting leader, the remaining Garleans retreat, and Doma is free of Imperial rule. Hien vows to aid the Scions in retaking Ala Mhigo once domestic affairs have been settled.
  • The Scions arrive in Limsa Lominsa and learn of Krile's fate. They rejoin with the Eorzean Alliance to begin their comeback in Gyr Abania. Doma's liberation has diverted Imperial forces to quelling other would-be rebellions in their territories, isolating the XIIth Imperial Legion from supplies.
  • The Alliance and reformed Ala Mhigan Resistance name this second push "Operation: Rhalgr's Beacon". Their first operation sees the Alliance engage Imperial forces to allow the Resistance to capture the Velodyna Bridge.
  • Fordola, the outpost commander, is forced to withdraw. The princess of the Qalyana Ananta, taken as a hostage, is killed when her kin attempt to retrieve her in the aftermath. The leader of the Qalyana summons the Ananta goddess, Sri Lakshmi, as a primal in her grief. The adventurer is forced to confront and slay this newborn deity.
  • Zenos tempts Fordola, who is suffering from humiliation at her loss by Imperials, to give in to her desire for power, convincing her to be the first candidate to undergo the 'Resonant' procedure.
  • The combined armies push into the southern half of the Peaks, taking the town of Ala Ghana, and begin to plan an assault on Specula Imperatoris. Fordola, now with the power of an artificial Echo, is given command of Castrum Abania.
  • The Alliance begins their push on Specula Imperatoris. Fordola, under Zenos's orders, commands the firing of Castrum Abania's ceruleum canon on the tower. Many soldiers from both sides perish in the chaos, including Conrad. With his last breath, he bequeaths command of his Resistance faction and the position of spokesperson to Lyse.
  • Estinien, who goes by his moniker "Estinien Wyrmblood", is on his own mission to hunt down the Eyes of Nidhogg and disables the ceruleum cannon. The Alliance sends a force consisting of Alphinaud, Alisaie, Lyse, the adventutrer, and other soldiers to capture Castrum Abania. Fordola displays her new powers, gravely injuring Alisaie and evading defeat, but the base falls into Eorzean hands.
  • The Alliance arrives in the Lochs before Ala Mhigo.
  • The Alliance prepares to invade Ala Mhigo. Their advance is momentarily stifled by airborne Magitek, but are reinforced by aerial cavalry led by Lord Hien.
  • As war rages within the city, the adventurer and their allies fight their way into Ala Mhigo's throne room and confront Zenos.
  • Defeated, Zenos retreats to The Royal Menagerie and beckons the adventurer to follow. There, Zenos reveals the captured Shinryu and, using his Resonant powers, possesses the primal and fights the Warrior of Light once more.
  • Shinryu is defeated, driving Zenos from its body. Ecstatic from finally recieving a true challenge, Zenos bids farewell to the adventurer, slits his own throat with his katana, and dies. The Alliance ousts the XIIth Legion from Ala Mhigo, and buries Zenos's corpse in Bloodhowe.
  • In the Fringes, Nero tol Scaena observes Omega's crash site as being filled with a strange violet fluid. Nero is hired into the Ironworks to assist with investigating Omega.
  • While investigating Omega's whereabouts, a strange-looking chocobo emerges from the crash site, chased by a winged serpent. Sensing Omega's presence, Midgardsormr reawakens. Following the chocobo into violet substance, the adventurer, Cid, Nero, Biggs, Wedge, and Midgardsormr find themselves in the Interdimensional Rift.
  • Fighting through the Rift, the Ironworks come across an egg-shaped container known as the Deltascape and are recruited by Omega as test subjects, tasked with defeating the beings held within.
  • Biggs and Wedge leave the Rift and head to Omega Command in the Carteneau Flats seeking a way to deactivate Omega.
  • When the adventurer defeats the final opponent, Omega deletes the Deltascape.
  • Sensing Biggs and Wedge in its control chamber, Omega summons a beast to attack them. Though they slay the creature, both are grievously injured. When the pair fails to return, Cid and the adventurer travel to Omega Command where Omega delivers an ultimatum: The adventurer will continue being a test subject, or the machine will begin killing innocent people, declaring itself "an enemy to all life on this star".

The Legend Returns[]

  • The Prima Vista, company airship of the Majestic Imperial Theater Company, docks in Kugane. Believing the "Zodiac Brave" tale to be more than fiction, the troupe leader Jenomis cen Lexentale sent a part of his company to Royal City of Rabanastre, but lost contact with them. The adventurer travels to Rabanastre, but finds the city destroyed, its only inhabitants being monstrous Lucavi and opportunistic looters. Before the adventurer can retrieve a mysterious stone the Lucavi left behind, the bangaa pirate Ba'Gamnan steals it.
  • Seeking funds to rebuild the newly-liberated Ala Mhigo, the adventurer, Alphinaud, and Arenvald seek the treasure of Ala Mhigo's last king, Theodoric, discovering it sealed beneath Loch Seld and the palace, within The Drowned City of Skalla.
  • With the Ala Mhigan refugees in Thanalan able to return home, Sultana Nanamo consults Syndicate members for advice on how to assist with the transition.
  • Lyse gathers representatives from around Gyr Abania to discuss the development of Ala Mhigo's new government.
  • Suspicious of the Qalyana Ananta representative, Raubahn increases security within Ala Mhigo.
  • The Qalyana representative summons Sri Lakshmi in Ala Mhigo's throne room using crystals hidden by a tempered soldier. Lyse releases Fordola from her prison cell to assist the adventurer and Arenvald in defeating the primal. Fordola willingly returns to her cell afterward.
  • Sultana Nanamo officially dismisses Raubahn as General of the Immortal Flames and strips him of his seat on the Syndicate, allowing him to return to Ala Mhigo. Pipin Tarupin is promoted to Flame General in Raubahn's place. Lyse in turn bestows command of the Ala Mhigan resistance to Raubahn.

Rise of a New Sun[]

  • Omega's first wave of experimentation concludes, with Omega deleting the losing Omegascapes. The machine calls for the adventurer once more, pitting them against the denizens of the Sigmascape. During combat with the Guardian, Omega ambushes Nero with a created monster. Nero destroys it, but is heavily injured. He hides his injuries from Cid and the adventurer. After defeating the final challenger, Nero collapses from his wounds, with Cid taking him to Rhalgr's Reach for medical attention. Omega, noting that heroes tend to unlock their true potential when near death, places the adventurer in an inescapable death trap. Midgardsormr partially rebuilds his original body and frees the adventurer from the trap, lecturing Omega. Omega allows the adventurer to leave the Rift.
  • Hancock contacts the Scions, revealing to them a rumor of two people matching the descriptions of Gosetsu and Yotsuyu having been spotted walking the streets of Kugane. Gosetsu is said to have sold his katana to a merchant. A thorough investigation ensues, resulting in Alphinaud purchasing Gosetsu's katana back from the merchant and the Scions following Gosetsu to the Ruby Sea.
  • A Garlean Gunship is spotted assaulting the Confederate stronghold of Sakazuki. The Scions find Gosetsu and Yotsuyu within the stronghold. The Scions and Confederates combat the Umperial troops and force them to retreat.
  • Gosetsu reveals to the Scions that Yotsuyu has amnesia, though they remain wary of her.
  • Reuniting with Yugiri, the group meets with Hien in the House of the Fierce and discuss the Garleans' return in the Far East.
  • A Garlean airship arrives in Yanxia. Traveling to Castrum Fluminis, Hien, Yugiri, and the adventurer are met by Asahi sas Brutus, Yotsuyu's step-brother. Representing the Populares, a sect of Garlean citizens opposed to the empire's warlike nature, Asahi proposes an exchange of prisoners as a sign of goodwill between Garlemald and the newly-liberated Doma.
  • While deliberating over the proposal, Asahi wanders Yanxia alongside Yugiri, Alisaie, and the adventurer.
  • The four are interrupted by the screams of a pair of children from Namai under attack by a squad of red Kojin. The Kojin are swiftly defeated.
  • Yugiri, Alisaie, and the adventurer return to Hien, who reveals he will agree to Asahi's prisoner exchange.
  • After receiving Hien's answer, Asahi visits Yotsuyu and determines she is not fit to return to Garlemald.
  • While seeing Asahi off to prepare for the exchange, Asahi speaks to the adventurer alone and reveals his true colors.

Under the Moonlight[]

  • The other bangaa of Ba'Gamnan's crew arrive on the Prima Vista, worried that the Duma auracite he stole is manipulating him. The crew track Ba'Gamnan to the Ridorana Lighthouse. Fighting through more Lucavi as well as ancient Gougan machinery, the adventurer confronts Ba'Gamnan at the top of the lighthouse. Ba'Gamnan, hallucinating that his former comrades are Garleans and the adventurer as Noah van Gabranth, succumbs to the Duma's power and is transformed into Yiazmat, whom the adventurer slays. Though everything seems fine, Jenomis's daughter Alma is unwell.
  • Hien allows Yotsuyu to live out the rest of her life as "Tsuyu".
  • During discussions of returning Yotsuyu to the empire, Asahi introduces their parents and Yotsuyu regains memories of her abuse.
  • Returning to the Doman Enclave, Yotsuyu's memories slowly begin to return. During the night and overcome with guilt, she attempts suicide, but her parents interrupt her. When they begin to abuse her once more, Yotsuyu turns her blade on them, killing them both.
  • Asahi confronts Yotsuyu and coerces her into seeking revenge. Together, they leave the Enclave.
  • Hien, Alphinaud, and the adventurer arrive at Castrum Fluminis for the prisoner exchange.
  • Yotsuyu uses a Kojin relic to transform herself into the primal Tsukuyomi. Asahi attempts to call the prisoner exchange off, on the grounds that a Doman had summoned an eikon.
  • The adventurer defeats Tsukuyomi and as she lay dying, a furious Asahi shoots and kicks her. Using the last of her power as Tsukuyomi, Yotsuyu impales Asahi on her swords.
  • The adventurer receives an Echo vision of Asahi meeting with "Zenos", revealing him to be the mastermind behind his plan.
  • Unaware of Asahi's true intentions, his second in command, Maxima quo Priscus, takes lead of the prisoner exchange, seeing it through as intended.
  • Concerned about Ascian involvement with Zenos's supposed return, Alphinaud returns to Garlemald with Maxima.
  • Distraught from Tsuyu's death, Gosetsu retires from Hien's service to wander the world.
  • Returning to Gyr Abania, the adventurer and Alisaie convince the Ala Mhigan resistance to exhume Zenos's grave. To their horror, they find it empty. An Elezen resistance member watches this from afar.
  • In the Imperial palace, Emperor Varis zos Galvus discusses the eikon-summoning with Zenos.
  • The Elezen resistance member tinkers with a heap of scrap Magitek in Castrum Abania and cuts down a Roegadyn resistance member who discovers him. The Elezen is Zenos reborn, and the "Zenos" in Garlemald is an Ascian in his body. Zenos repairs a Sky Armor and flies away in it.
  • On their way to Garlemald, the Populares's airship is shot down over Burn (Final Fantasy XIV). The survivors are accosted by Garlean soldiers and Magitek, but are aided by a trio of Ascian hunters led by the Shadowhunter. With no other option, the Populares follows the Shadowhunter.

Prelude in Violet[]

  • The final phase of Omega's experiments conclude, leaving the strongest member of the Psiscape to combat the adventurer. Omega reconstructs a version of Midgardsormr as a "bonus" challenge before they are allowed to confront Omega itself. Once Midgardsormr is defeated, Omega acknowledges the adventurer's strength and prepares to engage them directly and is defeated. Thanking the Ironworks for their service, Omega begins tearing down the Omegascape, leaving Cid and the adventurer to die. Thanks to Alpha's quick intervention, the two survive and are carried to a platform floating in the middle of nothingness, upon which Omega has reduced itself to a ball of liquid metal. In a last-ditch attempt to comprehend mortal power, Omega forms itself two bodies and uses the data it had gathered to mimic mortals. Omega is still unable to defeat the adventurer and Cid explains what it means to truly have a mortal's power. Satisfied with Cid's answer, Omega fades away, sending a copy of its conciousness to a miniature facsimilie of itself that Wedge had built. Alpha leaves the Ironworks to wander Eorzea, with the unknowingly reborn Omega following behind.
  • Y'shtola, concerned with the summoning of a primal in the Far East, travels to Doma to conduct research.
  • Thancred calls Alisaie and the adventurer to Ala Mhigo to report on a tour of espionage in Garlemald, confirming the Scions' theory that Zenos has been replaced by an impostor. Thancred relays a message from Alphinaud, but the only words he could make out were "the Burn".
  • Alisaie and the adventurer return to Doma to inform Hien of the situation involving the Burn. Y'shtola reports her research findings: crystals mined recently have been deaspected, and worship of relics could fuel a primal in lieu of actual worship of a deity.
  • Alisaie, Hien, Yugiri, and the adventurer fly to the Burn on Yols in search of Alphinaud. Though unable to locate him, the group discovers both Allagan ruins and the Populares's crash site.
  • Hien proposes using an aetherial shield to defend the Far East from further Garlean attacks. Recalling details of Xaela mythology from his time in the Azim Steppes, Hien believes certain mysterious pillars could help with his idea.
  • Hien, Y'shtola, and the adventurer travel to the House of the Crooked Coin in the Azim Steppe. Studying the pillar there, Y'shtola confirms that it contains enough aether to power the shield.
  • The three consult Cirina about permission to use the pillar and are informed that they would need to convince the Dotharl tribe to continue their plan.
  • Visiting the Dotharl camp, Sadu agrees to letting the group use the pillar on the condition that the adventurer faces her in one-on-one combat.
  • During the duel, Magnai attempts to interrupt, but Hien and Y'shtola bar him from interfering and he engages in combat with them. Both Sadu and Magnai are defeated, and they pledge their allegiances to the adventurer once more.
  • The adventurer and Y'shtola are called to Ala Mhigo for a meeting regarding the Ascian in Zenos's body. Thancred proposes sending Doman shinobi to Garlemald to spread a rumor that Zenos had died in Ala Mhigo and his corpse is now controlled by a demon to sow discord among the noble courts.
  • During the meeting, the Scions are suddenly wracked with pain as they hear a voice. Most of the Scions recover, but Thancred collapses and is unresponsive. Kan-E-Senna diagnoses that Thancred has been Called, his soul separated from his body.
  • Returning to the Rising Stones, the Scions meet with Urianger, reporting to him both Thancred's Calling as well as the trend of unearthing deaspected crystals in Yanxia, which Urianger refers to as an aetheric thinning. The Scions are again wracked with pain, with Y'shtola and Urianger collapsing as their souls are Called as well.
  • Alisaie and the adventurer visit Ga Bu in Limsa Lominsa, whose condition is unchanged.
  • In Garlemald, "Zenos" reports to Varis, recommending that the empire launch a counterattack against Ala Mhigo immediately, but Varis refuses to acknowledge him. Once "Zenos" leaves, a man steps from behind the throne and berates both Elidibus's boring nature and Varis's lack of action, revealing himself as both the late Solus zos Galvus and an Ascian. During Solus's rant, Varis draws a gun and shoots Solus dead, only for the Ascian to reappear in an identical body.
  • Within the empire, the Shadowhunter's group and Alphinaud, sans Populares, come across a rebel encampment full of corpses who died without struggle. The Shadowhunter identifies the cause of death as the chemical weapon Black Rose.

A Requiem for Heroes[]

  • Alma's necklace reveals itself as a piece of Auracite and envelops her in darkness, taking her to the Golmore Jungle. The Prima Vista quickly follows, but once there, the being in the Auracite returns Alma in exchange for Jenomis's son Ramza. The adventurer travels through Orbonne Monastery in search of him. They encounter three souls bound to the monastery in preparation for a hero who could finally destroy Ultima, the High Seraph and testing their abilities. Passing the tests, the adventurer confronts Ultima and defeats her, freeing both Ramza and the Zodiac Braves who bound themselves.
  • The Populares are granted asylum in Ala Mhigo. The Empire is preparing to invade Ala Mhigo, while the adventurer and Alisaie are struck by the Calling once again.
  • The adventurer and Alisaie attend the test activation of a barrier at the Burn. A Garlean warship lands with the Shadowhunter emerging from it with a comatose Alphinaud. The Shadowhunter reveals himself as Gaius Baelsar, having defected from the Empire, and divulges information regarding the Ascian hierarchy, the Black Rose weapon, and an Allagan cloning facility housing spare bodies of the late emperor Solus.
  • The adventurer, Alisaie, and Hien parley between the Eorzean Alliance and Emperor Varis who reveals Garlemald's true goal of causing multiple Rejoinings to restore the original race from which the Source and all thirteen shards derive from. Varis believes that once rejoined, they could defeat the Ascians together. The Alliance rejects this and the conflict escalates into open warfare, emerging victorious against the first wave. Alisaie is afflicted by the Calling and falls comatose.
  • The adventurer returns to Ala Mhigo and engages Elidibus, only for their soul to be called by G'raha. He enlists their help in saving the First and directs the adventurer to locate a beacon at the base of the Crystal Tower in Mor Dhona. As Elidibus is about to deliver the killing blow, Estinien rescues the adventurer, spiriting them away to Ishgard.
  • Tataru Taru, Garlond Ironworks, and the Sons of Saint Coinach search for the beacon. The real Zenos arrives too late to the Ghimlyt Dark and declares he will reclaim what is rightfully his: his body. Following this, enabled by his Resonant powers, he possesses the body of the Centurion he just killed.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

  • The Scions were called to the First, one of the thirteen reflections. Since time flows differently in the First, they have been there for years, while it has only been months at best in the Source. Thancred has been there for five years and adopted the use of gunblade. Urianger and Y'shtola have both been for three years, and Urianger has taken on Astrology while Y'shtola has become a member of the Night's Blessed and adopted the use of black magic. Alphinaud and Alisaie have both been there for one year.
  • Having received instruction to go the Syrcus Tower to find the beacon, the Warrior of Light goes there, and travels through an interdimensional barrier, which brings him into the First. The Warrior travels to Crystarium, a town built around a Crystal Tower. He meets with G'raha, who uses the moniker Crystal Exarch. He reveals the First was struck by a Flood of Light, that nearly wiped out the entire world. Only through intervention of Minfilia leaving only the region of Norvrandt intact. It is under siege by sin eaters, creatures acting purely on instinct, that kill all those they find, transforming tem into more sin eaters. G'raha directs the Warrior to Kholusia and Amh Araeng, where he can meet with Alphinaud and Alisaie, respectively.
  • In Kholusia, Alphinaud informs the Warrior he has been trying to use his diplomatic skills to form relations between Crystarium and Kholusia's capital, Eulmore. However, Eulmore is under totalitarian rule by Lord Vauthry, who believes his rule is the only salvation for the people of Norvrandt. After finally gaining an audience with Vauthry, it is revealed he has some control over sin eaters, but Alphinaud antagonizes him and he and the Warrior leave.
  • In Amh Araeng, Alisaie has been acting as a vigilante, fighting off sin eaters and protecting those, who have come contact with them. These people are doomed to become sin eaters. Alisaie has been taking care of these people alongside girl named Tesleen. However, an unfortunate attack by a sin eater causes Tesleen to be directly stabbed by it, and she transforms into a sin eater. Seeing her friend fallen, Alisaie returns to Crystarium.
  • G'raha reveals the main source of the light plaguing the First are Lightwardens, sin eaters more powerful than those normally seen. If it is ever killed, the Light within them would only possess a nearby person, resurrecting them. One such sin eater assaults a village of Holminster Switch. G'raha reveals the Warrior has the power to vanquish the Lightwardens due to his blessing, which is capable of absorbing the Light from the Wardens without any immediate side effects. By doing this he can restore the night sky to regions of Norvrandt, and thus become the Warrior of Darkness. The Warrior answers the attack on Holminster alongside G'raha, Alphinaud, Alisaie and guard captain Lyna. Together, they bring down the Lightwarden Philia and the Warrior absorbs its Light, restoring the night sky to Crystarium and nearby regions.
  • Back in the Source, Estinien has allied with Shadowhunter to raid Imperial Bases in an attempt to destroy the Black Rose.
  • The defeat of the Lightwarden causes Vauthry to enrage, that someone dares to resist his perfect order. At the same time, Thancred frees a girl named Minfilia from Eulmore and attempts to deliver her to Crystarium. However, Vauthry sends Eulmoran forces under general Ran'jit's leadership to intercept Thancred and Minfilia, and also bring him the heads of those, who resist him. G'raha formulates a daring plan to rescue the two while giving the Scions an opportunity to defeat the remaining Lightwardens. With the assistance from Crystarium Guard, the Eulmoran attack is halted, and the Scions reunite with Thancred and Minfilia, Together, they flee to Il Mheg, the domain of pixies where Urianger has made his home.
  • Upon arrival in Il Mheg, the group is met with the pixies at Lydha Llran. After a number of tasks, the group meets with Urianger, before enlisting help from the Nu Mou and Amaro, and Fuath in obtaining the four relics to confront the Lightwarden of Il Mheg: Titania. After obtaining the crown from Dohn Mheg, and the remaining relics from the region, the Warrior of Darkness confronts Titania in The Dancing Plague.
  • During the battle with Titania, Ran'jit and his troops make an appearance in Il Mheg in pursuit of the criminals who have kidnapped the Oracle. Ran'jit quickly nullified the pixies and their "playing," and drew Alphinaud and company out of hiding. Before the Eulmoran troops can cause any damage, night returns to the skies of Il Mheg, signifying the defeat of the Lightwarden. Feo Ul, a pixie familiar whom befriends the Warrior of Darkness upon their arrival in the Crystarium, takes the new mantle of Titania as the rightful king of the fae folk. Titania then descends upon the Eulmoran troops, and, with the assistance of the Nu Mou, Amaro and Fuath, drives them from the kingdom of Il Mheg.
  • After defeating the second Lightwarden, the group returns to the first and is met by Emperor Solus zos Galvus, the founder of the Garlean Empire in the Source. He introduces himself as Emet-Selch, and Ascian. Emet-Selch explains his motives behind his activity in the First, and after explaining his attempts at bringing about the Rejoining of the shards to the Source, he offers aid and co-operation in the group's endeavor to restore darkness to the First. The Scions decline, and Emet-Selch continues to watch from the shadows.
  • Three Lightwardens remain in the First, and the next target becomes The Rak'tika Greatwood, where the group intends to meet with Y'shtola. After a brief misunderstanding between Y'shtola and the Warrior of Darkness, the group is welcomed into Slitherbough. Y'shtola believes the Lightwarden resides in the ancient city of Ronka, located in the eastern neck of the Greatwood. Y'shtola and the Warrior would eventually look for a means to decipher a text: a treaty from an Ancient Emperor of Ronka that may convince the guardians of Yx'mal to allow them to search in the area for the Lightwarden.
  • In Eulmore, the Crystal Exarch confronts Vauthry regarding the fate of the world as it stands and the two offer their differing views on humanity and its faith.
  • Ran'jit makes another appearance, now declaring Slitherbough and the rest of the Greatwood as part of the Eulmoran empire, leaving the ruling of the territory to the Children of the Everlasting Dark - an opposing faith to the Night's Blessed whom also resides in the Greatwood. Deeming the purpose of Eulmore's presence in the Greatwood to be solely to protect the region's Lightwarden, Y'shtola and the group head for Yx'mal with the tablet.
  • After retrieving a medallion bearing the crest of Ronka, the group convinces the Viis of Fanow to accept their aid. After a note from one villager regarding seeing a creature that may resemble the Lightwarden in The Qitana Ravel, Y'shtola and the Warrior embark on a quest to unseal the Ravel to dispel the warden. While solving puzzles in a pyramid that would release the flow of aether back to the Ravel to unlock it, a scout of the Viis reports that Ran'jit and his troops had entered the pyramid after poisoning the population of Slitherbough. Ran'jit intercepts the group, and eventually comes to a standstill with his subordinate, whom triggers a trap that opens a vast chasm in the floor. The two are stranded across the chasm with Y'shtola and the Warrior, and the subordinate bargains the antidote for the poison in exchange for the Eulmorans' safety. Ran'jit then kicks his subordinate into the chasm for negotiating with the enemy, as Y'shtola jumps down to retrieve the antidote and toss it to the Warrior before falling into the chasm, causing a gust of wind to flow upward. The remainder of their tandem arrives shortly after, where Urianger pulls Ran'jit over the chasm with Rescue, allowing Thancred to knock him into the pit with an aerial strike.
  • The group returns to Fanow, where Runar was brough to administer the antidote for the poison. Emet-Selch was found by the Viis is brought to Fanow. After the group realizes that Y'shtola may have invoked the Flow spell once more, Emet-Selch offers to find and restore Y'shtola's spirit from the lifestream. Emet-Selch explains to the Warrior the meaning of a mural seen during Y'shtola's work of translating the tablet. He notes the Calamity of the original world, along with the roles of Hydaelyn and Zodiark. He reveals that Zodiark's original summoning was brough on by the Ascians - the ones who remained after the demise of the original world. He further explains that Zodiark and Hydaelyn were the first, and most powerful primals. After Yshtola's revival, the group enters the Qitana Ravel and slays the third Lightwarden.
  • In the Source, Shadowhunter hears rumor of a general disappearing from the Ghimlyt Dark. Zenos, from the distance and still hosting the body of the centurion, looks to find true satisfaction in battle as he did with the Warrior in Ala Mhigo.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]