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Final Fantasy XIV features several major story arcs. A player, taking the role of an adventurer, first experiences their home nation story, before these arcs converge into one.

With the relaunch to A Realm Reborn, version 1.0 storylines have concluded and are no longer accessible—a first in the series. This page features summaries of the main scenario story arcs up until the end of A Realm Reborn alongside major side story questlines.

Version 1.0 Story Summary[edit | edit source]

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Nation state storylines[edit | edit source]

Limsa Lominsa[edit | edit source]

The ship is attacked.

On a ship to Limsa Lominsa, an adventurer wakes up hearing a soft singing voice, yet cannot see anyone resembling a songstress around. An ethereal voice calls for them to "Hear... Feel... Think..." Upon exploring the ship, the vessel is attacked by a horde of sea beasts. With the help of Sthalmann and Y'shtola, the beasts are defeated, but a giant sea serpent attacks and nearly destroys the ship.

After exploring the town, the adventurer reaches the fisherman's guild Fisherman's Bottom, and is asked by Wawalago to escort Sisipu to the Oschon's Torch lighthouse. There, they notice something is wrong and investigate the area, finding dead bodies and two suspicious characters talking, Emerick and Travanchet, speaking about an agreement Emerick wants to make with the Sahagin. When spotted by the adventurer both pretend to be mere pullers and leave. Back in town, the adventurer discovers the Sahagin have been frequently attacking lately, with the latest targets being the lighthouse and a fleet of the Knights of the Barracuda.

On a later mission, Baderon speaks about a mysterious island called Seal Rock, whose legend is famous amongst the people of Limsa Lominsa. Speaking with some of the Drowning Wench's patrons, the adventurer meets Y'shtola again, who reveals that she is searching for a shadowless man accused of assisting the Sahagin.

Out of leads, Baderon tells the adventurer that the young Lalafell Sisipu wants to talk with them. She reveals the location of a secret fishing hole, and asks to meet there. Upon arriving, the adventurer finds 1st Squadron Commodore Sthalmann and after a long conversation, learns that he believes the young pirate Emerick to be the one responsible for betraying his squadron to the Sahagin, although he's not sure about the details.

Y'shtola and Rhoswen fighting.

Back in town, Mealvaan's Gate is attacked by the Sanguine Sirens, an all-female pirate gang led by Rhoswen, who are searching for Emerick. Y'shtola soon appears and stalls the pirates until the Barracuda Knights arrive. Before leaving, she briefs the adventurer on the secrets of Seal Rock island.

After these events, the adventurer learns that Emerick is being held prisoner on one of the Knights of Barracuda galleons, and must infiltrate the ship. A Sahagin ship is spotted closing in fast, however, so the adventurer has to locate Emerick as quick as possible. Arriving at the galleon's lower deck, the adventurer finds Emerick and Merodaulyn of the Sanguine Sirens ready to battle. The player can choose which one to help, but discovers this fight was merely a diversion prepared by the two. Before being able to acquire any information, the ship is swallowed by a massive wave created by the same Sea Serpent that was spotted earlier.

Y'shtola casts a magic barrier to protect the adventurer, who later awakens on one of Limsa Lominsa's docks with the Miqo'te's words ringing in their head: "Find the key".

The Sea Battle against the Sahagin.

Learning about another Sahagin attack, the adventurer goes to the Gods's Grip to investigate, only to find Commodore Sthalmann and Y'shtola engaged in battle. Suddenly, the adventurer is blinded by a bright light, only to find themselves alone after their sight returns.

Travanchet steals the key.

Searching around, the adventurer witnesses Sthalmann, Merodaulyn, and Emerick holding a rushed conversation, and learns that the trio is planning to claim the treasure of Seal Rock for their own gain. Y'shtola again appears before the adventurer, who claims that they have the ability to view the happenings of the past. A meteor shower erupts from skies right after, raining light down upon the adventurer and the others.

As soon as it ends, a strange man appears and fights against Y'shtola, stealing the key before returning to the shadows. The adventurer loses consciousness soon after.

Awakening in Limsa Lominsa once again, the adventurer only recalls a voice talking about "The Echo". Speaking with Baderon, they learn that a man called Blackburn carried the adventurer there and left a message, telling them to visit the Path of the Twelve, located in the Merchant's Ward of Ul'dah.

The story is then continued in the Path of the Twelve arc.

Ul'dah[edit | edit source]

The Goobbue manages to free himself.

An adventurer wakes up hearing a soft singing voice, and notices that their carriage had just arrived at the town of Ul'dah. Entering the city's gates, the adventurer is met with an ethereal voice that calls for them to "Hear... Feel... Think..." Suddenly, the skies turn black and a starshower rains down before being replaced with the fireworks of a grand procession.

The festivities begin and everything seems to be going well, but a Goobbue breaks free of its bindings and wreaks havoc on the city until it is deterred by the combined efforts of Thancred, Niellefresne and the adventurer.

The adventurer makes their way to the Quicksand, the Adventurer's Guild of Ul'dah, and speaks to its proprietor Momodi. She begins to speak about some ways to earn coin around the town, when the Thancred comes in and interrupts the conversation. He mentions talks of war against the Garlean Empire, which Momodi confirms along with some rumors that the earlier Goobbue incident may have been caused by imperial interference.

After exploring the town, the adventurer enters the Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern in Ul'dah, home to the Miner's Guild, and witnesses a commotion involving a thaumaturge named Corguevais, accused of entering the mining shafts illegally. The adventurer tries to calm everyone down with little success, until the twin Lalafell brothers Popokkuli and Seserukka enter the guild and kick the troublemakers out.

Linette, a representative of the mining guild, mentions that their primary concern lately is with illegal miners provoking accidents. She asks the adventurer to go to Camp Black Brush and inform them of the guild's intent to strengthen their punitive measures.

Ascillia mourns her father's death.

The adventurer, accompanied by the Miqo'te F'lhaminn, reaches Camp Black Brush where they find a wounded girl named Ascilia. Thancred appears and says he was the one who led Ascilia to the camp, as she was seeking out an enemy of her father. Corguevais approaches and tries to aid her, but she retaliates and accuses him of allowing the Goobbue to escape in town, gravely injuring her father.

Back in town, the adventurer visits the Alchemist's guild where Ascilia's father, Warburton, was being treated before passing away. Corguevais speaks with the girl once again, and she says that her father came to Ul'dah to warn everyone of a terrible danger.

Back in the Adventurer's Guild, the adventurer speaks with Momodi before Thancred arrives and overhears the conversation. Momodi then recalls that Thancred was summoned to discuss the notion that Garlean spies may have infiltrated the city.

The funeral rites for Warburton begin soon after, and F'lhaminn tries once again to convince Mumuepo of the Thaumaturge's Guild to do something, since Warburton had important information on the dangers threatening Ul'dah.

Momodi informs the adventurer that a group of the city guard has hastily left the city by chocobo. At the Chocobo Stables, the adventurer finds F'lhaminn hurriedly looking for a chocobo, as it seems that Corguevais has been exiled from town and left with Ascilia, probably planning to take her back to Ala Mhigo.

Via linkpearl, Momodi informs the adventurer that the city guard is searching for an exile wandering near Camp Black Brush. There, the adventurer finds Thancred and Greinfarr conversing, but the bard claims to not know nothing about the so-called danger threatening Ul'dah. Greinfarr then speaks about their last resort: Niellefresne will try to convince the thaumaturges to resurrect Ascilia's dead father.

In the Arrzaneth Ossuary, the adventurer and Thancred see a strange light coming from the crypts, and rush there to find a mortally wounded Niellefresne laying on the ground, and Ascilia crouched by his side, shaking in terror. Suddenly, the Echo begins to reverberate, and the adventurer is alone.

Making their way down the crypts once again, the adventurer finds Mumuepo and Niellefresne talking about the thaumaturgy of resurrecting the dead, but upon opening Warburton's corpse, Niellefresne is stabbed through from behind. Back to the present, Thancred realizes what just happened and rushes outside, right in time to see as the skies turn black and meteors rain above Ul'dah. In this moment, he realizes that the danger spoken of by all threatens not only Ul'dah, but all of Eorzea, while the adventurer blacks out.

The adventurer awakens back at the Adventurer's Guild, and Momodi reveals that they were found unconscious and brought there by a woman named Minfilia, who asks to be visited at The Waking Sands, in the Merchant's Ward of Ul'dah.

The story is then continued in the Path of the Twelve arc.

Gridania[edit | edit source]

Yda and Papalymo are lost in the forest.

Upon approaching Gridania, an adventurer starts hearing a singing voice. Before being able to find its origin, the skies turn black and a meteor shower begins, lasting just a few seconds and everything turns back to normal as if nothing happened. Seconds after, a heavily damaged airship flies, and a small yellow light is "shot" from it, falling in the forest.

Walking in that direction, the adventurer finds Yda and Papalymo laying on the ground, and awakens them, only to notice they are surrounded by wolves. The battle against them ends quickly, but a treant emerges from the ground and attacks everyone, forcing the adventurer to run until a group of Moogles, sent by E-Sumi-Yan, calm the treant and saves them.

A moogle appears before the adventurer.

Welcomed into town, the adventurer learns about the Greenwrath—hatred of the forest upon those who may cause harm to it—and that they (being an outsider) are full of woodsin, which needs to be cleared if they intend to stay safe on the Black Shroud. Miounne suggests that the adventurer visits some of the town's guilds, each one who will provide their own help to the cleansing ritual.

In the Botanists' Guild at Greatloam Growery, a few of the town's young children starts teaching steps of the ritual dances that must be performed during a great Gridanian festival to free oneself of the woodsin. After the "class", some of them stay and asks help to reach a place deep within the woods.

Upon arriving at Lifemend Stump with Powle and Sansa, they promptly run off to see to whatever it is they came to do. Then, a mysterious conjurer appears, who admonishes the adventurer for coming there and bringing the kids, disappearing soon after. Finally, the adventurer meets a moogle, who gets surprised that he is being understood and asks the adventurer to give a message to a young girl named Fye concerning a purification mask that is not broken, and therefore cannot be fixed.

Back in the adventurer's guild, Miounne comments about the recent influx of adventurers in Gridania. Soon after, the self proclaimed "saviors of the wood", Yda and Papalymo, arrives and the ask if any of those adventurers may be preparing to attack the Garlean Empire, to Miounne's surprise, who later denies it. Papalymo then mentions that if that's true, the information they have—that Gridania is preparing to wage war on the Empire—is false.

Khrimm trying to enrage the elementals to prove they do not exist.

The conversation is stopped when a boy named Khrimm comes in and starts badmouthing the adventurers, claiming that they have not been chosen by the elementals at all, leaving soon after. The duo goes after him.

The adventurer then visits the Carpenter's Guild, to see the crafting of the masks that must be used during the purification rites. Remembering about the message to Fye, the adventurer searches for the girl and finds her speaking to Khrimm and overhears talk of Fye's oldest brother Dunstan and his tragic fate of being turned into a wildling. Fye claims that she is making a new mask for her brother, refusing to give up hope of cleansing him of his woodsin.

After this, the adventurer tells Fye the mask is not broken, and she is shocked by it, having thought it to be the sole reason her brother and Khrimm's parents were turned into wildlings. Then, she asks the adventurer to try meeting with the moogles again and ask if there is any way to save a wildling. Upon finding a moogle, they agrees to ask the elementals themselves if a wildling soul can be saved.

The adventurer visits the archer's guild, however, the Quiver's Hold is thrown into chaos as news arrives of some happening in the forest. Archers surge forth from the Hold, and Brother O-App-Pesi of the conjurers himself heads in the direction of the disturbance as well.

A furious elemental attacks.

There, they find Khrimm, standing before a tree in flames. Because of this, a furious elemental comes forth and there is no way to quell its greenwrath other than battling and defeating it.

Miounne informs via linkpearl that it seems that out of fear that Khrimm will become a wildling, he has been taken into the Stillglade Fane. While Brother O-App-Pesi is talking about the boy's condition, Yda and Papalymo return from the wood together with the wildling Dunstan. Because of that, Brother E-Sumi-Yan orders a grand rite of purification, but he fears that saving Khrimm may require Dunstan to give his life.

Finally, the grand rite begins, and a group of moogles arrive. They come bearing a message to the adventurer from the elementals, telling the adventurer that their role in being beckoned to the wood is to be a messenger of the goddess Nophica herself, the Matron. The ritual continues as normal, and in the end Dunstan collapses. This causes the Echo to reverberate, and the sky once again turn completely black—this time, everyone sees it. During that event, Papalymo comments with Yda that they "should've stopped it, and now it's too late".

The adventurer collapses as well, awakening only with the words of an wood hermit telling them to visit the Path of the Twelve, located in the Merchants Ward of Ul'dah.

The story is then continued in the Path of the Twelve arc.

Path of the Twelve[edit | edit source]

The three main nation state storylines converge at this point.

Following the lead they received, the adventurer arrives at the Waking Sands, the meeting place of the Path of the Twelve. There, they meet their leader, Minfilia, who claims to understand what happened earlier. To prove it, she asks the adventurer to use the power of the "Echo" to see her past.

Upon doing that, the adventurer sees a past conversation held in that same hall. Minfilia then explains that many people have been "gifted" with that power after witnessing a starshower, and that the Path of the Twelve is an organization that offers a meeting place for those people and strives to bring peace to Eorzea, offering the adventurer the chance to join. After joining, the adventurer learns a bit more about the Echo and is directed to Lady Tataru, to register herself as member of the Path and choose a Path Companion.

Garlean machinery marching on the Black Shroud.

Not long after, a party of sylphs enter the Waking Sands asking for help, claiming that their home, Moonspore Grove, is being invaded by imperial soldiers from Garlemald. Lady Minfilia then gives her first task to the adventurer: Investigate the Black Shroud with their Path Companion.

Arriving at Camp Nine Ivies, the adventurer is greeted by several sylphs claiming that Moonspore Cove has been invaded, and while they were able to escape, their children—"podlings"—will soon be found and killed by the invaders. Since the whole area is full of imperial troops and war machines, the adventurer must sneak their way to the Grove, avoiding contact with the Garleans and ultimately saving a few podlings.

Later on, Minfilia has a new assignment: The adventurer must visit the Ashcrown Consortium in Gridania, as they need help.

Arriving there, they learn about the history of Eorzea's crystal trade and how until recently most of the realm's crystals have been obtained by negotiating with beast tribes. However, ever since the beings known as Primals appeared, the tribes refuse to sell more shards, as they are crucial part of the summoning process, and therefore crafters are facing an increasingly higher increase of demand with not enough supply of crystals.

An "Ascian" appears, scaring the beast tribes.

The adventurer then is directed to an Amalj'aa excavation site to negotiate, where they find an Ashcrown party already engaged in negotiations with the Amalj'aa and the Ixali. Their leader explains that both tribes are on the verge of summoning their "Primals", which, if they are successful, would mean the death of all those in the mesa caves. After either parley or fighting, the tribes are convinced to stop their rituals. However, before negotiation can begin about the crystals issues, a strange creature that the sylphs call an "Ascian" appears and frightens the remaining beastmen.

Back into Ashcrown Consortium, the sylphs claim they may be able to persuade the Ixal into resuming crystal trade with them, but will need "unaspected crystals" - pure crystals devoid of any elemental aspect, perfect for the Primal summoning rituals. To get them, one must simply travel to the faraway land of Mor Dhona and bury a crystal there for a time; it will quickly be drained of its elemental energy by the mysterious force said to slumber there.

Upon returning to the Consortium, the sylphs mention mysterious figures known only as "Paragons", whom they claim were the ones who originally taught the beast tribes how to summon the Primals from the aetherial void.

Back at the Waking Sands, however, the adventurer learns about an imperial message sent to the Eorzean city-states. According to it, the beast tribes are the enemies of Eorzea and mean to summon their "eikons" for their own purposes, and calls all city states to accept Imperial Rule and fight against the beast tribes, in exchange of protection against the Primals. Minfilia adds that because of their ability to communicate with the tribes, all walkers will be branded by the Empire as heathens.

Ifrit is summoned.

After a conversation with their Path Companion, the adventurer decides to assist Lady Minfilia in her quest to bring the beast tribes to their side, and travels to the Amal'jaa stronghold to try negotiating with the tribe elders.

However, before reaching the center of the stronghold, they are spotted and captured by the Amal'jaa, being put in a cell with several other prisoners. Soon, every captive is led to a large clearing, where the Primal Ifrit is summoned for a "cleansing" ritual—brainwashing via magical blue flames. All the other prisoners are affected by the spell, and are ordered to attack the adventurer. Since they are not enemies, they must not be killed—some can be brought to their senses via parley, others have to be attacked.

Ifrit remains silent during the whole confrontation, but as soon as it ends, he starts making several cryptic questions, concluding with the revelation that the adventurer and companion too can summon their own Primal, as well as everyone else with the gift of the Echo, and let the adventurer escape upon promising to never summon one and feigning loyalty to Ifrit.

A strange distress call is caught on the Path Linkpearl, and no one knows who was responsible for that, only their location. The adventurer is then asked to go to the signal origin and search for the responsible.

Reaching camp Nine Ivies, their Path Companion is spotted speaking with a group of Soldiers who claim to be part of the Ala Mhigan Resistance. It seems that one of the members of the resistance was the deceased brother of the adventurer's Path Companion. The soldier also mentions that one of their scouts is missing and is being chased by the Empire, and the adventurer must rescue him.

Back in the Merchant Wards, a group of members from the Ala Mhigan Resistance is speaking with the Antecedent, preparing a special operation against the Empire. The group is planning to steal one of the empire's airships to drive then away from Ala Mhigo. Since the city state is under heavy guard and such mission would be nigh impossible, the target is the least guarded area of Silvertear Falls in Mor Dhona.

The adventurer agrees to help the resistance and makes their way to camp Revenant's Toll in Mor Dhona, only to find a trio of imperial soldiers attacking the place and being called back to their airship. The adventurer follows the group for a while, until they get reinforcements from one of their heavy magitek machinery, an Imperial Juggernaut.

Yda, Papalymo, Y'shtola and Thancred grouping up to battle Gaius van Baelsar.

After defeating them, the adventurer walks until finally reuniting with their Path Companion, only to find that all resistance members have been slain by a single man—the Imperial Legatus Gaius van Baelsar. He easily knocks out the Path Companion with a shot, but before he is able to kill off the adventurer, Yda, Papalymo, Y'shtola, and Thancred arrive to stop him. But Gaius proves too much for the four as he calls a blast from the cannons of the Imperial Dreadnaught and disappears in the smoke.

The adventurer wakes up in a cave, quickly noticing that they're actually seeing the past. Some children are grouped there, and Garlean Soldiers enter and begin uttering strange verses, brainwashing the children into believing the beast tribes of Eorzea and their Primal must be killed.

The adventurer once again collapses and wakes up back in the present, where they speak with the mysterious traveller from their home city state (either Y'shtola, Thancred or Yda and Papalymo), who warns that the Empire cannot be defeated in their current state. The adventurer must find something much greater if she has any hope of defeating the Garleans and freeing Eorzea from its menace.

Seventh Umbral Era[edit | edit source]

Dalamud descends.

Fighting against the Garleans, the adventurer encounters another Imperial Legatus named Nael van Darnus who sees the invasion to be for the greater good. However, as the adventurer faces against the Primals themselves whose demise he wanted, Nael's plan is revealed to exceed the intent of the Garlean Empire by Nael's desire to purge Eorzea of its impurities with Dalamud. Though Gaius helps the adventurer to stop the insane general, Nael becomes infused with Dalamud's power and resolves to plunge the world in the Seventh Umbral Era.

Not long after, the companies are able to track down Nael Van Darnus's location; the Legatus is seen wandering near the Allagan Ruins in Camp Glory. An attack group is quickly assembled and sent to the region, only to find a patch of floating islands emanating a light similar to the one previously seem on Castrum Novum, the Rivenroad. From the Rivenroad, Nael oversees fiery rocks raining down from Dalamud.

Without any other alternatives to reach the Legatus's, the companies seek Cid nan Garlond for an airship. After a few preparations, Cid offers his personal airship, the Enterprise. However, the airship can only carry a small number of passengers, and as such, only a single group of adventurers are able to fly towards the floating islands for the final confrontation against the Legatus.

The party escapes Rivenroad.

After a fierce battle, the party seemingly succeeds in defeating the legatus. However, he stands up and is bathed by Dalamud's light, losing what was left of his mind and becoming a being of pure hatred. The battle starts once again, and the party finally defeats Nael. Following his defeat, the magic glyphs keeping the Rivenroad floating are deactivated, and the island starts falling apart. The group has no means to escape, but soon after Cid Garlond appears and rescues everyone, bringing the group to safety.

The Grand Companies celebrate victory with a reunion on Gridania, as Cid assures everyone that Dalamud will no longer crash on Eorzea; however the adventurer wonders if that's true, as there is still a sense of dread about Dalamud.

Louisoix advises the adventurer to take a pilgrimage of the Twelve, on which they encounters Gaius, who warns the adventurer of a VIIth Legion, who still remain loyal to Darnus, despite being seemingly defeated at Rivenroad. He also tells the adventurer of the Legion's movements in Mor Dhona, who are gathering in Castrum Novum for the invasion of Eorzea. With that, he disappears, reminding the adventurer to leave him something worth conquering. Armed with this knowledge, the adventurer alerts Louisoix who passes the information along to the heads of the Alliance.

With Dalamud drawing ever closer, the very nature of Eorzea begins to rapidly change. A mysterious being known as Atomos appears at Aetherial Crystals, spawning powerful monsters from the void, leaving crystals filled with aether. Things take a dramatic turn for the worse when monsters, imperial legionaries and Darnus himself begin to attack the City-States directly. Realizing the final battle is near, the Alliance prepare themselves by calling upon all of those who are still able to bear arms. The Eorzean Alliance will face the Garlean Empire's lead invading force at Carteneau Flats in Mor Dhona, the predicted point of impact for Dalamud.

The battle begins, furious and bloody, with Dalamud just overhead. Neither side steps back from their conviction, until a roar tears across the sky, and a massive pillar falls from Dalamud. The Alliance stares in awe. The final phase of Darnus' Meteor Project is complete, and as the pieces of Dalamud begin to shower Eorzea with flames, they realize the worst is yet to come. From within Dalamud the elder Primal Bahamut awakens from his slumber and begins to bathe the world in fire.

The party awakens to a realm reborn.

All would seem lost, as a few adventurers (the player and company) watch the world burn around them. A seemingly indifferent meteor approaches, until they are saved by Louisoix, who is attempting to create a shield. Unfortunately, the shield cannot withstand Bahamut, who menacingly approaches Louisoix. In a last ditch effort, he attempts to recreate Dalamud to imprison Bahamut with the power of the Twelve.

All is for naught, however, as Bahamut simply breaks free and continues his reign of fire. With his dying breath, the Archon calls upon the power of Althyk to transport the adventurers into a rift of time and space, where they will be untouched by Bahamut's fury, until the time is safe for them to begin their struggle anew.

This is currently the end of the main storyline quests, as of the end of Final Fantasy XIV 1.0.

Spoilers end here.

A Realm Reborn Story Summary[edit | edit source]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Nation states[edit | edit source]

The nation-state the adventurer starts in depends on their initial class. Note that storylines of different nation-states cannot be accessed by the same character.

Limsa Lominsa[edit | edit source]

A ship to Limsa Lominsa bearing an adventurer is attacked by pirates. A passenger who stays on deck is nearly shot, but the adventurer persuades him to get below deck. After the ship escapes from the pirate attacks and arrives in dock, the adventurer is ordered to register with the Adventurers' Guild in Limsa Lominsa, led by the Drowning Wench proprietor, Baderon. After being taught the basics of the adventuring life in the thassalocracy, the adventurer leaves for Summerford Farms in search of work.

In Summerford, the adventurer learns that in the wake of the Calamity, Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn has hired former pirates to farm the land and help La Noscean agriculture recover from environmental devastation. However, many of the pirates are lazy and ill-suited for work, so the head of Summerford Farms, Staelwyrn, hires the adventurer to aid him. While investigating a rumored kidnapping in Seasong Grotto, the adventurer is attacked by frenzied beasts, but with the help of a mysterious tattooed woman named Y'shtola, they are able to kill the beasts. However, after seeing runes written on the wall of the grotto, the adventurer passes out and has a vision of a crystal repeating the words "Hear... feel... think...", much to Y'shtola's astonishment.

Staelwyrn learns that one of his yeomen, Selvin, is selling his oranges illegally to a pack of goblins. Selvin also attempts to steal farm equipment; the adventurer chases him to Woad Whisper Canyon, where the Serpent Reaper gang of pirates is forcing him to sacrifice his fellow farmhands. The Serpent Reapers, who were also behind the attack at Seasong Grotto, are in league with a mysterious masked mage that unleashes a clay golem to attack the adventurer. It is defeated, and Y'shtola arrives and muses on the adventurer's unusual strength.

Having resolved the crises at Summerford Farms, the adventurer returns to Baderon, who suggests that he take a job at the Skylift, whose workers cannot handle the overwhelming amount of cargo being used for restoration of La Noscea. After doing some courier work at the Skylift, the adventurer continues on to the town of Swiftperch, and then to Moraby Drydocks, where the Maelstrom is constructing a new flagship, the Victory, to boost Limsan morale.

The foreman of the constrcution of the Victory, Ahtbyrm, has learned of suspicious individuals watching the ship's construction. The adventurer learns that they are pirates, who are apparently planning a kidnapping. They are lead by Ahtzapfyn, who is revealed to by Ahtbyrm's father and a notorious pirate disgusted with his son for settling down and becoming a law-abiding citizen. Ahtzapfyn's band attempts to blow up the Victory, but are slain by the adventurer and the docks' guards.

On Ahtzapfyn's body, the Storm Captain Ghimthota discovers an arcane epistle written in a foreign language, and sends it to Baderon to be translated. It is revealed that Ahtzapfyn was being used by the Serpent Reavers and their allies, the Sahagin beast tribe, as a feint, and their main assault will be on Swiftperch, which has been struggling economically and will likely collapse if they are attacked. The adventurer, a band of Yellowjackets led by Reyner, and Y'shtola defend Swiftperch and defeat the Serpent Reavers, but after Reyner's forces leave, the masked mage appraches and attempts to assassinate the adventurer by summoning a gargoyle. With the help of Y'shtola, the gargoyle is slain, and it is revealed that the mage was an Ascian.

Back in Limsa Lominsa, the adventurer is deemed a hero, and Merlwyb is holding a state banquet in his honor. At the banquet, Y'shtola and Merylwb discuss the Warriors of Light, who fought against and defeated the Garlean Empire five years ago, but went mysteriously missing after Bahamut was released. This triggers another vision, in which the adventurer sees the Battle of Carteneau from the point of view of the Grand Company leaders—and sees an Ascian watching them from a distant plateau as they are overrun by Bahamut.

After the adventurer awakens, Merlwyb recruits him as her personal envoy to Ul'dah and Gridania. Merlwyb wants to hold a remembrance ceremony in honor of the fallen at the Battle of Carteneau, and when the adventurer delivers the news to Ul'dah and Gridania, Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna and Flame General Raubahn Aldynn agree. The adventurer returns to Baderon, who needs one last job to be done before sending the adventurer out into the world.

Ul'dah[edit | edit source]

A chocobo carriage to Ul’dah bearing an adventurer is stopped for inspection by the Brass Blades. They accuse the owner of smuggling somnus, but a subsequent attack by the Amal’jaa allows the carriage to proceed on without reprecussion. At the edge of the city, the adventurer is ordered to register with the local Adventurers' Guild, led by Quicksand proprietress, Momodi. After being taught the basics of the adventuring life in the sultanate, the adventurer leaves for the Ul’dah Dispatch Yard in search of work.

At the yard, the adventurer learns that in the wake of the Calamity, much of the region of Thanalan was devasted, and now the Ul’dahns have has to deal with a surge in refugees seeking succor. Besides that, many areas beyond the reach of the rail lines are isolated and in need work, so the head of the Dispatch Yard, Papashan, hires the adventurer to aid him. While searching for a missing noble girl near the Sultantree, the adventurer is attacked by voidsent, but with the help of a mysterious tattooed man named Thancred, they kill the beasts and save the girl, one Lady Lilira. However, after finding a crystal near where the voidsent were slain, the adventurer passes out and has a vision of a crystal repeating the words "Hear... feel... think...", much to Thancred's astonishment.

Papashan thanks the adventurer for saving Lilira, apparently related to the Sultana in some way, before sending them off to assist with matters around Central Thanalan. Eventually the adventurer hears rumours of a merchant named Wynstan hiring able-bodied adventurers to assist with mining resources to rebuild the city, and thus applies themselves to the job. However, Brass Blades at the behest of Syndicate member Lord Lolorito lure the merchant into a trap to kill him and the adventurer intervenes. The confrontation is interrupted when a mysterious masked mage unleashes a clay golem to attack the adventurer. It is defeated, and Thancred arrives and muses on the adventurer's unusual strength.

Having realised that he is marked for death, Wynstan resolves to disappear and tells the adventurer to seek Momodi’s assistance in Ul’dah. She reassures the adventurer that they will be able to continue their trade in Thanalan, and suggests that they take a job to Horizon, a centre of trade where there is always work to be found. After doing some courier work at Horizon, the adventurer makes the acquaintance of Brass Blade Fufulupa, who sends them to the settlement of Lost Hope, before they head off to Crescent Cove, where the adventurer and Fufulupa overhear rumours that some of his colleagues are cooperating with bandits. Confronting the Brass Blade captain in charge of the Horizon garrison, they defeat him and discover a letter addressed to a Sultansworn named Owyne.

Taking the letter to Momodi, she reveals to the adventurer that the Sultana’s crown has been stolen, a fact that would invariably tarnish the Crown’s reputation, and that she believes the letter to be a ransom demand to Owyne, who was in charge of guarding it at the time. Handing it over, Owyne decides to acquiesce to the demands behind his comrades back, and the adventurer joins him at the Unholy Heir, where the bandits attempt to double cross them. However a band of Sultansworn lead by Papashan, a former captain, arrives to assist and quickly slay them, but after Papashan's forces leave, the masked mage, who had organised the theft, approaches and attempts to assassinate the adventurer by summoning a gargoyle. With the help of Thancred, the gargoyle is slain, and it is revealed that the mage was an Ascian.

Back in Ul’dah, the adventurer is deemed a hero, and Flame General Raubahn is holding a state banquet in their honor alongside Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo. At the banquet, Thancred and Raubahn discuss the Warriors of Light, who fought against and defeated the Garlean Empire five years ago, but went mysteriously missing after Bahamut was released. This triggers another vision, in which the adventurer sees the Battle of Carteneau from the point of view of the Grand Company leaders—and sees an Ascian watching them from a distant plateau as they are overrun by Bahamut.

After the adventurer awakens, Raubahn recruits him as his personal envoy to Limsa Lominsa and Gridania. Raubahn wants to hold a remembrance ceremony in honor of the fallen at the Battle of Carteneau, and when the adventurer delivers the news to Limsa Lominsa and Gridania, Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn and Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna agree. The adventurer returns to Momodi, who sends them to her colleague Baderon, who needs assistance with a request, as a favour and to help send the adventurer into the world.

Gridania[edit | edit source]

A chocobo carriage to Gridania bearing an adventurer is visited by Moogles who mess with the merchant owner before passing on. The carriage itself then comes upon a skirmish between the Wood Wailers and the Ixal. After the carriage escapes from the dangers and arrives to the city, the adventurer is ordered to register with the Adventurers' Guild in Gridania, led by the Carline Canopy proprietress, Miounne, known as Mother Miounne to the adventurers. After being taught the basics of the adventuring life in the city-state, the adventurer leaves for the Bannock in search of work.

At the Bannock, the adventurer learns that in the wake of the Calamity, the powers of the elementals, sentient incarnations of pure aether that serve as the foundation for Gridanian culture, have waned considerably. Without their guidance, the harmony of the Twelveswood has given way to chaos, and the forest has failed to recover considerably. As such, Twin Adder Instructor Galfrid hires the adventurer to help with restoration efforts. Ordered to investigate rumours of suspiscous Ixali activity around Lifemend Stump, the adventurer finds the stump itself embedded with a sword, which draws the ire of frenzied beasts, but with the help of a pair of mysterious tattooed man and woman named Papalymo and Yda, they are able to kill the beasts. However, after finding a crystal at the battle’s end, the adventurer passes out and has a vision of a crystal repeating the words "Hear... feel... think..."

Waking up, they are requested by the two to take the sword to Galfrid, who acknowledges it of Ixal make, and that since the Calamity the beastmen have been making deeper ventures into the wood. Later, Galfrid learns that a party of conjurers and their escort have come under attack while performing rites in Spirithold, and sends the adventurer to assist in their rescue. When searching for the last Hearer, a masked mage unleashes a clay golem to attack the adventurer, which they manage to defeat just as Yda and Papalymo arrive, which triggers a strange vision of the two.

Having resolved the crises at the Bannock, the adventurer returns to Miounne, who suggests that they take a job at Bentbranch Meadows, whose farmhands have little time for anything besides the care of their chocobos, meaning there is plenty of work to be done. After performing some odd jobs around the stables, the adventurer continues on to the Matron’s Lethe to investigate rumours of a suspicious individual and then to Galvanth's Spire and the Mirror Planks, before their jobs lead them back to the Meadows.

Chocobo wrangler Luquelot finds that the egg of one of their most prized chocobos has gone missing. The adventurer learns that the thief appears to be a man from Ishgard, who plans to sell the egg for their own profits. The adventurer finds the thief, Janremi Blackheart, and his band accosting a moogle, Kupolo Kopo, who had managed to retrieve the egg, and saves them, slaying the criminals in the process.

Returning the egg to Bentbranch Meadows,the adventurer learns that Ixali dirigibles have been seen crossing into the Twelveswood without interference, giving concern that the elementals have been more weakened than previously thought. Returning to Gridania, they inform Miounne of the situation, who, with the information in hand, concludes that the Ixal most likely plan to attack the Guardian Tree. The adventurer then meets with the leader of the God’s Quiver, Bowlord Levin, as well as Elder Seedseer and defacto leader of Gridania in lieu of the elementals, Kan-E-Senna, who coordinate a defense of the Guardian Tree with a force of Wood Wailers, Quiver Bowman, Yda, Papalymo and the adventurer themself. However, after the Ixal are defeated and the Gridanian forces leave, the masked mage approaches and attempts to assassinate the adventurer summoning a gargoyle. With the help of Yda and Papalymo, the gargoyle is slain, and it is revealed that the mage was an Ascian.

Back in Gridania, the adventurer is deemed a hero, and Kan-E-Senna holds a state banquet in their honor. At the banquet, Papalymo and Kan-E-Senna discuss the Warriors of Light, who fought against and defeated the Garlean Empire five years ago, but went mysteriously missing after Bahamut was released. This triggers another vision, in which the adventurer sees the Battle of Carteneau from the point of view of the Grand Company leaders—and sees an Ascian watching them from a distant plateau as they are overrun by Bahamut.

After the adventurer awakens, Kan-E-Senna recruits him as her personal envoy to Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah. The Elder Seedseer wants to hold a remembrance ceremony in honor of the fallen at the Battle of Carteneau, and when the adventurer delivers the news to Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah, Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn and Flame General Raubahn Aldynn agree. The adventurer returns to Miounne, who sends them to her colleague Baderon, who needs assistance with a request, as a favour and to help send the adventurer into the world.

Main scenario quests[edit | edit source]

After completing the level 15 quest "Call of the Sea", the storylines converge into one.

Levels 15-20[edit | edit source]

Baderon and Reyner recruit the adventurer to investigate a strange band of men camped out in Sastasha Seagrot, suspecting that they are Serpent Reaver pirates allied with the Sahagin. The adventurer's party enters Sastasha and slays Denn the Orcatoothed, the Sahagin behind the alliance. Pleased with thier success, Baderon sends the adventurer to Mother Miounne in Gridania, who seeks aid in putting down the Lambs of Dalamud cult based in the Tam-Tara Deepcroft. The party discovers that the Lambs have succeeding in resurrecting the vengeful spirit of Galvanth the Dominator, but defeats it handily. The adventurer then travels to meet with Momodi of Ul'dah, who, at the behest of Painted Mesa, sends thier party to suppress the hecatonchire revolt in the Copperbell Mines. With the defeat of their leader, Gyges the Great, the hecatonchires' rebellion collapses and the adventurer returns to Ul'dah.

In Ul'dah, a band of thuggish bodyguards hired by a merchant assails a woman. The adventurer rescues her, and Y'shtola arrives and recruits them into a group known as the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, which Momodi explains works to resolve Eorzea's various problems. The adventurer goes to the Waking Sands to learn more about the Scions, and meets Minfila and Tataru. Minfilia explains that the Scions seek to protect Eorzea from the threat of the primals, god-like beings summoned by the beast tribes in times of crisis. The Scions use the power of the Echo to this end, and it was thanks to the Echo that the adventurer had visions of Hydaelyn and the Battle of Carteneau.

Suspecting that a robbery and an abduction at Camp Drybone were committed by Amalj'aa in the name of their primal, Ifrit, the Scion Thancred joins with the adventurer to investigate. At Camp Drybone, Isembard finds evidence that the Amalj'aa were not acting alone—and it turns out that they recruited the "merchant", Ungust, into their ranks. With the help of a nun, Sister Ourcen, Thancred and the adventurer disguise as paupers that Ungust, who is now posing as a priest giving alms to the poor, attempts to "convert" into his religion (which, of course, actually means a sacrifice to Ifrit). They capture Ungust and force him to work as a double agent.

Fearing that further research into the Amalj'aa threat could prove dangerous to the adventurer, Minfilia sends him/her to meet with Mutamix Bubblypots, a goblin who has discovered how to improve equipment with Materia. After improving his gear with Mutamix's help, the adventurer sets up an ambush with Ungust and the Immortal Flames to capture the Amalj'aa. However, it is revealed that Ungust was feeding the Amalj'aa information about the ambush, and the Immortal Flames are overrun. The Amalj'aa prepare to sacrifice them all to Ifrit and succeed in summoning him, but the adventurer is able to use the Echo to resist being "tempered", or enslaved, by Ifrit, and is able to slay the Lord of the Inferno in combat.

The adventurer's exploits, especially the victory over Ifrit, have earned the attention of the Grand Companies, who compete for his favor. Remaining undecided, the adventurer goes to watch the Battle of Carteneau remembrance ceremonies. At the ceremonies, they meet a pair of Elezen twins, Alphinaud and Alisaie, who are critical of the attitudes of Merlwyb, Kan-E-Senna, and Raubahn towards the battle, especially the sacrifices of the Warriors of Light and Louisoix. However, the states' leaders do promise further unity within Eorzea to help deal with the Primal and Garlean threats.

The adventurer joins a Grand Company. An airship is shot down by Garlean forces over that state's airspace, and the adventurer joins with the Grand Company's forces to rescue the surviving engineers, Biggs and Wedge. The airship is revealed to be built by none other than Cid nan Garlond, Biggs's and Wedge's former employer, who has been missing since the Calamity. Troubled by the Empire's disregard for borders, the adventurer reports back to Minfilia.

Levels 20-29[edit | edit source]

Minfilia explains that the Sylph tribe is suspected of summoning or attempting to summon Ramuh, straining relations with Gridania. The Gridanians, who are already at open war with the Ixal, are incapable of fighting two beast tribes at once, so the adventurer, Yda, and Papalymo embark on a mission to negotiate peace between the Sylphs and the Scions (and thus Gridania). After meeting with Rolfe Hawthorne, an ex-adventurer and expert on Sylph etiquette, the Scions arrive in Little Solace, the Sylph community closest to Gridania. Though Komuxio is initially suspicious of their intentions, the adventurer is able to endear the Sylphs by defeating Garlean forces who were camped outside Little Solace and by rescuing Claxio, who has been captured by tempered Sylphs.

Komuxio reveals that the Sylph elder, Frixio, has gone missing, and the Scions and Gridania agree to arrange a search party. Buscarron, a barkeeper who pays attention to such affairs, discovers Garlean forces patrolling the Black Shroud, and after apprehending the Twin Adder traitor providing intelligence for them, Laurentius, reveals that Frixio, who was fleeing from Garlean soldiers, has become trapped in the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak. Deep inside, the adventurer's party encounters Lahabrea, who summons a banemite to test their strength. However, the banemite is slain, Lahabrea is freed, and Frixio is rescued.

Frixio explains that in the Sylphlands, a faction of Sylphs summoned Ramuh to protect themselves from a Garlean invasion. However, Ramuh, driven by the fanatic desire to protect his people's homeland, began tempering all of the Sylphs, forcing those that resisted to flee to Little Solace. However, Ramuh has bade his slaves to not attack the Gridanians unless they invade the Sylphlands, and neither the tempered Sylphs nor the refugees of Little Solace have any interest in attempting to summon him again. Having ensured peace between the Gridanians and Sylphs, the Scions return to the Waking Sands with a Sylvan diplomat, Noraxia.

Having suppressed attempts to summon Ifrit and Ramuh, the Scions decide to devote time to investigate the return of Lahabrea and the Ascians. After research at Highbridge proves fruitless, the adventurer arrives in Little Ala Mhigo, home of the Ala Mhigan refugees after their homeland was subjugated by the Garleans, who incited a revolution and then crushed the weakened armies of Ala Mhigo. The Little Ala Mhigan leader, Gundobald, is initially suspicious of the Scions' intentions, but becomes more cooperative when it is discovered that the youth of Little Ala Mhigo met with a masked mage and learned how to summon a Primal to fight against the Amalj'aa and eventually take back Ala Mhigo. Gundobald and the adventurer arrive just in time to the Amalj'aan camp to participate in the battle between the Amalj'aa and the youth; both sides suffer heavy casualties, and Gundobald refuses to allow the refugees to summon a Primal.

Disturbed by the violence at Little Ala Mhigo incited by Lahabrea, Minfilia sends the adventurer on another mission, this one to Fallgourd Float, where a man named Medrod has reported a sighting of a masked mage. Since the mage's arrival, young maidens have been murdered and their bodies taken by floating eyes to Haukke Manor, where they are used by a "rejuvenation ritual" for Lady Amandine, a noblewoman who was badly scarred by the Calamity. After Amandine is slain and evidence is found that the Ascians were manipulating her, Minfilia declares that all nations in Eorzea must beef up security to protect themselves from Lahabrea.

Levels 30-39[edit | edit source]

The investigation must be put on hold, because the Kobold tribe has succeeded in summoning Titan and plans to use him to assault Limsa Lominsa. Several years prior, Titan had been slain by the Company of Heroes, a mercenary group hired by Limsa Lominsa that has since disbanded. However, the Scions are able to track down Wheiskaet, a former member of the Company, in Costa del Sol. Despite his victory over Ifrit, Y'shtola is unable to persuade Wheiskaet that the adventurer is capable of defeating Titan. As such, Wheiskaet tests the adventurer by sending him on a series of increasingly dangerous missions to obtain foodstuffs for a banquet for his master, the wealthy owner of Costa del Sol, Gegeruju.

After the completion of Wheiskaet's trials, the adventurer is "awarded" by Riol with access to Titan's lair. His/her party slays Titan, and Y'shtola discovers that Lahabrea was watching the battle. Y'shtola remains in Limsa Lominsa to investigate, to the Waking Sands to find the corpses of countless Scions. A dying Noraxia reveals that the Garleans conducted a raid in search for the slayer of Ifrit, and took Minfilia and the other leaders hostage. Her last words before being captured were an order to Noraxia to ensure the adventurer took refuge at the Church of Saint Adama Landama.

At the church, the adventurer meets a distraught veteran of the Battle of Carteneau named Marques. After the burial of the dead Scions, Alphinaud arrives and claims that he will resurrect the Scions, because the city-states are too incompetent and plagued with internal problems to fend off the beast tribes (and, indeed, the Ixal have recently summoned Garuda), let alone the Garleans. To this end, he uncovers Marques as the great airship engineer Cid nan Garlond, who built the Enterprise, which went missing over Coerthas shortly before the Battle of Carteneau. Cid, Alphinaud, and the adventurer resolve to recover the Enterprise, rescue the captured Scions, and defeat Garuda.

Upon arrival in Coerthas, they are met with hostility by the Ishgardian nobility, who are fully dedicated to the Dragonsong War and show no interest in the secular conflicts of the Eorzean Alliance. However, by rescuing several Ishgardian troops and involving himself/herself in the politics of the region, apprehending a false inquisitor named Guillaime, the adventurer earns the trust of Lord Drillemont, who allows access to the Stone Vigil, where the Enterprise has been found.

Levels 40-49[edit | edit source]

The Stone Vigil has been overrun by the Dravanian Horde, and the adventurer must fight through it, and defeat the dragon Isgebind, who was awoken by Lahabrea, to recover the airship.

During the battles between the Ishgardians and Dravanians for the Vigil, the Enterprise was damaged, and Cid requires a corrupted crystal to fix it. After false starts in Camp Drybone and the Isle of Umbra, the adventurer is finally able to procure one by slaying a Spriggan named Giggity, with the aid of the Sylphs. After the airship is prepared, the adventurer prepares a party to face Garuda.

Garuda is defeated but not slain by the party, and she is rejuvenated by the devotion of the Ixal. However, after her failure to temper the party, a mysterious force strikes her down, and Gaius van Baelsar, Imperial Legatus assigned to the capture of Eorzea, arrives and taunts her. For her own amusement, Garuda tortures kobolds and Amalj'aa that she has taken hostage, who despair and summon Titan and Ifrit to strike down Garuda. However, Gaius unleashes an ancient Allagan armor known as the Ultima Weapon, which devours all three primals seemingly effortlessly.

The crew of the Enterprise returns to the Waking Sands to meet with Y'shtola, who agrees that they must break into Castrum Centri to rescue the Scions. They are able to track down Biggs and Wedge, who hijacked a airship flight out of Castrum Centri and escaped to Coerthas. They encounter an adventurer in Revenant's Toll named Glaumunt who has a personal grudge against the Empire, and aids the group in their attempt to steal a Magitek Armor from Castrum Centri.

Having procured an Armor, the adventurer, Cid, Biggs, and Wedge sneak into Castrum Centri and break out Minfilia and the other Scions. They also discover that Thancred was possessed by Lahabrea, and used as a pawn in his manipulations of the beast tribes. After their escape, they see an airship with Gaius inside. He announces an ultimatum—that Eorzea surrender to the Empire or be annihilated by the Ultima Weapon.

The leaders of the Eorzean Alliance draw up instruments of surrender, unwilling to waste further lives for a hopeless cause. Merlwyb, in particular, speculates that a Garlean presence may prevent further summonings of primals, which, without the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Eorzea is helpless against. However, thanks to the timely arrival of Alphinaud, Minfilia, and Cid, the Alliance destroys their instruments of surrender and declares war on Garlemald.

The Alliance develops a plan of counterattack that will culminate in the destruction of the Ultima Weapon: Operation Archon. The operation hinges on the ability to the Alliance to isolate Castrum Meridianum, where the Weapon is held, from other Imperial strongholds.

First, when Praefectus Rhitahtyn sas Arvina travels from Castrum Occidens to Cape Westwind for an inspection, he will be assassinated by the adventurer's party. As Rhitahtyn is a genius field tactician, his death is expected to throw Cape Westwind and Castrum Occidens into disarray. Second, Castrum Meridianum will be cut off from its supply lines, as the Maelstrom's forces besieges Castrum Occidens and Castrum Marinum and the Order of the Twin Adder, aided by the Sylphs, attack Castrum Oriens. Third, Castrum Meridianum will be breached, as the Order of the Twin Adder destroys the rail lines connecting Castrum Centri and Castrum Meridianum and the adventurer's party disables the magitek field generator inside Meridianum protecting the Praetorium, the research laboratory where the Ultima Weapon is housed. Finally, the Immortal Flames will begin an all-out assault on the Castrum, allowing the adventurers to raid the Praetorium and destroy the Ultima Weapon.

Along with the Grand Companies and the Scions, many free companies and even beast tribes prepare for war. As soon as word arrives of Rhitahtyn's inspection, the party sneaks into Cape Westwind and strikes him down. Joined by Cid, they continue into Castrum Meridianum, where they take control of magitek cannons and fire them on defending Garlean forces. After blowing up the first two field generators, they fire on an aerial craft, which crashes into the third, leaving the Praetorium's defenses open. During the fighting, Livia sas Junius is killed.

The party enters the Praetorium. Hijacking magitek armor—including the one they used to enter Castrum Centri—they destroy the Praetorium's defenses and arrive at the laboratory of Tribunus Nero tol Scaeva, who believes that by slaying the adventurer he can infuse the Ultima Weapon with the Echo, thus surpassing even Cid in genius. After being defeated, Nero flees. Meanwhile, Castrum Occidens and Castrum Centri fall to the Alliance, and Maelstrom and Twin Adder forces begin firing on Castrum Meridianum.

Deep within the Praetorium, the party confronts Gaius. Upon defeat, he boards the Ultima Weapon, who channels the power of the consumes primals against the party. Hydaelyn's power protects the party from Ultima Weapon, but Lahabrea breaks through this by unleashing Ultima, a spell that destroys the Praetorium. However, the resulting chaos fells the Weapon itself, and Gaius with it; Lahabrea plans to use the devastation to unleash the One True God. With the power of the Blessing of Light however, he is banished from Thancred's body, and the adventurer escapes from the Castrum with the scion in tow.

The Alliance leaders meet on the shore of Lake Silvertear in Mor Dhona, and declare the coming of the Seventh Astral Era. However, they hear the roar of a recently-summoned primal in the distance, which serves as a reminder that they haven't truly entered an age of peace.

A Realm Awoken[edit | edit source]

The Scions of the Seventh Dawn remained largely neutral to intra-Eorzean affairs prior to Operation Archon, but their key role in the defeat of the Ultima Weapon changed this. Plagued by petitioners attempting to hire them out as mercenaries, the Scions meet and discuss the issue; Alphinaud proposes that they move to Mor Dhona, outside the reach of any city-state. Minfilia remains ardently opposed to a move, as her mother, F'lhaminn, who went missing years before, is believed to be living in Thanalan. However, Alphinaud and the adventurer track down F'lhaminn and persuade Minfilia to leave Thanalan.

After securing the support of the Eorzean Alliance and Slafborn, the leader of Revenant's Toll, the Scions set up a new base, the Rising Stones, in Revenant's Toll. Unfortunately, during the move, they learn that Kuplo Kopp, of the Moogle tribe living near Gridania, has petitioned for aid. He claims that Good King Moggle Mog XII has been summoned by the Mogglesguard, and the threat he poses is similar to that of a primal—he would corrupt the Moogles and turn them on the Gridanians. The adventurer's party strikes down the Good King, and it becomes apparent that Ascians played a role in his summoning.

Upon returning to the Waking Sands, the adventurer hears a scream from Minfilia's solar. She has been accosted by a white-robed Ascian that denounced Lahabrea and claimed that the Scions and Ascians have the same goal in the end. Pursuing the Ascian, the adventurer learns his name is Elidibus, and like Lahabrea he serves the "One True God". Elidibis departs, leaving Minfilia with more questions than answers.

Through the Maelstrom[edit | edit source]

In the wake of the second failed invasion of Eorzea, a battle of succession broke out in the Garlean Empire while the fate of the Emperor is unknown. In the wake of the struggle, one of the Empire's conquered territories—the Kingdom of Doma—attempted to break free in a revolt, only to be foiled, as the Empire was not as divided and weakened as it had appeared, leaving only a few thousand survivors alive, exiled and stuck on boats until they reach Eorzea. There, the leader of the Doman Exiles, Yugiri, begs the Scions for aid. The Scions assist by helping Yugiri arrange a meeting with the Sultana and the Syndicate, only to fall on deaf ears, due to lingering distrust of the Ala Mhigan refugees that had been invited years ago.

However, while discussing the matter with Raubahn and a member of the Monetarists named Teledji Adeledji at the Hall of Flames, Alphinaud suggests they could be relocated to Revenant's Toll in Mor Dhona, which has ample room for refugees, in exchange for frontier work. Telediji agrees, pledging his own support from his coffers to transport the refugees despite the lack of profit from it, while Minfilia makes arrangements with the Adventurer's Guild.

Meanwhile, taking Elibidus's words into consideration about "the true nature of the Echo," Minfilia accompanies Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn and the other Scions to the Sahagin's spawning grounds after learning they are becoming dangerously close to summoning their Primal, Leviathan. Reaching the depths of the Sapsa Spawning Grounds, they discover a Sahagin Priest praying before an Aetheryte crystal, attempting to summon Leviathan and claiming that he will soon achieve immortality. During these events, Merlwyb shoots him dead, only for the priest to achieve an advanced stage of the Echo as a blue orb that enters another Sahagin, transforming into him completely, confiming that the Echo is more powerful than previouly thought. The revelation is short lived, as a massive sea serpent suddenly emerges from the ocean waters and absorbs the priest.

With the Lord of the Whorls now fully summoned, and heading to open sea, the admiral realizes he is trying to summon a tidal wave to strike Vylbrand. In order to confront the Primal, they realize that they'd need a ship outfitted with corrupted crystals to weaken Leviathan's dominance at sea. Storm Marshall Eynzahr Slafyrsyn notes they'd need at least two ships worth of crystals to approach the primal, and recalls a tale of how the pirate Mistbeard once tethered two ships together to carry a large plunder. Using the same tactic, a make-shift barge called The Whorleater is assembled in Moraby Drydocks, enabling a platform so Warriors of Light may confront the dread Leviathan at sea. Leviathan refuses to withdraw upon seeing his impotency to wash the vessel away, enraged that he would be challenged with trickery. This stubbornness is his undoing, and the primal is laid low.

The victory does little to settle Minfilia's mind, her curiosity piqued by the Sahagin elder's use of the Echo. She connects the power to tales of souls that reemerge on the brink of Calamity to deliver salvation, and likens the Sahagin's immortality to that of the Ascians. As her spirits begin to lift at the thought of the Bringers of Chaos truly having an exploitable vulnerability, Urianger bursts in with grim tidings–the Students of Baldesion's home, the Isle of Val, is no more. Despite being guarded by complex and arcane magicks, the entire area was destroyed by what readings suggest was a spell not unlike Ultima. Minfilia falls into despair in fear that her friends are lost.

Elsewhere, when asked by his aide what the next step will be, Teledji he only responds: "Revolution."

Defenders of Eorzea[edit | edit source]

Suspecting the riots between Ul’dahns and refugees were engineered, Alphinaud's investigation leads to General Raubahn and Nanamo confess in a private meeting that the violence began when a unit of Brass Blades loosed arrows on civilians. Though the incident was attributed to miscommunication, Raubahn confides in them that his investigation yielded information that it was orchestrated by Teledji. The leaders feel that Teledji is engaged in a ruse to disrupt the city-state and claim Allagan ruins laid bare at Cartenau under the guise of using it to settle refugees and alleviate the tension. When asked why Teledji would risk this, Raubahn confides a further secret—within the ruins, an Allagan weapon has been partially unexcavated. Not unlike Ultima in many ways, the monstrosity bears inscriptions suggesting that it was created to fell Bahamut himself. The two submit that Teledji may very well be aspiring to the domination of Eorzea itself, and that by moving to accept the Domans, he both baited Lolorito's rejection of them and won favor with the Ul'dahn refugees at the same time, bringing the situation to a boiling point.

Unable to move against Teledji, the Scions return their attention the Black Shroud, where the source of the aetherial disturbance has been confirmed: the tempered sylphs have summoned another Primal, the Lord of Levin Ramuh. Legends and the sylphs both claim that Ramuh, unlike the other primals encountered by the Scions so far, is as wise as he is powerful–not quick to anger, but serving as arbiter of the wood.

Hoping to avoid sacrificing the fragile peace between the Sylphs and Gridania, Kan-E-Senna bids the adventurer attempt to speak with the Lord of Levin, immune to his influence, and resort to force only if necessary. The tempered sylphs' trickery and magicks deceive the party by taking on different shapes and forms including the Scions, but eventually they locate Ramuh's location in the Sylphlands.

The Lord of Levin rejects the Gridanian's offer for peace, claiming that they are no different from the Garleans, possessed of hearts that harbor darkness and refuse to leave the creatures of the wood to their desired solitude. For a moment, Ramuh considers how this all came to be, wondering if the duality of light and darkness was given form at the birth of man. At this time, he notices that the adventurer bears the crystal he bestowed upon the sylphs, and entertains the possibility that truly champion the cause of peace. He demands, as proof of the Warrior of Light's resolve, trial by combat. Defeated, Ramuh accepts the adventurer as Eorzea's champion, and withdraws into the aetherial stream, warning that the enemies of harmony gather.

As Urianger had come to witness the battle with Ramuh, the inspiration of a way to defeat the Ascians came to him. Seeing Ramuh’s essence dissipate back into the land, Urianger is reminded that mortal souls dissipate to the aetherial realm. The Ascians, as immortals, break this natural order by retreating from our world into some space between the realms, and back, by using Crystals of Darkness. By denying them this transportation and trapping them in an aetherial prison, Urianger believes the Ascian souls can be destroyed, and departs to speak with the scholars of Sharlayan to develop the idea.

Finally coming to understand why his grandfather loved Eorzea and its stubborn refusal to give in no matter what it endures, Alphinaud, viewing the Grand Companies as inadequate for covering all the emerging threats to Eorzea, creates with the blessing of the City-State leaders an independent Grand Company called the Crystal Braves, answerable only to Minfilia and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, in order to deal with problems too large for any one city-state to handle and cover the gaps between the existing Grand Companies. Using the renown of the Warrior of Light as a draw for recruitment, he meets with many setbacks and disappointments but ultimately fashions together a proud group, many of which the Warrior encountered throughout their journeys.

Dreams of Ice[edit | edit source]

This chapter opens with an internal concern of the upmost secrecy for the Crystal Braves: a Garlean spy known as Ivy has infiltrated the Grand Companies and is using blackmail to subvert Eorzea. Teaming up with Alphinaud's trusted second in command of the Braves, Ilberd, and utilizing the stealthy rogue like skill of the Domans, the Warrior of Light cuts through to the center of the plot and finding out that Ivy is none other than Eline Roaille—Flame Marshall and right hand to General Raubahn. The infiltration is so deep that she was part of it since the formation of the Immortal Flames. Indeed it comes to light that she was a triple agent as she was also peddling information to Ul'dah's Monetarists the entire time, as well as the Heretics of the Dravarian Horde (Dragon worshipers). Eline also reveals that the war of succession has ended in Garlemald and there is a new emperor on the throne: Varis Zos Galvus.

Speaking of the Dravanian Horde, the second half of the story in this chapter involves Ser Aymeric of Ishgard who comes bidding aid to the Scions to help with their now missing supplies as a result of Ivy's tips to the heretics. It would seem that a heretical movement led by the mysterious Lady Iceheart has interrupted trade routes from Coerthas to the south—namely Mor Dhona and Revenant’s Toll—using Ivy's intel. The opportunity is seized by the newly formed Crystal Braves to test their mettle under the watchful supervision of Alphinaud and the Warrior of Light.

The investigation leads to the discovery that Lady Iceheart intends to summon the primal Saint Shiva, who was once a human that fell in love with a dragon. Her intent as she tells it is to end the Dragonsong War (the ages long battle between Ishgard and the Dravanians), and to impede her would only invite further bloodshed. She is convinced her actions are what is best for Eorzea as a whole. With that, she uses an aethercyte to teleport away and destroy the crystal behind her to ensure the Warrior of Light and the Scions cannot follow.

This leads Minfilia to contact her old friend Moenbryda from their homeland of Sharlayan who arrives with the means to not only repair the broken aethercyte to pursue Iceheart, but may also be the final key to actually killing an Ascian: White Auracite, a stone with the remarkable power to temporarily hold and trap vast amounts of Aether. This allows the Warrior of Light to teleport to the Akh Afah Amphitheatre and face off with Lady Iceheart, who summons the essence of Shiva and turns herself into the primal. After a fierce battle, Lady Iceheart reverts to her normal self. She curses the Warrior of Light for being as blind as the Ishgardians and for squandering "Mother's gift." She tells the Warrior to seek out the Keeper of the Lake if they want the truth and then she vanishes into a portal repeating the words repeatedly spoken by Hydaelyn to the Warrior of Light: "Hear... Feel... Think..."

With the threat of Iceheart's heretics disposed of and the ability of the Garlean Empire to spy on Eorzea cut off, the chapter ends with more questions than answers: Was Shiva a primal that used Iceheart's body or something else? How was Iceheart able to remain in control while turned into Shiva? Were the Ascians involved? Will the White Auracite be able to recreate the blade of light used to strike down Lahabrea? The only lead the Scions have is this: The Keeper of the Lake—The mighty wyrmking Midgardsormr that was felled a battle with a Garlean airship during the first invasion of Eorzea, whose ancient body lies in the lake just beyond Revenant's Toll, and that the Ishgardian Astrologians believe will soon be resurrected. Ser Aymeric thanks the Warrior of Light for their assistance with Iceheart and makes a pact with Alphinaud that the Scions stand guard over the Keeper of the Lake in exchange for renewed and reinforced trade routes for crystal shipments to Revenant's Toll.

Before the Fall[edit | edit source]

A Brave named Riol has a growing concern about potential corruption in the ranks of the Crystal Braves as weapons shipments keep doing missing. Commander Ilberd requests the Warrior of Light's aid in investigate missing weapon shipments and chase down the black marketeer that has been hocking them. Ilberd finally tracks them down but by the time the Warrior of Light arrives, they find Ilberd exhausted and standing in the pool of blood that was the black marketeer. Wanting to be done with it all, he confiscates the dead man’s crate and tasks the Warrior with delivering it, however upon doing so the Crystal Braves remark that the shipment seems small and Riol is unconvinced that this could possibly be all of it and leaves to investigate.

Meanwhile, the Warrior of Light was beckoned to return to the Rising Stones in Mor Dhona where they find Ser Aymeric's lieutenant Lucia waiting. She informs the Warrior of Light that the dragon's roar has gone out across the land and is calling the dravarians to war. They fear that the Keeper of the Lake has awakened and ask that the Warrior of Light investigate it personally. After battling through the remains of the airship covered in dragons and other beasts drawn to Midgardsormr's presence, they face off with the wyrmking himself who recognizes them as being the Warrior of Light, Hydaelyn's chosen. The mighty dragon states that they should view the truth of things with eyes unclouded and dispels the Blessing of Light put upon the Warrior thus causing the crystals that have been collecting and shining to fade into darkness. Midgardsormr then takes the form of a small drake and forges a new pact with the Warrior: to come along with them, to offer wisdom and insight, and to "Watch... Listen... and Wait..." mocking Hydaelyn's words and alluding to some connection between the two.

The Warrior of Light returns to aid Moenbryda next in testing the white auracite someplace safe in case the built up aether causing a massive explosion of power. In their remote location of Northern Thanalan, they run across another Ascian calling himself Nabriales who discovers that the Warrior no longer bears the Blessing of Light. Seeing the opportunity that Hydaelyn’s protection is no longer cast over the Scions, he attacks the Rising Stones to seize the staff Tupsimati and to use its untapped power to bring about "The Rejoining". However, Moenbryda and the Warrior interrupt forcing Nabriales to abduct Minfilia, fatally wound Moenbryda and retreat. The warrior faces off with Nabriales in the Crystalis and defeats the Ascian, who mocks that he can't be killed. Moenbryda uses the white auracite to trap the Ascian but without Hydaelyn's blessing, the Warrior cannot summon the blade of light to destroy the Ascian trapped inside the crystal. Moenbryda sacrifices her remaining life energy and infuses it with Tupsimati to forge a new blade of light, allowing the Scions to vanquish an Ascian once and for all but at such a great cost.

After the Scions mourn the loss of Moenbryda, the call comes out from Ishgard: the dragons have come to answer the roar. Alphinaud and the Warrior petition the Grand Companies for aid but find none, further angering Alphinaud that the Grand Companies only care about themselves and not the Alliance. The leaders respond that Ishgard hid behind their walls when Garlemald attacked, so why should they risk their necks for Ishgard? Infuriated by the stubbornness and ignorance of a potential united Eorza, Alphinaud leads the Crystal Braves and the Warrior of Light to Coerthas to do battle. It is there that the Wariior of Light once again confronts Lady Iceheart who shatters Ishgard's first wall of magical wards against the dragons and allows the great dragon Vishap to assault the Steps of Faith. While the dragons were repelled, the assault was devastating on the forces of Ishgard that protect the borders.

After returning to the Rising Stones, Minfilia puts upon the Warrior of Light two tasks: one is to help Tataru, the lalafel secretary for the Scions who resigns in order to go and train to become a proper adventurer like the rest of the Scions. The other is to assist a scholar in researching aether flows in the Shroud. Tataru's adventures lead her to Limsa Lominsa where she tries and fails to become an arcanist. While the guildmaster states that the lalafel has the potential since she is a master with numbers, Tataru resigns that her skills would best be used as a master secretary and returns to the Rising Stones. The investigation with the scholar however turns up something far worse: the discovery of the body of Wildred, a young man in the Crystal Braves that had helped out from time to time on the Warrior of Light's missions. Wildred had no business being in the Shroud, and upon returning to headquarters the Warrior of Light finds out why when they speak to Riol again. Riol has found that the 1st and 3rd divisions of the Crystal Braves have been bribed and bought by none other than Teledji Aleledji, and that Wildred was starting to ask questions about what his comrades were up to leading to his demise.

It all comes to a head as the Warrior of Light is invited to a celebratory feast in Ul'dah along with the rest of the Scions. When they arrive however, they are momentarily diverted to run a quick errand. Yet another one of the Crystal Braves has gone missing. While looking for her, the Warrior stumbles upon a small vial and then Laurentius, a reformed corrupt lancer from the Black Shroud that they personally recruited for the Crystal Braves. Laurentius takes the vial and tells the Warrior of Light he will wait for Alienne, the missing Brave, so they can get back to the feast. Upon returning they are ushered into a private meeting with Sultana Nanamo, where she reveals that she plans to dissolve the Syndicate and the Sultanate and reform Ul'dah into a democratic republic. Upon announcing this she sips her wine and begins convulsing in pain—the wine had been poisoned. The Sultana collapses on the ground just as Teledji Adeledji breaks through the door with his Brass Blades soldiers and declares that the Warrior of Light is guilty of regicide. They are arrested and dragged away.

Elsewhere in Ul'dah, Alphinaud is called away from making snide remarks about how the Grand Companies are now doting on Ser Aymeric about their eagerness toward forging a treaty with Ishgard and expanding the Alliance now that they have nothing to risk to address urgent Crystal Braves business. However upon arriving, Ilberd—Alphinaud's most trusted second-in-command—draws his blade and puts it to the young man's neck. Outside on a balcony, Thancred is relaxing away from the crowded dinner and begins to hear an uprising in the streets as the Brass Blades begin to take control of the city.

The feast is interrupted by Teledji bursting through the doors, the Warrior of Light tied up behind him, and announces that the Scions of the Seventh Dawn are all under arrest for conspiracy, regicide, and countless other charges. Raubahn interrupts telling Teledji that he forgets his place, that the Sultana still rules not the Monetarists, and that he can't use the Brass Blades as his own personal army. Teledji mocks Raubahn about the general of the Immortal Flames talking about 'personal armies' and then announces the death of Sultana Nanamo to the shocked crowd. Teledji explains that the Scions have consorted with dark magics to ensnare and enslave the Grand Company leaders, turned Ishgard into allies overnight and that Thancred helped the Garlean Empire attack (referring to his time being possessed by Lahabrea). The other Grand Company leaders are escorted out by their personal guard before the city erupts in violence, Raubahn on the other hand completely snaps. He berserks out and kills Teledji only then to be confronted by Lord Lolorito, another Monetarist syndicate member and a rival of Teledji who reprimands Raubahn's actions, stating that murder is still illegal regardless of who runs Ul'dah. Raubahn launches at Lolorito next only to be stopped and dismembered by Ilberd. Ilberd and Raubahn were once staunch allies in the battle for Ala Mhigo when the Empire attacked before the Calamity, but Ilberd is disgusted with how posh and obedient the once fierce Raubahn has become. Now with only one arm, Raubahn picks up his sword again and tells the Scions to go and that he’ll cover their escape. The Scions are the only chance for bringing the Sultana's true killers to justice.

So the Scions flee through the streets and hidden sewers of Ul'dah. All the while, a few of them stopping to hold off enemies while the others flee. First the pugilist Yda and the thaumaturge Papylmo, then the rogue Thancred and the conjurer Yshtola stand off in the sewers to collapse the tunnels, until only Minfilia and the Warrior of Light remain. Lastly, Minfilia says Hydaelyn speaks to her and tells the Warrior that her role is to stay while the Warrior goes on.

So at last, outside the city of Ul'dah the only remaining members of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn reunite: the Warrior of Light, Alphinaud, and Tataru. They are whisked away before the Crystal Braves can hunt them down by Cid Garlond in the Enterprise along with his trusted assistants Biggs and Wedge. The Rising Stones is now under complete control of the Crystal Braves, the sultana gone, and now the Scions are wanted criminals. The remaining three flee to the only place that they still have allies: Coerthas and House Fortemps. They are greeted with open arms, assured that House Fortemps will do whatever they can to see about getting them into Ishgard proper for protection and told that the infamous Ishgardian cold shoulder will now work to their advantage if anyone comes looking for them. Alphinaud's despair about not being able to 'save Eorzea' as he deluded himself grows until Tataru and the Warrior of Light confront him, that as long the Scions exist, the dawn will come again. They need only look... Heavensward.

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Chronicles of a New Era[edit | edit source]

These storylines open up after the completion of the 2.0 main storyline with Operation Archon and the beginning of the Seventh Astral Era.

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The Binding Coil of Bahamut[edit | edit source]

After felling stronger incarnations of Ifrit, Garuda and Titan, the Warrior of Light is informed by Urianger that none of the primals match the aetheric patterns that accompanied the roar at the beginning of the Seventh Astral Era. To discover and forestall this threat before it alights on Eorzea, a certain individual has volunteered to lead the investigation. Said individual is revealed to be Alisaie Leveilleur, twin sister to Alphinaud who preferred to work away from the political scene of Eorzea. Having kept tabs on the Warrior's exploits, she requests their aid in performing the investigation, which begins with an exploration of the caverns underneath Castrum Occidens in La Noscea, formed in the wake of the 7th Umbral Calamity.

Through their expedition they uncover Allagan machina and technology littering the formations, giving credence to the idea that Dalamud was in truth an Allagan prison for Bahamut. They also discover what appear to be preserved limbs of the Dreadwyrm itself, something that should not be possible if the primal was dead. After defeating a powerful enslaved dragon, the Warrior and Alisaie come across the head of one of the shards of Dalamud that pierced the earth and, after interacting with the controls, open it up to reveal the head of Bahamut slowly reforming around a pulsating crystal heart, being supplied with aether from 3 similar Dalamud shards. To compound on this revelation, Alisaie spies what appears to be her grandfather Louisoix Leveilleur alongside and individual clad in white armor. Shocked, they return to the surface and report their findings to Urianger. Alisaie leaves to research more on the nature of Dalamud, asking for the Warrior's continued assistance when the time comes.

Some time later, Alisaie and Urianger again call upon the Adventurer. After researching and sharing their findings with the Sons of Saint Coinach, the two have reached the conclusion that Bahamut can be banished if the fragments of Dalamud holding in captivity and supplying it with aether, massive airships known as 'internment hulks' or 'coils', are shut down. Their information shows that one of these coils is located in North Shroud, and have dispatched agents to secure a route into the structure. Rendezvousing at Fallguaed Float, the Adventurer is surprised by Alphinaud, who is being informed of the expeditions progress by Urianger. He asks the Adventurer to watch over Alisaie and make sure she is not led astray by her love for her grandfather, before he quickly heads off without his sister's notice.

The Warrior and Alisaie make their way to the fragment, combating corrupted and mutated wildlife, before entering the coil proper. There they are confronted with the white armored individual from before, the apparently still-living Nael van Darnus, or Nael Deus Darnus, as the now tempered legatus prefers to be known by. Darnus warns the party from continuing on and disturbing the sleep of "Bahamut's children", before heading deep into the coil. Shocked by the legatus' survival, but undettered, the party continues on, fighting through waves of monstrous Allagan chimeras and powerful machina, during which Alisiae shows admiration and approval of the Warrior, before boarding an elevator into the coil's depths.

Here they come upon a simulation of the Rivenroad, where Darnus was last defeated, and once more confront the White Raven. Alisaie lands a blow on Darnus, removing the signature helmet and revealing the Raven to be a woman, but is sent back by the Adventurer when she transforms into a draconic-man hybrid. The Adventurer confronts Darnus in an epic battle, barely managing to pull through, and Darnus herself, in the verge of death, seems to return to an un-enthralled state. When Alisaie trys to pry her for the truth of the Calamity however, the legatus is finished off by a spear of light, accompanied by a cold voice recognisable to Alisaie.

At the bottom of the internment hulk, Alisaie is shocked by the progress Bahamut has made in regenerating, quickly shutting down the coil to delay the process. However, before they can leave they are confronted by Louisoix Leveilleur, now a enslaved thrall of Bahamut. The former Archon warns his granddaughter and the Warrior from further interference with the coils before disappearing. Horrified by his fate, Alisiae swears to end this twisted mockery of her grandfather and end Bahamut once and for all. The party returns to the surface and reports to Urianger. Alisaie heads off to process everything that unfolded while Urianger will make headway into finding routes into the remaining 2 coils.

Sometime later, the Warrior and Alisaie journey to the Burning Wall in Eastern Thanalan and the Singing Shards in Mor Dhona to see if Alisaie's assistants have found routes into the coils. Told the direct approach is impossible, they are called upon to Northern Thanalan by Urianger, who claims to arrived upon a solution. In both of the prior expeditions in the coils, the Warrior and Alisaie would end up returning to crystal formation known as Dalamud's Talons when teleporting back to the surface. The Archon and his accomplices have theorized they maybe able to use this connection to teleport into the remaining coils.

At the Talons, Alphinaud reveals himself to Alisaie as Urianger's key accomplice. Having been informed of events, he wishes to join the expedition on this last journey, both in order to lay his grandfather to rest, and see his sister's resolve. The party arrives in one of the Internment Hulks, where countless storage containers hold various chimerical beasts and, to Alisaie's puzzlement, countless dragons in suspended animation. Fighting through the defenses, Alisaie questions why the Allagans would store so many dragons within Dalamud. Alphinaud asks if she has determined who were the worshipers that brought Bahamut into existence, leading to the realization that the dragons themselves were the ones who summoned the Dreadwyrm. Heading deeper into the labyrinth, the party comes across a giant replica of Dalamud, believed to be the device that regulates the primal's regeneration, before reaching the control deck of the coil.

There they see that Bahamut has almost been completely been restored, and before they can shut the ship down, are confronted by Louisoix. The enslaved Archon regales to them the tale of the dragons of Meracydia. During the 3rd Astral Era, the Allagan Empire laid siege to the southern continent, resorting to many amoral practices in their conquest. Faced with such relentless onslaught, the dragons prayed for deliverance to one of the First Brood, Bahamut, and brought him into the world, but the Allagans managed to capture him as well. Entombed within Dalamud, the primal was subjected to the tortured cries of his suspended worshippers for millenia, his hatred for man growing to unfathomable heights. Louisoix concludes that man is irredeemably flawed, and thus must be removed from the world. The twins reject his belief, with Alphinaud noting how his grandfather seems to be excluding himself from men. It is then that Louisoix reveals his greatest secret, transforming into the primal Phoenix. Shocked, Alisaie asks the Warrior to defeat the hero of Eorzea, and they engage in battle, the primal dispersing into aether upon defeat.

However, Louisoix is not yet dead, and returns to his true form, the battle allowing him to regain his free will. He reveals to the party the truth of what happened during the calamity. After the sealing spell of the Twelve failed to contain Bahamut, Louisoix sent the present Warriors of Light to safety using the power of Althyk, the Keeper, while preparing to meet his end. However the hopes and prayers of Eorzeans everywhere allowed him to utilise the leftover aether from the spell to transform into Phoenix, ancient symbol of rebirth. With that power, the Archon was able to defeat Bahamut, rendering a blow so mighty it all but tore him apart, and released the aether back to the land, hoping to begin restoration. However, Bahamut's will was stronger than he thought possible, and even in fragments, held onto his existence, tempering Louisoix and consuming what remained of the aether. The coils then burrowed deeper and deeper, eventually finding the primal's crystal heart, and began the restoration process. Opening a direct path to the final coil, Louisoix entrusts his remaining power to his grandchildren, and asks the Warrior to see the battle ended. Alisiae and Alphinaud share one last farewell with their grandfather before he returns to the Lifestream, and the party continues onward.

At the control deck of the final coil, Bahamut, now without his thralls, awakens to directly attack the party. Alisaie, now knowing the whole truth and being inspired by the Warrior's countless deeds of heroism, shields the party stating her resolve to protect and nurture the potential of man. Overjoyed that his sister has found her own path, Alphinaud joins his powers unto hers, creating a path to allow the Warrior to warp into the primal's heart, where they confront and defeat an incarnation of it's will. Back at the coil, Alisaie shuts it down, causing Bahamut to finally dissipate into aether and bringing the tale of the 7th Umbral Calamity to a close.

The party returns to Urianger at the Ceruleum Processing Plant to share what has happened. Alphinaud asks his sister to give her consent to concealing the truth. She agrees, as if knowledge of the primal of rebirth, Phoenix, became common knowledge, misguided peoples would try to summon it to complete Eorzea's restoration. Alphinaud and Urianger go to deal with the Eorzean Alliance, while Alisaie asks the Warrior to meet hit her one more time at the Burning Wall. There, she offers a prayer not only to her grandfather, but also to Nael, Bahamut, the Meracydian dragons, and all who lost their lives in the Calamity. Alisaie thanks the Warrior for their unwavering support through the expedition, and tells them that one day she wishes to return the favour. As she is now, she would not be able to, and so has decided to go on a solo journey through the realm, meeting with new people and hoping to gain the strength she needs. She bids farewell, under the promise they will meet again one day.

The Crystal Tower[edit | edit source]

An outlandishly dressed masked man hails the Adventurer in Revenant's Toll, recognising them as the Warrior of Light. He informs them of a new adventuring opportunity he has heard rumours of: The scholars of the Sons of Saint Coinach will be investigating the Crystal Tower, a mysterious structure of Allagan origin that surfaced in Mor Dhona following the Calamity, alongside the Garlond Ironworks, represented by Cid himself, and will soon be hiring able-bodied adventurers to assist with the expedition. The Adventurer meets with Rammbroes, a former disciple of Louisoix Leveilleur and Saint Coinach's Find's current foreman, who gladly accepts their aid.

Meeting with Cid, the Adventurer is told the way into the Tower is blocked by 4 barriers wielding various elemental energies. Cid has devised a way to break these barriers, but requires 4 flawless crystals of the corresponding elements cut and grinded in a specific manner. The Warrior is tasked with obtaining these crystals from various beastman strongholds and is then sent to obtain the required aethersand for the grinding. During this latter task, they meet with Biggs and Wedge, who are working on a personal project, but decide to assist the expedition once they hear the details. The Adventurer also encounters a mysterious voice that gives them the last needed aethersand after a small competition.

Returning to the Find, the Warrior hands the items over to Cid for preparation, when they hear the voice from before. He reveals himself as G'raha Tia, a scholar of the Students of Baldesion specializing in the Allagan Empire, sent over on request of Rammbroes for his historical expertise. With Biggs and Wedge arriving to help Cid out, G'raha decides to name the group heading the expedition NOAH (Nominated Observers of Artifacts Historical), after a legendary Allagan archmagus. Cid finishes grinding the crystals, allowing the party to destroy the barriers preventing access. It is here that the Warrior is given their first official mission: lead a band of adventurers to clear the Labyrinth of the Ancients, the maze that forms the base of the Crystal Tower structure. The Adventurer succeeds in clearing out the labyrinth of monsters and its guardian, Phlegethon, and the researchers begin their work investigating the technology present throughout the structure.

NOAH meets back at base camp to discuss their findings, most obviously that the long-dormant mechanisms of the Crystal Tower have somehow been reawakened and that it has been slowly absorbing aether. In order to ascertain what coaxed them into motion after several thousand years of stillness, the Expedition determines that they will need to ascend Syrcus Tower, the main spire of the structure, after the research team completes it's initial investigations.

Eventually, the investigation reaches a standstill, blocked by the door leading into Syrcus, which has proved to be impervious to all known means, and stumping both Cid and G'raha. Stuck as they are, the expedition team is approached by 2 individuals named Unei and Doga that claim to scholars of the Students of Baldesion who have come to assist. Asking to see the offending door, they are able to open it easily, to the shock of everyone present. it is then that the mysterious man who first told the Warrior of the expedition, revealed to be Nero tol Scaeva, appears and reveals that the door could only have been opened by those who posses the blood of Allag royalty. Faced with the scrutiny of NOAH, Doga and Unei reveal their origins.

The Allagan Empire was founded by a man named Xande, who had ambitions to rule the world, but he passed away before his dream came to be. The Empire still managed to flourish under his descendants, reaching vast technological heights, and the Crystal Tower, originally his tomb, was converted into a structure to gather energy from the sun. However, eventually the empire began to decline and a concerned technologist, Amon, took it upon himself to revive it. He resurrected Xande, who took over the throne from the current rulers, the original Doga and Unei, and resumed his ambition to bring the last free continent, Meracydia, under his thumb, a campaign during which Allag slipped into darker more ethically questionable territory, Xande himself resorting to utilising 'the power of Darkness' to ensure the campaign's success.

The current Doga and Unei are clones, a couple of many created by Amon during his research under Xande, but have been imbued with their original selves' will to stop Xande, unlike the rest. They further reveal that Xande caused the 4th Umbral Calamity, activating the Tower to gather energy from Dalamud at levels it could not sustain, and releasing it to the surrounding land, causing a great earthquake that swallowed the Tower itself. As it happened, Amon cast a spell of stasis on the Tower and it's inhabitants, awaiting a day when it would re-emerge and Xande could resume whatever ambitions he had. This came to pass when the 7 Calamity dragged the Tower to the surface, awakening those inside. The clones, also trapped within, managed to escape and have been wandering the land since, hoping to find a champion who can put an end to Xande once and for all, a champion they believe to be the Warrior. They also note that G'raha has the royal blood running through his veins, as denoted by his singular red eye, a colour unique to the descendants of Xande, though how his line came to be in possession of it is unknown.

NOAH unanimously agrees to assist the duo, and they make preparations for the Warrior to lead another band of adventurers to deal with the Towers defenses, killing Amon and, finally, Xande himself. Sharing the same blood as Xande, the clones attempt to annul the dark covenant he made, but an entity. known as the Cloud of Darkness, pulls them into a rift that had manifested before the Tower's throne. Nero, who had invited himself to the expedition, attempts to save them for his own reasons, only to end up sharing their fate. An echo vision from battling Doga and Unei clones reveals to the Warrior Xande's true ambition. The embrace of death leading him into Nihilism, Xande made a pact with the Cloud, one of the strongest voidsent, and wished to open a voidgate large enough for it to pass into this world and consume everything.

Back at Saint Coinach's Find, the party discusses the revelations and conclude the need to rescue Doga, Unei and Nero from the Void, not only to stop the Cloud, but also because of the friendship formed during their time together.

Rammbroes and G'raha arrive at the conclusion that the energy being gathered by the Crystal Tower is to be used to open a void gate for the Cloud to enter the world, and Cid and the Garlond Ironworks have been working on a machine to open a smaller gate through which the Warrior can hopefully rescue their trapped colleagues. With the device nearing completion, G'raha volunteers to join the Warrior on this final journey and together they enter The World of Darkness. The party fights off hordes of voidsent in their rescue mission, and eventually encounter the CLoud of Darkness itself. After a great struggle, the Cloud is laid low and Doga, Unei and Nero emerge to meet their companions, with Nero suffering from the effects of dark corruption from the Void due to the wounds inflicted upon him during his attempts to protect the clones. Before the party can leave, the Cloud returns, immortal in this realm, in an immaterial form and attempts to destroy those who would defy it. However thisreveals that G'raha, due to possessing the Royal Blood, is protected by the covenant between the Cloud and Xande.

Inspired, and confident that their legacy will not die, Doga and Unei awaken the dormant powers of the Royal Blood within G'raha, granting him full control of the Crystal Tower in the process, before remaining behind to annul the covenant once and for all. The Warrior, G'raha and Nero rush to the quickly diminishing gate, with Nero's corruption being cleansed by the annullment of the covenant. Back in their world, the Warrior and G'raha relay the events that have transpired to the rest of NOAH. Saddened by the lost of the clones, but glad to have control over the Tower, Cid and Rammbroes decide that it must be permanently sealed away so as to prevent any misuse of it in the future. The expedition team returns to Saint Coinach's Find to organize their findings while G'raha remains behind with the investigation team.

Some time later, however, they learn that G'raha has forced all of the researchers out and go to confront him at the gates of Syrcus Tower. There he reveals that the fully awakened blood of the Allagan Royals has granted him the memories and wish of the ancients. After the 4th Umbral Calamity, the survivors began to rebuild their lives, however, they always looked for the light of the Crystal Tower, a symbol of hope and triumph to them, and prayed that one day it would return as a beacon of hope in the future. To make that wish a reality, Princess Salina, the last surviving Allagan royal, entrusted her blood and memories to her closest advisor, Desch, who was G'raha's ancestor.

To ensure the wish of the ancients comes true, and knowing that the world as it is now would not be able to handle the technology within, the historian has decided to seal the Tower in stasis with him inside, much like Amon did before, and leaves his comrades, and especially the Warrior, who he has grown to respect and admire, with but a single task: to build a bright future. With his farewells spoken, the doors close, and NOAH ends it's investigation, hoping to get started on the task set before them.

Meanwhile Nero, who had left earlier, decides to abandon his search for arcane power and again focus on technology, discarding his aetherometer into the Syrcus Trench. However, after he leaves, the beacon starts beeping, indicating that something else is present nearby...

Primals[edit | edit source]

Minfilia informs the Adventurer that stronger incarnations of the primals they previously defeated are being resummoned around Eorzea. Through leads given by Thancred, Papalymo and Y'shtola, the Warrior of Light eventually confronts and defeats enhanced versions of Ifrit, Garuda and Titan. However, this is not the end of their troubles, as Urianger soon informs them that the primals are being summoned with powers far beyond what they were ever recorded of being capable of. The Warrior confronts these extreme versions of the primals and manages to fell each.

However, upon their defeat, the Warrior finds mysterious items that, when presented to Urianger, are revealed to be ritual focus items made from the bones of sacrifices. The presence of Ascians observing the Warrior during their battles leads the scion to conclude that the Paragons have gifted the knowledge of a stronger summoning ritual to the beast tribes, with sacrifice being a key component in the primals enhanced strength. This theory appears to hold true, after the Warrior confronts incarnations of Good King Moggle Mog, Leviathan, Ramuh and even Shiva that appear to be enhanced via similar methods.

In a separate investigation, the Warrior of Light assists Padjal O-App-Pesi in discovering the identity an unknown primal reported to be roaming through the Shroud. This primal is revealed to be the Dark Divinity Odin, an elder primal from the 3rd Astral Era sealed away by an Allagan hero. Discovering the seal to have been broken, most likely after being weakened in the Calamity, the Padjal begins to make countermeasures to combat this new threat. Some time later, O-App-Pesi sends word that Odin has reappeared once more, but this time the Padjal and brother E-Sumi-Yan wish to observe a battle with the primal from afar to discover why it always seems to reappear after defeat. The Warrior leads a party into Urth's Fount to defeat the primal, and succeeds. From their observations, the Padjals come to the conclusion that the Primal is not Odin, but rather the blade Zantetsuken, with Odin being the blade's enslaved thrall. This theory appears to hold true, as Zantetsuken is stolen by a loyal Gridanian soldier, and the Elder Primal continues the hunt through the Shroud.

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Side Story quests[edit | edit source]

Delivery Moogle Quests[edit | edit source]

Investigating a disturbance in the mail delivery service, the Adventurer makes the acquaintance of the Delivery Moogle, who has been having troubles making deliveries recently. In order to meet their quota, the moogle hires on the Adventurer as an assistant. Throughout the course of delivering mail, they encounter and learn the stories of notable individuals around Eorzea. Eventually, the Delivery Moogle is put on probation by Raya-O-Senna and A-Ruhn-Senna until they are able to prove they are still fit for duty. The moogle, with the Adventurer's help, is able to do so and is given new moogle assistants to lighten the load.

Hildibrand Quests[edit | edit source]

Investigating rumours regarding strangely well-mannered zombies, the Adventurer encounters the previously-thought-to-be-dead Gentleman Inspector Hildibrand and, alongside his assistant Nashu Mhakaracca, is dragged into a series of zany and whacky adventures replete with twist and turns, aspiring competent rivals, a thief of a thousand faces and many more unique individuals, all belieing a deeper plot of vengeance.

Zodiac Saga Quests[edit | edit source]

The Warrior of Light is introduced to Rowena, an artifacts collector and businesswoman, in Revenant's Toll during their search for better equipment. She informs them about Eorzea's greatest weaponsmith, Gerolt, and gives them a promise of payment to hand to him in Hyrstmill. With the note in hand, Gerolt begrudgingly agrees to restore a legendary relic specific to the Warrior's job only if they are able to obtain the specific materials required, which include raiding beastmen strongholds, exploring dungeons and fighting primals and other beasts. At the end, the Warrior is gifted a legendary weapon, which can be further strengthened through the use of a special coating.

Later on, the Warrior encounters Jalzahn, a Thavnairian alchemist and creator of the coating, who believes he can help them further strengthen their weapon, hoping to recreate one of the weapons of the Zodiac Braves. After a series of enduring quests and trials, and gaining the assistance of both Gerolt and Mutamix, they succeed in reforging a Zodiac weapon for the personal use of the Warrior.

Wandering Minstrel Quests[edit | edit source]

The Wandering Minstrel is a traveller searching for new tales to be retold and new legends to be sung, and the Adventurer may just be the one to inspire him.

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