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{{sideicon|FFXIV}}{{DISPLAYTITLE:List of ''Final Fantasy XIV'' items/Miscellany}}
{{#invoke:FFXIV Data|AllLootTable|Miscellany}}{{sideicon|prime=FFXIV}}{{navbox items FFXIV}}
The following is a list of Miscellanys in ''[[Final Fantasy XIV]]''.
{{#invoke:FFXIV Data|OtherItems|Gysahl Greens; Allagan Tin Piece; Allagan Bronze Piece; Allagan Silver Piece; Allagan Gold Piece; Allagan Platinum Piece; Ixali Willowknot; Ixali Mapleknot; Ixali Ebonknot; Sylphic Brownleaf; Sylphic Yellowleaf; Sylphic Redleaf; Titan Copperpiece; Titan Mythrilpiece; Titan Electrumpiece; Greentide Psashp; Redtide Psashp; Goldtide Psashp; Bronze Amalj'ok; Iron Amalj'ok; Darksteel Amalj'ok; Ququroon Doom-die; Gagaroon Luck-die; Peperoon Fate-die; Brass Gobcog; Silver Gobcog; Gold Gobcog; Deaspected Crystal; Deaspected Cluster; Faded Page; Wanted: Gauwyn the Gannet; Enchiridion; Allagan Band; Oschon's Finger; Commemorative Coin; Unsealed Memorandum; Inferno Taper; Vortex Headdress; Unmarked Keystone; Inferno Totem; Vortex Totem; Kupo Nut Charm; Inferno Seal; Vortex Seal; Tremor Seal; Gold Shposhae Coffer Key; Electrum Shposhae Coffer Key; Rose Gold Shposhae Coffer Key; Silver Shposhae Coffer Key; Mythril Shposhae Coffer Key; Steel Shposhae Coffer Key; Copper Shposhae Coffer Key; Brass Shposhae Coffer Key; Bronze Shposhae Coffer Key; Brass Zahar'ak Coffer Key; Copper Zahar'ak Coffer Key; Silver Zahar'ak Coffer Key; Gold Zahar'ak Coffer Key; Brass U'Ghamaro Coffer Key; Silver U'Ghamaro Coffer Key; Copper U'Ghamaro Coffer Key; Bronze U'Ghamaro Coffer Key; Gold U'Ghamaro Coffer Key; Brass Natalan Coffer Key; Copper Natalan Coffer Key; Silver Natalan Coffer Key; Steel Natalan Coffer Key; Mythril Natalan Coffer Key; Gold Natalan Coffer Key; Copper Castrum Coffer Key; Silver Castrum Coffer Key; Gold Castrum Coffer Key; Militia Bow; Militia Sword; Militia Helm; Militia Gorget; Militia Longboots; Militia Leggings; Militia Poultice; Militia Rations; Sanguine Humours; Phlegmatic Humours; Melancholic Humours; Reinforced Pavis; Spiked Pavis; Musked Pavis; Blessed Pavis; Reinforced Decoy; Spiked Decoy; Musked Decoy; Blessed Decoy; Fortified Rations; Spiked Rations; Musked Rations; Blessed Rations; Pavis Parts (Reinforcement); Pavis Parts (Spikes); Pavis Parts (Musk); Pavis Parts (Blessing); Decoy Parts (Reinforcement); Decoy Parts (Spikes); Decoy Parts (Musk); Decoy Parts (Blessing); Fortifying Philter; Spiking Philter; Musky Philter; Sanctifying Philter; Allagan Runestone - Byregot; Allagan Runestone - Rhalgr; Allagan Runestone - Llymlaen; Allagan Runestone - Azeyma; Allagan Runestone - Althyk; Allagan Runestone - Menphina; Allagan Runestone - Nophica; Allagan Runestone - Nald'thal; Allagan Runestone - Nymeia; Allagan Runestone - Oschon; Allagan Runestone - Thaliak; Allagan Runestone - Halone; Rope; Brass Dish; Silver Goblet; Tallow Candle; Beeswax Candle; Goblin Mask; Timeworn Leather Map; Timeworn Goatskin Map; Timeworn Toadskin Map; Timeworn Boarskin Map; Timeworn Peisteskin Map; Flamefang Choker; Proto Armor Identification Key; Kafre's Tusk; Rowena's Token; Jandelaine's Token; Exquisite Buttons; Material Supplier Permit; Junkmonger Permit; Mender Permit; Venture; Titan Mythrilshield; Coral Armband; Reagan Pepper; Titan Steelshield; Titan Electrumshield; Coral Band; Coral Necklace; Rowena's Token (Soldiery); Mysterious Map; Curiel Root; Sylkis Bud; Mimett Gourd; Tantalplant; Pahsana Fruit; Blood-spattered Mark Log; Talan's Seal of Mining; Talan's Seal of Botany; Talan's Seal of Fishing; Unhidden Leather Map; Xelphatol Apple; Doman Plum; Mamook Pear; Valfruit; O'Ghomoro Berries; Cieldalaes Pineapple; Han Lemon; Krakka Root; Thavnairian Onion; Magicked Stable Broom; Ixali Oaknot; Flawless Band; Expansion of Duties Permit; Grade 1 Wheel of Confrontation; Grade 1 Wheel of Productivity; Grade 1 Wheel of Industry; Grade 1 Wheel of Longeing; Grade 1 Wheel of Rivalry; Grade 1 Wheel of Company; Grade 1 Wheel of Initiation; Grade 1 Wheel of Capacity; Grade 1 Wheel of Observation; Grade 1 Wheel of Efficiency; Grade 1 Wheel of Precision; Grade 1 Wheel of Dedication; Grade 1 Wheel of Nutriment; Grade 1 Wheel of Permanence; Grade 1 Wheel of Revival; Grade 1 Wheel of Pilgrimage; Rowena's Token (Poetics); Furnace Ring; Perfect Mortar; Perfect Pestle; Aged Ring; Aged Spear; Aged Mortar; Aged Pestle; Aged Grimoire; Aged Phial; Aged Decanter; Aged Robe; Bronze Lake Crystal; Brass Kettle; Grade 1 Feed - Speed Blend; Grade 2 Feed - Speed Blend; Grade 3 Feed - Special Speed Blend; Grade 1 Feed - Acceleration Blend; Grade 2 Feed - Acceleration Blend; Grade 3 Feed - Special Acceleration Blend; Grade 1 Feed - Balance Blend; Grade 2 Feed - Balance Blend; Grade 3 Feed - Special Balance Blend; Grade 1 Feed - Endurance Blend; Grade 2 Feed - Endurance Blend; Grade 3 Feed - Special Endurance Blend; Grade 1 Feed - Stamina Blend; Grade 2 Feed - Stamina Blend; Grade 3 Feed - Special Stamina Blend; Grade 2 Wheel of Confrontation; Grade 2 Wheel of Productivity; Grade 2 Wheel of Industry; Grade 2 Wheel of Longeing; Grade 2 Wheel of Rivalry; Grade 2 Wheel of Company; Grade 2 Wheel of Initiation; Grade 2 Wheel of Capacity; Grade 2 Wheel of Observation; Grade 2 Wheel of Efficiency; Grade 2 Wheel of Precision; Grade 2 Wheel of Dedication; Grade 2 Wheel of Nutriment; Grade 2 Wheel of Permanence; Grade 2 Wheel of Revival; Grade 2 Wheel of Pilgrimage; Grade 3 Wheel of Confrontation; Grade 3 Wheel of Productivity; Grade 3 Wheel of Industry; Grade 3 Wheel of Longeing; Grade 3 Wheel of Rivalry; Grade 3 Wheel of Company; Grade 3 Wheel of Capacity; Grade 3 Wheel of Observation; Grade 3 Wheel of Efficiency; Grade 3 Wheel of Precision; Grade 3 Wheel of Dedication; Grade 3 Wheel of Nutriment; Grade 3 Wheel of Permanence; Grade 3 Wheel of Pilgrimage; Thorne Dynasty Map; Platinum Triad Card; Modern Aesthetics - Ponytails; Gold Saucer Ticket; Splintered Chest; Little Worm; Gregarious Worm; Yafaem Wildgrass; Mazlaya Greens; Mummer's Daggers; Lapdog Collar Bell; Talan's Seal of Mining Mastery; Talan's Seal of Botany Mastery; Talan's Seal of Fishing Mastery; Unstained Mark Log; Bronze Triad Card; Silver Triad Card; Gold Triad Card; MGP Voucher; Grade 2 Feed - Special Speed Blend; Grade 2 Feed - Special Acceleration Blend; Grade 2 Feed - Special Balance Blend; Grade 2 Feed - Special Endurance Blend; Grade 2 Feed - Special Stamina Blend; Ceruleum Tank; Soul of the Crafter; Airship Repair Materials; Traders' Favor (Coerthas Western Highlands); Traders' Favor (Dravanian Hinterlands); Traders' Favor (Dravanian Forelands); Traders' Favor (The Churning Mists); Traders' Favor (The Sea of Clouds); Traders' Favor (Azys Lla); Matron's Favor (Coerthas Western Highlands); Matron's Favor (Dravanian Hinterlands); Matron's Favor (Dravanian Forelands); Matron's Favor (The Churning Mists); Matron's Favor (The Sea of Clouds); Matron's Favor (Azys Lla); Ballroom Etiquette - Improper Greetings; Grade 1 Wheel of Recreation; Grade 2 Wheel of Recreation; Grade 3 Wheel of Recreation; Amber-encased Vilekin; Flight Credit; Timeworn Archaeoskin Map; Timeworn Wyvernskin Map; Timeworn Dragonskin Map; Far Eastern Coin; Toy Box Schema; Magnanimous Mogcrown; Woodworking Delineation; Blacksmithing Delineation; Armoring Delineation; Goldsmithing Delineation; Leatherworking Delineation; Weaving Delineation; Alchemy Delineation; Cooking Delineation; Expanse Totem; Hive Totem; Tarnished Gordian Lens; Tarnished Gordian Shaft; Tarnished Gordian Crank; Tarnished Gordian Spring; Tarnished Gordian Pedal; Tarnished Gordian Chain; Tarnished Gordian Bolt; Gordian Manifesto - Page 1; Gordian Manifesto - Page 2; Gordian Manifesto - Page 3; Gordian Manifesto - Page 4; Rowena's Token (Red Crafters' Scrip); Rowena's Token (Blue Crafters' Scrip); Rowena's Token (Red Gatherers' Scrip); Rowena's Token (Blue Gatherers' Scrip); Type-1 Woodworking Counterfoil; Type-1 Blacksmithing Counterfoil; Type-1 Armoring Counterfoil; Type-1 Goldsmithing Counterfoil; Type-1 Leatherworking Counterfoil; Type-1 Weaving Counterfoil; Type-1 Alchemy Counterfoil; Type-1 Cooking Counterfoil; Type-1 Mining Counterfoil; Type-1 Botany Counterfoil; Type-1 Fishing Counterfoil; Gold Chocobo Feather; Silver Chocobo Feather; Steward Permit; Mission Ceruleum; Mission Ceruleum Voucher; Mythril Triad Card; Enchanted Rubber; Fast-drying Carboncoat; Divine Water; Fast-acting Allagan Catalyst; Precision Gordian Bolt; Unidentifiable Bone; Precision Gordian Lens; Unidentifiable Shell; Precision Gordian Spring; Unidentifiable Ore; Precision Gordian Shaft; Unidentifiable Seeds; Adamantite Francesca; Dispelling Arrow; Moogle Miniature; Clan Mark Log; Mhachi Farthing; Heavens' Ward Helm Fragment; Brass Sky Pirate Spoil; Steel Sky Pirate Spoil; Vanu Whitebone; Sylphic Goldleaf; Steel Amalj'ok; Rainbowtide Psashp; Titan Cobaltpiece; Modern Aesthetics - Scion Special Issue; Modern Aesthetics - Curls; Modern Aesthetics - Adventure; Ballroom Etiquette - The Thavnairian Dance; Ballroom Etiquette - The Gold Dance; Type-1 Crafting Receipt; Type-1 Gathering Receipt; Modern Vocation; Red Oldroses; Blue Oldroses; Yellow Oldroses; Green Oldroses; Orange Oldroses; Purple Oldroses; White Oldroses; Black Oldroses; Rainbow Oldroses; Goblin Cup; Goblin Dice; Sewing Needle; Rowena's Token (Lore); Fiend Totem; Tarnished Midan Lens; Tarnished Midan Shaft; Tarnished Midan Crank; Tarnished Midan Spring; Tarnished Midan Pedal; Tarnished Midan Chain; Tarnished Midan Bolt; Midan Manifesto - Page 1; Midan Manifesto - Page 2; Midan Manifesto - Page 3; Midan Manifesto - Page 4; Midan Gear; Aether Oil; Black Copper Gil; Squadron Enlistment Manual; Priority Seal Allowance; Gold Saucer VIP Card; Squadron Battle Manual; Squadron Survival Manual; Squadron Engineering Manual; Squadron Spiritbonding Manual; Squadron Rationing Manual; Squadron Gear Maintenance Manual; Priority Aetheryte Pass; Modern Aesthetics - Pulse; MGP Gold Card; Ballroom Etiquette - Exotic Greetings; Mhachi Matter; Copper Voyage Spoil; Iron Voyage Spoil; Season One Lone Wolf Voucher A; Season One Lone Wolf Voucher B; Season One Lone Wolf Voucher C; Season One Pack Wolf Voucher A; Season One Pack Wolf Voucher B; Season One Pack Wolf Voucher C; Horde Totem; Gelmorran Potsherd; Carved Kupo Nut; Modern Aesthetics - Scion Special Issue II; Modern Aesthetics - Scion Special Issue III; Contemporary Warfare: Defense; Contemporary Warfare: Offense; Contemporary Warfare: Magicks; Ballroom Etiquette - The Red Ranger; Ballroom Etiquette - The Black Ranger; Ballroom Etiquette - The Yellow Ranger; Unstained Clan Mark Log; Mhachi Penny; Red Violas; Blue Violas; Yellow Violas; Green Violas; Orange Violas; Purple Violas; White Violas; Black Violas; Rainbow Violas; Ballroom Etiquette - Zantetsuken; Dream of the Fayth; Bronze-trimmed Sack; Iron-trimmed Sack; Silver-trimmed Sack; Gold-trimmed Sack; Goddess Totem; Alexandrian Gear; Tarnished Alexandrian Lens; Tarnished Alexandrian Shaft; Tarnished Alexandrian Crank; Tarnished Alexandrian Spring; Tarnished Alexandrian Pedal; Tarnished Alexandrian Chain; Tarnished Alexandrian Bolt; Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 1; Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 2; Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 3; Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 4; Modern Aesthetics - Samsonian Locks; Materia Melder Permit; Pumpkin Cookie; Mhachi Demimatter; MGP Platinum Card; Rowena's Token (Scripture); }}
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