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This article lists all enemy abilities from Final Fantasy XIV in alphabetical order. Abilities with the same name but different effects are separated by a capital letter.

Key Description
Physical Deals physical damage. Mitigated by Defense.
Magical Deals magical damage. Mitigated by Magic Defense.
Breath Deals breath damage. Can only be mitigated by abilities.
Cure Recovers HP.
Self User only casts ability on itself.
Auto Replaces the user's auto-attack. User may revert to a normal auto-attack if interrupted.
Melee Melee attack to a single target, typically has a 3-5y range from the edge of user's hitbox.
Ranged Ranged attack to a single target.
Line Deals damage in a straight line either in front of the caster or somewhere in the arena.
Room-wide Deals unavoidable damage to entire arena.
Targeted Deals damage in a targeted area or around a targeted player.
Radial Deals damage in a circle around the user.
Cone/Arc Deals damage in an cone or arc of varying degrees extending from the caster.
Stack Requires players to move together to divide the damage.
Spread Requires players to move away from each other so the damage does not stack.
Proximity Requires players to run away from the affected area to minimize damage.
Tether Tethers players to each other, an area, or an enemy. Requires players to move towards or away from their tethered target.
Gaze Requires players to look away or at a specific area so as to avoid certain mechanics.
Cinematic Unavoidable ability. May cut to a cutscene and/or prevent prevent players from moving it is complete.
Active Time Maneuver Requires players to perform a quick time event to avoid a mechanic.
Special Performs unique actions with unusual mechanics.
Buff Gives positive status effects to the caster or its allies.
Debuff Gives negative status effects to the targets.
Knockback/Draw-in Pushes players to or from an area. Can be prevented by abilities such as Surecast.


List of enemy abilities[]


Ability Type Description Enemies
10-Tonze Swipe Cyclops family
100-Tonze Swipe Cyclops family
100-Tonze Swing Cyclops family
1000-Tonze Swing Pyracmon
-100 Gs Room-wide, Special Deals minor damage and flings the raid into the air, preventing movement and ability usage. Catastrophe
100 Gs Room-wide, Special Dispels Levitation. Catastrophe
1000 Needles Radial Deals 1000 damage.

Can be learned by Blue Mages.

Cactuar family
10000 Needles Cactuar Bailarina
100,000 Needles Room-wide Instantly kills the party.

Cast can be interrupted by damaging the caster.

Sabotender Emperatriz
20000 Needles Stack Deals 20,000 damage split evenly between the target and other nearby players. Sabotender Bailarina
3000 Needles Sabotender Emperatriz
3000 Tonze Missile Magical Spawns two missiles to random spots on the area, signaled by a blue laser. If not minimized, deal heavy damage to the party and apply Damage Down and Infirmity. Spawns four missiles and deals more damage in savage. Oppressor
5000 Needles Sabotender Campeador


Ability Type Description Enemies
Admonishment Magical AoE Fires a central beam, followed by three narrower beams. Follows with two more beams at lower health. Midgardsormr
Aerial Blast Magical AoE Deals damage proportional to the remaining stone pillars on the party; the more pillars remain, the less damage dealt. Ultima Weapon's version deals consistent damage. Garuda, The Ultima Weapon
Aero Assault Knockback, Room-wide Kefka
Aetherplasm The Ultima Weapon
Aetheric Bomb The Ultima Weapon
Aetheric Boon The Ultima Weapon
Aetheric Profusion Magical AoE Deals very heavy damage on the party. Damage is greatly reduced by standing on a neurolink. Twintania
Aetherochemical Explosion Room-wide Special Yellow circles will appear on the ground during the cast. Less damage is dealt to the raid the more circles are occupied by a player. If all the circles are occupied, the players inside the circle will take a small amount of damage instead of the group. Xande
Akh Morn A Magical AoE Initially deals 18,000 damage unmitigated split between 1 target and the closest party member within a certain radius, with each successive hit dealing 10,000 damage. Does 'n' amount of successive hits on each 'nth' usage of the attack. Bahamut Prime
Akh Morn B Magical Stack Deals lethal damage that can be split between all other players near the target. Hits three times in quick succession. Shinryu, Midgardsormr
Akh Morn C Magical, Split, Stack Deals damage that must be shared between three other party members, hitting three, five, six, or seven times in succession, while also inflicting the Hated of the Wyrm or Hated of Frost debuffs. It is lethal if a player gets the other debuff. Shiva
Akh Rhai A Magical AoE Energy erupts from beneath two random players, leaving an exploding puddle that deals damage every second for a few seconds. Midgardsormr
Akh Rhai B Magical AoE Energy erupts from beneath all players, leaving an exploding puddle that deals damage every second for a few seconds and inflicting a Damage Down debuff on anyone hit. Shiva
Ambuscade Physical, Radial, Knockback Deals blunt damage and knocks back. Sahagin
Ancient Flare Magical AoE Deals damage to the entire alliance. Scylla's damage can be reduced by standing in puddles that grant Fire Resist Up. Phlegethon's version deals lethal damage, but can be blocked with the barrier in his arena. Phlegethon, Scylla, Queen Scylla
Ancient Quake Magical AoE Deals moderate damage to the alliance. Xande, Xande Clone
Ancient Quaga Magical AoE Deals heavy damage on the party, damage nullified by standing on the gravity field (Xande Fight Only); deals moderate damage to the party (King Thordan only) Xande, King Thordan
Animadversion Magical AoE Deals severe damage on the party. Standing in magitek generator guarantees survival. Midgardsormr
Antipathy Magical AoE Three concentric rings deal fire damage. Midgardsormr
Armageddon Tristan Nightflicker
Arm & Hammer Physical Deals heavy damage to the target. Guardian
Atomic Ray Room-wide Omega
Aura Glasya Labolas
Aura Cannon Magical AoE Deals heavy damage to all targets in a straight line. Dadaluma's version applies a Bleed debuff that deals heavy damage over time. Xande, Dadaluma
Ave Maria Gaze Deals damage and applies Vulnerability Up to players not looking at the Statue. Statue of the Gods


Ability Type Description Enemies
Bad Breath Debuff Inflicts Slow, Heavy, Silence, Paralysis, Poison, Blindness, HP Penalty, and Damage Down on target.

Can be learned by Blue Mages.

Morbol family
Bahamut's Claw Physical Hits the target 2 times, dealing around 2,500 damage per hit. Hits 5 times in the last phase. Nael deus Darnus
Bahamut's Favor Support Applies a Damage Up stack on Nael, increasing damage dealt. Nael deus Darnus
Ballistic Impact Physical AoE Marks all eight players for high damage. Also leaves behind a fire puddle where the players were standing when hit. Omega
Barofield Support Places Barofield under Kaliya, preventing players from dodging moves by moving beneath Kaliya. Applies Heavy and Vulnerability Up if entered. Kaliya
Bestial Bay Giant family
Blackfire Magical Spawns a Blackfire on the offtank, a DPS and a healer. Phoenix
Blaster Magical Tether AoE Cast immediately after Mustard Bomb. The tethered player is hit with a very large AoE that deals heavy damage and inflicts Paralysis to the target and anyone else caught in it. Other players can intercept the tether by walking between Omega and the original target. Omega
Blizzard Blitz Special, Radial, AoE Deals heavy damage and applies Vulnerability Up. Can target all players in a radius around Kefka, or all players more than a short distance away. If question marks appear around Kefka while casting, players must stand in the AoE telegraph to avoid damage. Kefka
Bloodstain AoE, circle Same as Gladiator's Circle of Scorn, but has a cast time and no Damage over Time effect. Certain Gladiator-class enemies
Bluefire Magical circle Deals heavy damage and inflicts Heavy and Slow around random target after animation finishes. Leaves a pool of Bluefire. Phoenix
Body Slam Physical AoE Deals damage on players standing on the AoE. Peistes
Brand of Purgatory Magical Applies Chain of Purgatory on a random non-tank player. Phoenix
Burning Rave Magical AoE Deals moderate damage on players standing in the AoE. Damage can stack. Xande
Burr Burrow Room-wide AoE Deals light damage to all targets and applies a stacking Damage over Time effect. Miser's Mistress


Ability Type Description Enemies
Cascade Magical Deals heavy damage to the party and spawns three Liquid Rages Living Liquid
Cauterize Physical AoE, line Deals heavy damage and knocks back players caught in the dive. The target is marked by a green indicator. Red Dragon, Firehorn, Iceclaw, Thunderwing
Charged Whisker Radial, Debuff Inflicts Paralysis. Coeurls
Circle Blade Physical Melusine
Concentrativity Room-wide Deals heavy damage to the entire party. Zenos yae Galvus
Conflagration Magical AoE Traps the targeted player in a dome of fire that will soon explode. Deals moderate damage over time if not destroyed, and any player caught in the fire will be trapped as well. Twintania
Contamination Magical Deals minor damage to a random player Living Liquid
Crimson Cyclone Physical AoE A forward charge, dealing moderate damage on the players caught in it. Ifrit, The Ultima Weapon
Ceruleum Vent Magical AoE Deals minor damage and knocks back players around Ultima Weapon. The Ultima Weapon
Chain Cannon Physical AoE Locks onto the position of a random player. Blasts a wide area with bullets. This attack is immediately followed by Main Cannon. Guardian
Colossal Slam Physical AoE Deals heavy damage to target. Gyges the Great
Cold Wave Wandli
Compress Physical Line Deals damage and inflicts Minimum. When in Annihilation Mode, the attack forms a cross shape centered on the user. Construct 7
Crackle Hiss Magical cone Deals heavy damage in a large cone. Imdugud, Son of Imdugud
Critical Rip Physical Deals massive damage to target. Imdugud
Cure Ranged, Cure Recovers HP. Conjurers, Gladiators
Cyclonic Chaos Magical AoE circle Deals massive damage and applies Vulnerability Up around target, damage is split between players hit by the attack. Imdugud


Ability Type Description Enemies
Dalamud Dive Physical AoE Deals heavy damage on the targeted player and others in close proximity. Nael deus Darnus
Dark Fire Magical AoE, circle Enemy version of Flare. Certain caster enemies.
Dark Orb Magical Deals moderate damage to the target. Lahabrea
Deathstream Glasya Labolas
Death Sentence Physical Deals heavy damage on the target. Inflicts Infirmity after first phase. Twintania
Delta Attack Special, Room-wide Ultimate attack. Wipes the party if not shielded. Omega
Desolation Line AoE Gargoyle family
Detonator AoE Deals heavy damage to targets standing in the area. Bomb family
Digititis Unknown Applies Marked for Vulnerability Down on a tank, Marked for Damage Down on a DPS and Marked for Healing Magic Down on a healer. A second Marked for Damage down is applied in last phase. These marks must be passed to a different role before Digitits cast finishes. Only used in savage. Living Liquid
Diffractive Laser The Ultima Weapon
Dispose Cone Deals massive damage. User fires 5 times, quickly rotating 90 degrees between each cast. When in Annihilation Mode, fires 10 times. Construct 7
Divebomb Physical AoE Deals heavy damage and knocks back players caught in the dive. The target is marked by a green indicator. Twintania
Divide by X / Indivisible Room-wide Checks the current max health of players, bestowing Computation Boost if their max health is divisible by X (or is a prime number in the case of Indivisible), or Computation Error if it isn't.

X can be 3, 4, or 5.

Construct 7
Double Slap Physical Physical tankbuster. Inflicts a Physical Vulnerability Up debuff in Savage mode. Shiva
Downburst Physical AoE Deals moderate damage on players in front of the user. Garuda, Chirada, Suparna
Drainage Magical Deals heavy damage to the tethered player. Tether can be passed to another player. Living Liquid uses two tethers in savage. Liquid Rage only uses this in savage. Liquid Rage, Living Liquid


Ability Type Description Enemies
Earthen Fury Deals heavy damage to all players. If Titan's Heart is not destroyed, deals lethal damage instead. Titan, The Ultima Weapon
Earthshaker A Physical Deals 3-4k damage per hit, each hit leaving behind a large pool of sludge that applies a heavy and a potent DoT on whoever stands in it. Sephirot and Diabolos's versions deal higher damage, but do not leave sludge. Bahamut Prime
Earthshaker B Physical Line Marks several players with a golden arrow. After a delay, a shockwave deals damage in a line from the boss toward each marked player. Sephirot, Diabolos Hollow, Midgardsormr, Lakhamu
Einherjar Odin
Electric Burst Magical partywide Deals damage to proportional to the amount of Static Charge stacks on Imdugud to the party. Imdugud
Electric Slide Physical Stack Omega slams onto the targeted player, moving to their position. Omega
Electrocharge Support Applies Invincibility and slowly applies Static Charge stacks. Imdugud
Emergency Deployment Unknown Spawns four Alarums. Oppressor
End of Days Line Fires a beam of fire. Nabriales
Equal Concentration Unknown Causes an 8% HP difference between the hands. Living Liquid
Erratic Blaster Magical Deals minor damage and applies Erratic Blaster on target, if damage is not fully shielded. Daughter of Imdugud, Imdugud
Eruption Magical Creates an area of cracked ground beneath one or more party members, which then explodes and deals damage to all players in the area. May be cast several times in succession.

Can be learned by Blue Mages.

Ifrit, The Ultima Weapon
Explosion Darkness Deals moderate damage to any player caught in the orb explosion The Manipulator's orbs
Eye of the Beholder Cyclops family
Eye of the Storm Garuda


Ability Type Description Enemies
Fast Blade Physical, Melee Deals slashing damage. Gladiators
Feeding Frenzy Radial, Buff Grants Physical Damage Up. Orobons
Ferrofluid Unknown Tethers two players with a + or a - sign. If the signs are the same, the players must stand close together, if they are different, they must move far apart from each other. Multiple tethers are used in savage. Living Liquid
Firaga Forte Magical AoE Amon
Fire Magical, Auto, Ranged Deals fire damage. Thaumaturges, Wisps
Fireball Red Dragon, Twintania
Flagrant Fire Special, Stack, Spread Either targets four party members with AoE damage that must be spread, or targets one party member with lethal damage that must be split among the party. If question marks appear around Kefka while casting, the opposite version will be cast. Kefka
Flames of Rebirth Magical, Room-wide Deals damage to the party proportional to the amount of Rise Of The Phoenix stacks. Instantly kills the party at 16 stacks. Revives all small dead Bennus on the field. Phoenix
Flames of Unforgiveness Magical AoE Deals heavy damage around the player marked with Chain of Purgatory. Cannot be survived if the debuff is not passed to another player during cast. Phoenix
Flame Thrower Magical Cone Deals damage in a cone every second over several seconds.

Can be learned by Blue Mages.

Gobmachine G-VI, Einhander, Magitek Gunship
Flamethrower Magical Cone Eight narrow and evenly-spaced cones from Omega's position that inflict heavy damage. On Savage, the cones are directed at each player, and a stream of blue fire strikes the same area the first hit a few moments later. Omega
Flaming Crush Ifrit-Egi
Flare Magical, Proximity Places proximity markers on three random players, then deals damage three times based on proximity to each targeted player. Exdeath
Flare Breath Magical Deals heavy damage to all targets in front of Bahamut. Bahamut Prime
Flare Star Creates several Dark Aether orbs that tether to players and accelerate towards them. On impact, the orbs deal damage and apply a stack of Suffocated Will, increasing damage taken from subsequent orbs and Rage of Bahamut. Bahamut Prime
Flatten A Physical Deals massive damage to target. Bahamut Prime
Flatten B Physical cone Deals damage in front of the enemy. Croc family
Flood of Darkness Magical AoE Damage depends on amount of clouds swallowed.

In A Requiem for Heroes solo instance, 6 aoes spawn and rotate clockwise after each hit.

Cloud of Darkness, Elidibus
Fluid Strike Physical Instant cleave on the tank, damage is split between players hit Living Liquid
Fluid Swing Physical Instant cleave on the tank. Applies Blunt Resistance Down in hand phase and last phase. Living Liquid
Flying Sardine Physical, Ranged Deals minor damage.

Can be learned by Blue Mages.

Fountain of Fire Magical Spawns a Fountain of Fire. Phoenix
Freefire The Ultima Weapon


Ability Type Description Enemies
Gagnrath Odin
Geocrush Titan, The Ultima Weapon
Germinate Special Hatches the fruit, generating a Morbol Seedling. Morbol Fruit
Gigaflare Magical Deals extremely high magical damage to all players. Bahamut Prime
Glower Magical Line Deals moderate damage and inflicts Paralysis.

Can be learned by Blue Mages.

Cyclops family
Gnaw Physical, Melee Deals piercing damage. Orobons
Gold Dust Locksmith
Gold Lung Inflicts a debuff on all party members, dealing damage over time. Players can accrue multiple stacks of this debuff. Locksmith
Graven Image Special Kefka
Gravitas Tether, Stack, AoE Statue of the Gods
Gravitational Wave Statue of the Gods
Great Whirlwind Garuda
Grim Fate Gargoyle family
Grim Halo Gargoyle family
Grip of Night Lahabrea
Gunnery Pod ? Deals moderate, unavoidable damage to the party. Oppressor
Gutripper Physical, Line Deals blunt damage. Pugilists


Ability Type Description Enemies
Hand of Pain Magical Deals damage based on the HP difference of the hands to the party Living Liquid
Hand of Parting Magical Deals heavy damage to the party and applies Infirmity and Atrophy if the hands are not close together. Living Liquid
Hand of Prayer Magical Deals heavy damage to the party and applies Infirmity and Atrophy if the hands are not far from each other. Living Liquid
Heavensfall Calls down a pillar into the center of the arena, instantly killing anyone hit and knocking back others. The pillar then creates various cone AoE patterns. Nael deus Darnus
Hand of the Empire Gaius van Baelsar
Hatch Twintania
Heartstopper Physical Line Deals moderate damage to targets standing in front of the caster. Lancer-class enemies
Heat Lightning Magical AoE circle Deals moderate damage and applies Vulnerability Up on three random targets. Player with highest enmity won't be targeted, if possible. Imdugud
Heirsbane Gaius van Baelsar, Julia quo Soranus
Heavy Shot Physical, Ranged Deals piercing damage. Archers
Heavy Swing Physical, Melee Deals slashing damage. Marauders
Hellfire Magical Room-wide Deals lethal damage. Damage can be reduced by destroying all Infernal Nails (Ifrit) or Gigas (Belias) before the cast completes, or by standing in a puddle left by Tidal Wave (Shinryu). Ifrit, Shinryu, Belias the Gigas
Homing Laser The Ultima Weapon
Hooked Burrs Miser's Mistress
Hydroball Magical, Cone, Debuff Deals water damage and inflicts Silence. Sahagin
Hydrothermal Missile Magical Marks a random player with Prey and fires five missiles at that player. Deals moderate damage per hit Oppressor
Hydrothermal Missile Magical Deals moderate damage to the main tank, heavy in savage. The Manipulator
Hypercharged Plasma Magical Deals massive damage to the player with the most enmity. Oppressor
Hyperdrive Magical AoE (Debuff) Deals massive damage to the player with the most enmity and all other players close to them.
God Form (Savage Only): Deals slightly less damage, but places a Bleeding debuff on all players hit that lasts for 20 seconds.


Ability Type Description Enemies
Imperium Xande
Incinerate Ifrit, Construct 7
Indolent Will Gaze Statue of the Gods
Indomitable Will Stack Statue of the Gods
Ink Blot Deals damage to and blinds targets in the area. Kraken
Inner Turmoil Magical AoE Damages in a circle close to him. Midgardsormr
Innocence Gaius van Baelsar
Intemperate Will Statue of the Gods
Iron Chariot Nael deus Darnus


Ability Type Description Enemies
Judgement Gaius van Baelsar
Judgment Bolt Ramuh, Shinryu
Jumping Thrust Physical, Melee Deals piercing damage. Sahagin Lancers


Ability Type Description Enemies
Knuckle Press Xande


Ability Type Description Enemies
Level 100 Flare Special Roots a single player in place and surrounds them with an orange circle. If the total combined levels of all players in the circle by the end of the cast is a multiple of 100, everyone in the area takes heavy damage and is inflicted with a stack of Suppuration. Angra Mainyu
Level 150 Death Special Roots a single player in place and surrounds them with a purple circle. If the total combined levels of all players in the circle by the end of the cast is a multiple of 150, everyone in the area is instantly killed. Angra Mainyu
Levinfang Damages a single target and inflicts Paralysis. Drake family, Biast subspecies
Levinshower Magical Cone Deals lightning damage to players standing in a cone in front of the caster. Drake family, Biast subspecies
Light of Judgment Room-wide Kefka
Liquid Gaol Unknown Traps a random healer marked with a green pylon inside a Liquid Limb that slowly moves towards the edge. Only used in savage. Living Liquid
Liquid Hell Twintania, Scourge of Meracydia
Load Special Effect varies based on program loaded.

Ultros: Places an AoE under each player that causes a tentacle to erupt from the ground that eventually slams down in the direction the player was facing at the time.

Dadaluma: Shockwave that deals moderate damage and knockback to all players.

Air Force: Radial AoE.

Everliving Bibliotaph: Spawns six demon-summoning circles that can be sealed by having three players stand inside each. Demons are summoned from any non-sealed circles when the cast ends.

Loam Cough Goobbue
Lunar Dynamo Nael deus Darnus


Ability Type Description Enemies
Magitek Bit The Ultima Weapon
Magitek Ray The Ultima Weapon, Guardian
Main Cannon Proximity Cast immediately after Chain Cannon. Guardian
Main Head Physical Deals heavy damage on target. Cannot be survived if suffering from In The Headlights. Kaliya
Mana Charge Special Kefka
Mana Release Special Kefka
Megaflare Bahamut Prime, Nael deus Darnus
Megaflare Dive Bahamut Prime
Megaflare Strike Bahamut Prime
Memento Moogle Good King Moggle Mog XII
Meteor Stream Nael deus Darnus
Mistral Shriek Garuda
Mistral Song Garuda, The Ultima Weapon
Moogle-Go-Round Ruffletuft Kupta Kapa
Moogle Eye Shot WoolyWart Kuqpu Kogi
Morn Afah Magical, Stack Heavy-hitting tankbuster that must be shared with the entire party or taken alone with a tank invulnerability. Bahamut Prime, Shiva
Mortal Revolution Darkness Deals moderate to heavy damage to the party. Damage increases on every use. The Manipulator
Mustard Bomb Magical Deals heavy damage to Omega's primary target. In Savage mode, also applies a Bleed effect, inflicting damage over time for a short duration. Used immediately prior to Blaster. Omega


Ability Type Description Enemies
Nanospore Jet Magical Applies Aetherochemical Nanospores α and β on four targets, tethering two players with α and another two with β. Melee DPS and tanks are always tethered together, if possible. Both players tethered together will die if the other one is killed for any reason. Applies Vulnerability Up stacks if too close to opposite tether. Kaliya
Nanospore Cloud Unknown Instantly kills target. Kaliya
Nerve Cloud Magical, partywide Deals heavy damage on the party. If the battle lasts over 11 minutes, Nerve Cloud is used to instantly defeat the party. Kaliya
Nerve Gas Magical cone/semi-circle Deals moderate damage and inflicts Heavy and Vulnerability Up Kaliya
Numbing Tendrils Physical, Line, Debuff Deals piercing damage and inflicts Paralysis. Aureliae


Ability Type Description Enemies
Object 199 ADS
Overpower Physical, Cone Deals slashing damage. Marauders
Outer Turmoil Magical AoE Damages the outer edge of arena (away from him). Midgardsormr


Ability Type Description Enemies
Peripheral Synthesis Creates one of two types of Rocket Punches:

1. A wall of eight small, targetable Rocket Punches that slowly travel across the arena, dealing damage and knocking back players who make contact.

2. One or two large, untargetable Rocket Punches that hit a wide line across the arena after a delay.

Photon Spaser Magical Deals heavy damage in a line and causes knockback. Oppressor
Piercing Glower Pyracmon
Piercing Laser ADS
Plummet Twintania
Pradamante Gilgamesh
Protean Wave Magical Targets four random players with a cone and deals moderate damage with a knockback. In savage, four instant cones follow up but don't cause knockback. Liquid Rage uses a single cone but this is only used in savage. Liquid Rage, Living Liquid
Protostar Magical Room-wide Deals damage to the entire party based on how quickly the party defeated adds summoned during the cast. Shinryu's version inflicts damage once and traps the entire party in Fetters for an Active Time Maneuver to transition into his second phase. Midgardsormr's version hits three times in a row. Shinryu, Midgardsormr
Pulse Wave Knockback Statue of the Gods
Pulverize Physical Radial Deals damage around the user and causes a large AoE to appear beneath a random player in each alliance. While in Annihilation Mode, the attack causes three staggered AoEs to appear beneath the targeted players. Construct 7
Pulverizing Pound Aurochs family


Ability Type Description Enemies
Quick Landing Magical Deals damage based on proximity. Oppressor


Ability Type Description Enemies
Radiant Plume Magical AoE Puddles of fire will cover the floor aside from one to two safe spots, dependant on the boss and difficulty. Ifrit, The Ultima Weapon
Rage of Bahamut Magical Deals damage in proportion to the stacks of Suffocated Will on the target. Stacks are cleared when Rage of Bahamut is cast. Bahamut Prime
Raging Strikes Self, Buff Grants Raging Strikes. Archers
Raven Dive Nael deus Darnus
Ravensbeak Physical Deals heavy physical damage to the target, and applies a debuff that explodes after a short duration, dealing additional damage. Nael deus Darnus
Ravensclaw Physical A series of rapid attacks against Nael's primary target. Nael deus Darnus
Ray of White Magical, Auto A ranged autoattack, dealing severe magical damage to the target. White Flame
Rebirth Support Applies Harvest on Phoenix. Phoenix
Redfire Magical Spawns a Redfire. Phoenix
Resin Bomb Magical Drops poison on four random players, dealing moderate damage. Poison puddles linger for a while in savage, dealing damage over time and applies Heavy to any who enter. Oppressor
Resonance Physical cone Deals massive damage in front of Kaliya. Damage is split between players hit. Kaliya
Revelation Physical circle Deals massive damage around target and applies Revelation Resistance down, making the next Revelation unsurvivable without Hallowed Ground or Holmgang. Phoenix
Revolting Ruin Cone Instant Kefka
Roast Red Dragon
Rotoswipe Dreadnought family
Rake A Physical Deals heavy damage to the primary target. Yiazmat
Rake B Physical, Special Caster moves across the arena while slashing with every step, turning when the edge of the arena is reached. Deals heavy damage and inflicts Damage Down. Yiazmat
Rotten Meat Tristan Nightflicker
Rouse Tristan Nightflicker
Royal Fount Magical AoE Instant cleave on the tank, deals moderate damage. Oppressor
Ruin Tristan Nightflicker, Wavetooth Sahagin
Ruin II Tristan Nightflicker


Ability Type Description Enemies
Sandslinger Melee, Debuff Inflicts Accuracy Down. Captain Madison
Scorched Pinion Physical line Deals moderate damage in a line. Targeted at random spots with ground indicators or on random players with a tether. Phoenix-egi
Sea of Pitch Magical AoE Creates a circle on the ground that lingers, exploding when a player remains inside. Batraal, Lahabrea
Sear Ifrit
Secondary Head Physical Deals moderate damage and inflicts In The Headlights on target. Kaliya
Seed of The Rivers Magical circle Targets two random non-tanks and deals moderate damage around targets. Kaliya
Seed of The Sea Magical AoE Targets two random players except the player with highest enmity and deals massive damage around targets. Damage split between players hit. Kaliya
Self-Destruct A Magical, Radial Deals massive damage. Kills the caster.

Can be learned by Blue Mages.

Bomb family
Self-Destruct B Magical Wipes the party if cast finishes. Oppressor
Sentence Gaius van Baelsar
Severe Contamination Magical Deals minor damage to the party. Living Liquid
Shadow Flare Lahabrea
Shield Bash Physical Deals minor damage and stuns the target. Gladiator-class enemies.
Shockwave Room-wide, Magical,


Creates an orb on one side of the platform that, after a delay, deals moderate damage to all players and pushes them away a significant distance. The orb may swap locations shortly prior to casting. Statue of the Gods
Sickly Sneeze Deals damage and inflicts Paralysis Frost-covered members of the Goobbue family
Slipstream Deals damage and stuns players in an arc in front of Garuda. No AoE telegraph, but can be avoided by moving behind her. Garuda
Sluice Magical Targets four random players with a blue mark, causing moderate damage around them, followed up by four circle AoEs spawning under four random players, dealing moderate damage. Living Liquid
Small Claw Physical, Melee Deals slashing damage. Crabs
Snow Drift Deals damage to all party members. Will also apply one stack of the Frozen debuff if target does not move during the attack. Wandli
Sow Creates several Morbol Fruit. Miser's Mistress
Spike Flail Physical cone Deals moderate damage and applies Concussion. Daughter of Imdugud, Imdugud, Son of Imdugud
Spirits Without Physical AoE, line Same as Paladin's Spirits Within but with a cast time, a small AoE and does not inflict Silence. Certain Gladiator-class enemies
Splash Magical Deals moderate damage to the party in quick succession Living Liquid
Stardust Nael deus Darnus
Starfall Room-wide Special 3 small "Stonefall Circles" will be placed around the edge of the arena. 1 large "Starfall Circle" will be placed in the center of the arena. As time passes, meteors will fall onto the circles. If a meteor hits a Stonefall Circle, it will deal strong raid-wide damage. If a meteor hits the Starfall Circle, it will deal enough damage to wipe the raid. Players must destroy all four circles before the meteors reach the ground. If Starfall happens a second time there will be 6 Stonefall circles instead of 3. Xande
Subtract Room-wide Debuff Inflicts the "Subtract" debuff, reducing max HP to a single digit. Construct 7
Super Nova Nael deus Darnus
Supernova Room-wide First cast deals heavy damage to the entire raid. Second cast takes longer, but wipes the raid if it completes. Proto-Ultima
Swipe Ifrit


Ability Type Description Enemies
Tail Screw Magical Reduces the target to 1 HP.

Can be learned by Blue Mages.

Sea Scorpion family
Tank Purge The Ultima Weapon
Targeting Attaches a tether to a target, indicating that their form will be mimicked shortly. The tether can and should be dragged onto one of the weak secondary monsters in the area so that their form is mimicked instead. Corruption
Tempest Wing Magical Deals moderate-high magical damage to target. The target is the player who, at the time of the ability being cast, has a green tether attached to them. Bahamut Prime
Teraflare Magical Deals extreme magical damage to all targets. Tank Limit Break Level 2, at minimum, is required by most groups to survive. Standing outside the neurolink dropped by the Storm of Meracydia will result in an instant death. Bahamut Prime
Terminus Est Line Gaius van Baelsar, Regula van Hydrus
Thermionic Beam Nael deus Darnus
Thundaga Forte Amon
Thunderstorm Ramuh
Thrumming Thunder Line Special Kefka
Tidal Roar Leviathan
Timely Teleport AoE/Cone Knockback Special Kefka
Tidal Wave Special, Knockback Instantly kills the party if not shielded (Leviathan only)

Deals massive damage, heavy knockback to players, leaves behind puddles that bestow Fire Resistance Up II and Lightning Resistance Down II (Shinryu only).

Leviathan, Shinryu
True Thrust Physical, Melee Deals piercing damage. Lancers
Tundra Creates an area of frozen terrain around the edge of the arena. Wandli
Twister Twintania


Ability Type Description Enemies
Ultima Room-wide Very long cast time, but a successful cast will kill the entire party. The Weapon's Refrain version must be taken with a tank Limit Break 3 and heavy mitigation to survive. The Ultima Weapon
Ultima Upsurge Room-wide Kefka
Ultimate End King Thordan
Unwoven Will Twintania


Ability Type Description Enemies
Vacuum Wave Magical, partywide Deals minor damage to party.

When used by Exdeath, also causes moderate knockback.

ADS, Monitoring Node, Kaliya, Exdeath
Vicious Aetherplasm The Ultima Weapon
Vine Probe Morbol family
Vitrophyre Tether, AoE, Spread Statue of the Gods
Vulcan Burst The Ultima Weapon
Vulcan Buster Ifrit


Ability Type Description Enemies
Wash Away ? Heavy knockback from the center of the arena. Living Liquid
Water Cannon Magical, Ranged Deals water damage. Sahagin
Wave Cannon A Special, Line Statue of the Gods
Wave Cannon B Magical Cone Cast as either Larboard Wave Cannon or Starboard Wave Cannon, with each hitting a >180 angle on the indicated side of Omega (Left for Larboard, Right for Starboard). Afterwards, Omega will spin to face the opposite direction and cast Wave Cannon a second time.

Deals heavy damage and inflicts a stack of Vulnerability Up.

Weight of the Land Magical Spawns a plume-shaped structure around the target that deals moderate damage to all targets inside when it explodes. Titan, The Ultima Weapon
Whitefire Magical circle Deals heavy damage around offtank, a DPS and a healer. Inflicts Maximum HP Down on Blackfires. Phoenix
Wicked Wheel Circle Does moderate damage in a circle around Garuda Garuda, Suparna, Chiarada
Wild Charge A Physical Line Deals damage in front of the user. Boar family
Wild Charge B Magical line Deals lethal damage to the target, damage must be reduced by lining up in front of the target. Player in front takes massive damage. Tanks won't be targeted, if possible. Imdugud
Wirbelwind Unknown Drains the MP of all party members to 0. Straf Doll


Ability Type Description Enemies
Zero-form Particle Beam Line Always used after reappearing. Inflicts Vulnerability Up stack. Cloud of Darkness