The following is a list of all elements in Final Fantasy XIV. Both physical and magical attributes exist in the game, however core elemental resistances are exclusive for specific content.

History[edit | edit source]

From the launch of the A Realm Reborn expansion through the launch of the Stormblood expansion, players had both elemental and physical resistances. However due to the lacking importance of elemental resistances in the relaunch version, they were removed from player stats in Patch 4.1, along with elemental defensive potions and materia. Despite this change, enemies and player abilities still keep their elemental affinity.

Despite not having elemental resistances in normal content, elemental attacks and resistances serve as the core gameplay of the Eureka series of content introduced in Patch 4.1. The content requires players to shift elemental attack and defensive attributes from the Magia Board wheel available in the instances.

List of Elements[edit | edit source]

Element Type Description
Fire Magical Used by Fire abilities and multiple enemies. Element of Ifrit, Ravana, and Zurvan.
Ice Magical Used by Ice abilities and multiple enemies. Element of Shiva and Zurvan.
Wind Magical Used by multiple enemies. Element of Garuda, Bismarck, Sephirot, Sophia.
Earth Magical Used by multiple abilities and several enemies. Element of Titan, Ravana, and Sephirot.
Lightning Magical Used by Thunder abilities and multiple enemies. Element of Ramuh, Sophia, and Susano.
Water Magical Used by Water abilities and multiple enemies. Element of Leviathan, Bismarck, and Susano.
Slashing Physical
Piercing Physical
Blunt Physical
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