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The Final FANTASY XIV TTRPG is the first table top role-playing game in the Final Fantasy series, based on the world of Final Fantasy XIV. The game has players take the role of either adventurer or gamemaster, and cooperate with other players to create unique stories using the role-playing systems. The game features multiple per-packed scenarios supervised by the original game's development team that players can follow and play through, as well as the building blocks necessary to run their own custom made scenarios. The game was announced 20 September 2023 and its first product is set to release May 2024.[1]


  • Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Starter Set: Set to release May 2024, the starter set includes multiple booklets and instructions on how to play by role (adventurer or gamemaster), as well as premade character sheets, custom dice, encounter maps, and character and ability tokens and markers. This set also includes three premade scenarios that tie-in to the Main Scenario of Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Standard Rulebook: A core rulebook for gamemasters and adventurers that detail fundamentals of the systems and scenarios necessary to play the game.
  • Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Scenario & Gamemaster Guide: A guidebook made for gamemasters that focuses on information and advice needed to run the game and create your own scenarios and encounters, as well as including multiple premade, ready-to-run, scenarios.


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