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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers - EP 3 is a mini-album containing songs selected from Patch 5.4 of Final Fantasy XIV. It is only available through digital stores.

Track list[]

  1. Don't be Afraid — 4:46
    (Don't be Afraid ~漆黒~, Don' t be Afraid ~ shikkoku ~?)
    Plays during Eden's Promise: Umbra and Eden's Promise: Litany, as well as their Savage equivalents.
  2. Promises to Keep — 5:17
    (消せない約束 ~希望の園エデン:再生編~, Kesenai yakusoku ~ kibō no en eden: Saisei-hen ~?)
    Plays during the fight with Eden's Promise in Eden's Promise: Eternity and Eden's Promise: Eternity (Savage).
  3. The Extreme — 6:25
    (The Extreme ~漆黒~, The Extreme ~ shikkoku ~?)
    Plays during the fight with the Oracle of Darkness in the second half of Eden's Promise: Eternity (Savage).
  4. Freshly Glazed Porxie — 4:18
    (焼き立てポークシー ~魔術工房 マトーヤのアトリエ~, Yakitate pōkushī ~ majutsu kōbō matōya no atorie ~?)
    Matoya's Relict background music.
  5. The Black Wolf Stalks Again — 7:35
    (漆黒の王狼、再び, Shikkoku no ō ōkami, futatabi?)
    Plays during the second half of the fight with the Emerald Weapon in Castrum Marinum and Castrum Marinum (Extreme).

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