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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers - EP 2 is a mini-album containing songs selected from Patch 5.3 of Final Fantasy XIV. It is only available through digital stores.

Track list[]

  1. Where All Roads Lead — 4:22
    (すべての道が至る場所 〜漆黒決戦 ノルヴラント〜, Subete no Michi ga Iitaru Basho ~ Shikkoku Kessen Noruvuranto ~?, lit. The Place where All Roads Lead ~ Jet-black Decisive Battle Norvrandt ~)
    The Heroes' Gauntlet background music.
  2. To the Edge — 7:24
    Plays during the fight with Elidibus in The Seat of Sacrifice and The Seat of Sacrifice (Extreme).
  3. Eternal Wind - Shadowbringers — 4:06
    (悠久の風 〜漆黒〜, Yūkyū no Kaze ~ Shikkoku ~?, lit. Eternal Wind ~Shadowbringers~)
    Plays during the cutscene with the Crystal Exarch immediately after defeating Elidibus.
  4. Watt's Anvil — 3:23
    (ワッツハンマー・ガレージ, Wattsuhanmā Garēji?, lit. Watt's Hammer Garage)
    Dwarf beast tribe theme; plays in the settlement of Watt's Anvil in Lakeland.
  5. And Love You Shall Find — 5:16
    (愛を求める者たち, Ai o Motomeru-sha-tachi?, lit. Those who Wish for Love)
    Plays in Terncliff.

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