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Final Fantasy XIV Companion is a smartphone app developed by Square Enix, serving in replacement of the previous Final Fantasy XIV: Libra Eorzea. It allows the registered users of Final Fantasy XIV to access their characters and manage items in their inventories, retainer inventories, and the Chocobo saddles. The players can also chat with friends on your friend list, as well as Free Company and Linkshell chat.

Basic features are accessible to all Final Fantasy XIV users. Premium plan is optional for further extended features.


  • Chat with friends and Free Company members
  • Organize events with the scheduler
  • Organize inventory and armoury chest
  • Peruse the Market Board
  • Put items up for sale and purchase items
  • Register an additional favored destination Aetheryte
Premium Plan exclusive features
  • Organize Chocobo Saddlebags and Retainer Inventories
  • Saddlebag capacity is doubled
  • One additional Retainer can be employed