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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward -EP- Vol. 2 is a mini-album containing songs selected from version 3.0, Heavensward, of Final Fantasy XIV. It is only available through digital stores. It was released prior to the full soundtrack.

Track list[]

  1. A Cold Wind — 1:43
    (雪風, Yukikaze?, lit. Snow-bearing Wind)
  2. Lost in the Clouds — 4:20
    (雲に隠れて ~アバラシア雲海:昼~, Kumo ni Kakurete ~ Abarashia Unkai: Hiru ~?, lit. Hiding in the Clouds ~ Abalathia Cloud Sea: Daytime ~)
  3. Safety in Numbers — 1:33
    (みんなでいれば怖くない, Min'na de Ireba Kowakunai?, lit. Together We Are Not Afraid)
  4. Ink Long Dry — 5:34
    (万世の言葉 ~禁書回収 グブラ幻想図書館~, Bansei no Kotoba ~ Kinsho Kaishū Gubura Gensō Toshokan ~?, lit. Eternal Language ~ Banned Book Collection: Gubul Illusion Library)
  5. Ominous Prognisticks — 4:14
    (不吉なる前兆, Fukitsunaru Zenchō?, lit. Ominous Omens)


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