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Final Fantasy XIV: From Astral to Umbral Arrangement Album is a soundtrack album released for Final Fantasy XIV.

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. "Serenity" (6:14)
  2. "Wailers And Waterwheels" (6:01)
  3. "To the Sun" (7:19)
  4. "A New Hope" (6:52)
  5. "On Westerly Winds" (5:50)
  6. "I Am the Sea" (8:58)
  7. "Primal Judgment" (2:52)
  8. "Under the Weight" (5:15)
  9. "Fallen Angel" (4:12)
  10. "Through the Maelstrom" (4:17)
  11. "Thunder Rolls" (4:44)
  12. "Oblivion" (4:00)

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