FFXII wiki icon This is a list of official Square Enix Merchandise available for the game Final Fantasy XII and its sequel Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. For a generic list, see Merchandise.


Video Games released in all regions.


Special editions of games consoles have been released to commemorate the games' releases.


Several albums and singles have been released for Final Fantasy XII.

Sheet musicEdit

Several sheet music books have been published containing solo piano sheet music for the songs on the official soundtracks.



Ultimania seriesEdit

Final Fantasy XII official strategy guidesEdit

  • US: Brady Guide - Book published by BradyGames in US on 2003 with a walkthrough for Final Fantasy XII. 350 pages, Format A4, ISBN 0-7440-0837-9
  • Europe: Piggyback Guide
  • Japan: Final Fantasy XII Guide - Book published by Square Enix in Japan on 2006, Edited by Studio BentStuff. 400 pages, A5 Format ISBN 4-7575-1667-3

Manga adaptationEdit

FFXII Manga Vol 1

The front cover of Vol. 1 of the manga adaptation.

An official manga adaptation was made, by Gin Amou and published by GanGan Comics. Unlike the game, the manga version starts when the whole party were going to the Tomb of Raithwall. The first volume was released in December 22, 2006. As of August 22, 2009 there are five volumes currently released, in which the book cover stars these characters in order: Ashe, Vaan, Balthier, Fran and Basch.

Video / multimediaEdit

FFXII Collector's Edition Bonus DVDEdit

Available only for US players, this bonus DVD came with the game's Collector's Edition. Published by Square Enix, it includes artwork, interviews with game designers, an official History of Final Fantasy movie, and several advertising game clips.

Action figuresEdit


All four action figures.

Final Fantasy Play Arts Action Figures have been released. Each figure is well articulated and comes with an accessory.

The set features:

Additional weapons for the Final Fantasy Play Arts Action Figures called "Play Arts Arms" were released by Square Enix Products.

Included are:

  • Fomalhaut
  • Crystal Shield
  • Golden Axe
  • Deathbringer Sword
  • Demon Shield

A Fran Play Arts KAI was released in 2016, many years after the four original Play Arts figures.

Final Fantasy XII characters have also been included in Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini sets.


Gabranth merchandise helmet

Gabranth's helmet on display at E3.

A Masterpiece Arts statue of Judge Gabranth has been released. It stands at 1:4 scale and is made of cold cast, PVC, metal, artificial leather, and a range of fabrics. He comes with his weapons, Chaos Blade and Highway Star.

Under the Sculpture Arts line is a recreation of a scene featuring Balthier and Fran riding the hover bike, as they attempt an escape from the palace of Rabanastre as the Archadian Empire attacks and the palace collapses around them. This highly detailed statue is made of polyresin.

The most expensive piece of Final Fantasy XII merchandise is the Square Enix Artifacts Judge Master Gabranth Helm, 1:1 replica of Judge Gabranth's helmet made of high-grade fiber-reinforced plastic and polyresin. It measures 36cm tall on the included custom display stand.


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